Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager

Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager

Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager

Whilst over at Erofame’s B2B event in Germany I was offered the Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager for sex toy testing and reviewing.  And you all know me by now, I never say no to new toys.

However it would have been even nicer to have my very own Chippendale to use it on me.  Lol

The massager is presented in a sturdy matt black box embellished with the classic Chippendales bow tie and insignia.  Inside the vibrator is presented in a sealed plastic bubble which when lifted out reveals a black satin storage pouch.

This vibrator looks quite classy and sleek with an unusual “wasted” shape which sits nicely in the hand.  I’ll give you a rundown of his features before I take him off to the bedroom for a private dance:

  • Constructed from ABS plastic.
  • Has easy to use + and – buttons so you can work your way through the vibratory settings.
  • Offers 8 different modes of vibration.
  • Operates on 3 x AAA batteries.
  • Is only splashproof so you can’t use it in the bathroom or cleanse in water.  Use a toy wipe or spray to keep this vibe clean.

The good thing about Christmas is the long break you get between it and new year.  And just like when I was employed I have booked off the full week.  Which has given me plenty of free time which I will be putting to good use testing and reviewing, so I suppose I’m not really taking time off but being selective about which jobs I do.  😉

So this afternoon I closed my bedroom curtains against the cold dark day and switched on the DVD player.  I’ve quite a backlog of DVD’s to review so I simply took the first one off the pile on my desk in to the bedroom with me.

It’s a Canadian production which I will be reviewing as soon as I’ve watched it.  I pressed play and fast forward  to be greeted by an ample chested girl playing with her boobies.  That will do.

I slipped under the duvet placing the cold plastic of the vibe between my thighs to take on my body temperature.  Ordinarily I would be able to hold my vibe under the warm tap for a moment but not with this toy because it’s not fully waterproof.

It wasn’t long before I was feeling all cosy and horny watching that dirty blonde showing her pink to the office geek.  I reached between my legs to retrieve my Chippendales Diva placing it firmly over my pouty pussy lips.  The curvatures of the vibe fitted snugly over my lips.  I opened them presenting my bulging clit to the firm plastic.

The underside of the “playful” end of the Chippendales vibe has a hump to focus attention on the clitoris.   When seated correctly the caress of the outer pussy lips coupled with the clitoral contact leaves you feeling cupped and comforted whilst being brought off.

I found myself cupping the vibrator in the palm of my hand, it felt both comfortable and natural to be cupping my pudenda.  I found a wonderful pulsating mode which intuitively I knew would be effective stimulation based on past experience.  😉

OMG!  Is she sucking her own nipples?

Whilst the vibrations felt great I needed slightly more stimulation.  I started to move the vibe around in small circular motions.  Hmmm, that was exactly what it needed.  Massaging my clitoral hood soon had me edging closer to orgasm.  The tell tale tingling was present in my extremities and the flush of blood had me pushing the duvet off me.

I held my breath as I started to come.  Pelvic girdle tilted and toes curled upwards I twitched and spasmed moaning quietly as not to alert the neighbours guest in the adjoining room of my self induced pleasure.

This vibrator is one which can be used for solo play or with your partner and by all levels of vibrator user.  The only down side to the Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager is the inability to be able to give it a good wash, something you just want to be able to do with a vibrator.  That said it does make for a good all round toy to add to your collection.

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