Ono Cleo Bath Body Massager

ono cleo bath body massager

ono cleo bath body massager

I’ve wanted to get my hands on the Ono Cleo Bath Body Massager to give it a sex toy review since I first set eyes on it at eroFame in Germany.

The Cleo is unlike anything else on the market and is designed to be used in the bathroom or any flat surface.  It comes complete with a detachable suction cup so you can anchor it to your bath or anywhere you can achieve good purchase.

I decided to use it in the bath the thoughts of relaxing in warm suds whilst being massaged appealed to me but first lets take a look at her features.

  • The large suction cup allow the Cleo to be attached to any flat surface.
  • Can be used as a rideable vibrator, simply kneel or crouch over her to enjoy her curves and vibrations.  It looks like a little pleasure saddle.
  • Features easy to use push buttons in the base to control the speeds.
  • Offers 8 modes of vibration with 6 speed settings, plenty of good clean fun there.  😉
  • Operates with 3 x AA batteries.

The shape of this toy invites experimentation and I decided to give mine a testing after a good workout at the gym.  I fancied lying in the bath and letting my vibe take care of me hands-free while I relaxed.

I got back from gym all hot and sweaty and immediately made my way to the bathroom.  I placed the plug in its hole and turned on the taps whilst unscrewing the bubble bath top and pouring some in to the running water.

Whilst the bath filled I slipped out of my lycra and popped it in to the wash basket.  My Cleo was quietly waiting to be used and abused atop my bedside table, I took hold of it and took it to the bathroom.

The bath was now full enough to slip into and I couldn’t wait.  😉  I secured it to the base of the bath at it’s widest point and then it became apparent that it wasn’t going to be wide enough for me to splay my legs and squat over it.  Had the tub been wider this wouldn’t have presented a problem but my bath is a conventional size.

Next I considered twirling round and facing the bath wall but this was also not possible due to the leg length required.  Determined not to give in I decided to try reclining back and placing the vibrator between my legs.

Once I had worked out the angles I managed to get the highest point of the Cleo sitting inside my vaginal opening and the smaller resting against my clit.  I did tell you that this massager encourages you to be experimental and quite inventive.  ;0

I pressed the + button until the vibrator moved through the programmes to a pulsing one and rested back against the wall of the bath letting those powerful vibrations ripple through me and the water.   How deliciously decadent it felt to be enjoying the warm enveloping water coupled with those vibrations, soothing me.

And all of this totally hands free save the changing through the programmes and believe me I tried them all.  This was the most enjoyable soak I’ve had in a long time, pampered doesn’t quite describe just how good I felt as I pulled the plug.

However you do need to note that whilst the Cleo is quiet on dry land it does tend to vibrate the bath, so you won’t be able to get away with using this surreptitiously but a small price to pay for such pleasure.

The best thing of all is that I still need to try this on the bed, on the side of the bath, on the shower wall…

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