Masque Sexual Flavours

Masque Sexual Flavours

Masque Sexual Flavours

It all started with “would you like a blow job?”…

Way back at the beginning of July at the Erotic Trade Only Show I was drawn to the Masque stand as its product has at that point eluded me.  Upon approaching the stand we were introduced to the concept and given an explanation as to its use.

Here is what they have to say about it on their site.

Through years of research, we’ve developed the first and only product proven to completely conceal the taste of semen. Masque™ Sexual Flavors are paper-thin, orally-dissolvable, flavored gel strips formulated to enhance the romantic experience of fellatio by adding flavor, while simultaneously neutralizing the tastes that some dislike. Placed on your tongue moments before the act, these little gems ensure you’re both ready to experience up to fifteen minutes of intense pleasure.”

As have a self-confessed dislike for the taste of semen this product could prove to be a useful aid and addition to my toy box.  For some reason I liken the taste to that of suet products such a dumplings which I despise with a vengeance.  So anything which helps to take that taste away gets a thumbs-up from me.  🙂

The card packaging for the Masque gel strips is quite classy with its gatefold design including a foreword.  Once opened the 3 gel strips within are revealed.  In this case mine were Chocolate but you can choose from Mango, Strawberry and Watermelon.

Each individual gel strip is encased in its own foil wrap and once opened I could clearly smell the aroma of chocolate emanating from the foil.

Alex was now naked and sitting perched on the edge of the bed as I removed my clothing.  This was to be a medley of blow job, hand and tit wanking of Olympic proportions.  We don’t often engage in this kind of foreplay so it was an arousing thought to be participating in such a delight of oral pleasure.

And my head was buzzing from the onset, opening the masque gel strip was merely a formality.  😉  Alex was hard before first contact, he was so aroused at the prospect of being given a good wanking.

I opened the Chocolate Masque and placed it on my tongue.  It seemed to cling to it with intent.  What I did next made things a little awkward.  I moved my tongue upward and the Masque strip immediately leapt from my tongue to the roof of my mouth.

Concerned that I may disrupt the activity of the Masque gel strip I made efforts to bring it back to my tongue.  Once back in place I let it dissolve as instructed.  I sensed the feeling of tingling alongside the infusion of chocolate, almost like a chilly/choc combo.

It was all good and Alex was now erect and ready for some action.  Needless to say I didn’t delay as instructed you should apply the Masque strips moments before oral action commences and it will last up to 30 minutes from application.

I took up my place at the side of the bed kneeling on the floor which put me at a perfect height of deep throating Alex as he sat on the bed.  Kneeling between his knees I could use both my tongue and my breasts to work his cock.  😉

The action stared with a bit of deep throating as I took him as deep into my throat as I could manage without gagging.  At first I was a little too eager and found myself retching as he slipped in to my gag reflex zone. A pull forward soon amended that.

He was busy fucking my mouth so no movement was required, he was fully getting in to this with each hip thrust.  I could feel the full force of his thrust as he drove in to my oral void.

My mouth was becoming tired of forming that oral “O” so I switched to boobs, spitting on the tip of his cock during transition.  Alex seemed to enjoy the switch and groaned his appreciation.  A few thrusts in and he was already showing signs of delight so I took him back in my mouth once again for the final furlong.

I got a real good throat fucking as he took hold of the back of my head, his intentions very clear.  At this point I couldn’t taste the chocolate flavour which originally flooded my taste buds but I didn’t let that concern me.

Things had reached such a momentum that I felt so fucking dirty I wasn’t paying attention any more.  😉  Alex was now fucking my mouth with such momentum that I knew he was close and in order to fully taste him I wanted him to come on my tits and let me lick his cum from my fingers.  If he shot it down my throat then I wouldn’t get the full effect.

He moaned that he was about to shoot so I pulled him out of my mouth and pushed his cock between my heaving breasts and started to wank him.  Moments late he was squirting cum all over my tits as I watched him erupt between them.

His come oozed on to my fleshy mounds in thick globs which I scooped up with my fingers and placed in my mouth.  Here was the moment of truth…

…and unfortunately I could still taste his issue despite the Masque gel strips.  I can’t say if this was a result of the oral workout I gave him or maybe I should have applied the Masque strip later but I wasn’t over the 30 minutes recommended.

So whilst there was a slight masking effect I wouldn’t advocate that it would be sufficient for those with a complete aversion to the taste of cum.  Alternatively, you could try running it to the wire and applying one to your tongue minutes before he comes but that would require an immense amount of forward planning.




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