Rock Chick Vibrator
Rock Chick Vibrator

Getting My Rocks Off! With the Rock Chick Vibe

I was given another wonderful little toy to try at the Passion show by Rocks Off. It’s the Rock Chic. It has been around a while now and I don’t know why it hasn’t found its way in to my toy box before now.

Before use it is recommended that you remove the bullet from the end and clean it. I wandered off to the bathroom and gave it a good wash in anti-bac soap and reinserted the bullet in the toy.

It was now ready to go because the good people at Rocks Off had already loaded my little toy with 2 LR44 batteries. All I had to do was remove the disk of card which insulated the contacts inside the bullet.

The Rock Chic is designed to be placed inside the vagina to stimulate your g-spot, with the bullet controlled end resting upon your clit. What a heavenly idea.

Lets get techie now

The Rock Chick is constructed of medical grade silicone which is soft and flexible, allowing comfortable positioning
Its insertable length is approx 9.5cm
External clit stimulator is roughly 8cm and interestingly rippled…Ooooh!
It is push button activated for ease of operation, you don’t want to be fiddling around trying to find the controls when you are in the “mood”
Using this toy in the dark or under the sheets isn’t a problem you can feel your way 😉

Because this toy has a front facing control I decided to use it in a sitting position taking advantage of that fact. You can’t do that with standard vibes because the controls would be obstructed.

The perfect opportunity arose whilst I was off work the other week. It’s fun using a vibe on your own but if you can find someone to add additional fun…

…I was sitting in the office writing a post for the site when the phone rang. It was lunchtime already. I had been so engrossed in writing that I hadn’t noticed the time. Alex called me from his office and as we spoke I didn’t tell him that I was reaching for my Rock Chic.

Just visualise this for a moment, I’m sitting there at my desk in front of my computer wearing a short skirt, no panties and a smile. 🙂 You with me? Naughty people…

Alex has the most wonderful, deep and sexy tone on the telephone it was one of the things that first attracted me to him long before I met him. 😉 He started to tell me about his morning as I slipped the RC between my pussy lips.

I was slightly dry and needed additional help and as we tend to have toys practically in every room due to constantly reviewing sex toys, I spotted a tube of water based lube on the bookshelves to the side of me. 😉 Handy!

Placing the telephone receiver in to the crook of my neck I opened the tube and placed a sizeable blob on the end of the vibe. I pushed myself back on my office chair aiding entry in to my pussy and wow did it fill me up.

All the while I’m making polite conversation with Alex. At one point he asked “What was that as I started up the vibe”. I told him that my hardrive had just started to rattle. As I pushed that button the vibrations began to ripple through my pelvis, vaginal wall and clit.

It felt so good and my voice fluctuated as talked with Alex. “Do you know what I’m doing right now?”, I asked him.
“No, what are you up to?”, he enquired.
“I have the Rock Chic vibrating inside of me”, I replied with a giggle.
“You dirty girl”, he said with a slight smile in his voice.

I found if I sat slightly forward with my legs parted I could waggle my hips from side to side and really make that vibe work for me. The ribbed clit massager coupled with the vibrations was really intense.

At one point I lost the thread of the conversation and paused for a moment to compose myself. Alex knew what was happening and waited for me to catch up.

“Are you stroking your cock?”, I asked him
“Yes!”, came his reply much to my amazement.

I then started shift back and forth on the vibe as it coursed through my body. I’m not sure what Alex was saying to me at the time but I took hold of the base of my chair and curled my toes in to the carpet as I started to come.

Vaguely aware that Alex was on the other end of the line I continued to ride the wave of pleasure rippling through my body, rubbing my clit against the rubber contours of the clit vibe. My internal muscles contracted as I came and my thighs and chair were now moist with my orgasm.

I moaned in to the receiver which was still trapped between my neck and right shoulder.

“Suze, was that good?”, asked Alex on the other end as I started to come round in my post orgasmic haze.
“Oh fuck, yes”, I responded.
“Suze, I’m going to have to go off to the Gents now to sort myself out”, Alex desperately replied.
“Ok”, I answered as I pressed the off button on the RC.

The line went dead…

…Now time to try this out in the bedroom… 😉

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