Fun Factory BootieMy First Anal Butt Plug Fuck

I’m a bit of a virgin when it comes to anal and I have to be a) in the right frame of mind, and b) relaxed enough to accommodate something in my ass.

I had been given the Fun Factory Bootie to try  and kept it to one side for the right moment. Unsure if it may be a little too much for me to handle.

The little purple beauty is just under 9cm at its widest circumference and roughly 8cm in length. And it’s soft, so soft. Made from medical grade silicone, warm soft and inviting.

Previously I had tried a thumb in my ass and a full cock inside me just a couple of times, but not on a regular basis. I really do have to want “It” to be able to enjoy the sensation of having something invade a very special space.

Last night I was so horny, everything was just right. Alex was as hard as a rock and so big, it was a cert’, which ever position we ended up in I was going to get off on it. He fucked me on my back with my legs over his shoulders and I came so much that my pubic area was saturated.

We then slipped over on to one side and he fucked me sideways. Great g-spot stimulation and I climaxed once more. I was so slick that my thighs must have been running with my own fluids.

Alex then rolled me over on to my front, ass in the air. He plunged my depths once more, making me gasp as he bottomed out on my cervix. I took hold of the bedhead and used my strength to raise my upped body and push back against his fucks. I wasn’t quite on my knees and needed to use my arms to give me the kickback.

Because I was on my stomach everything was compacted and I could feel him driving in to the restricted space. He was enjoying every moment of me as he ground in to me. I spread my legs wide and wrapped the calves around his legs, giving me purchase to push and pulling him in to me at the same time.

It felt good, tight and almost virgin like. 😉 He was now slapping against my buttocks like a man possessed. I bucked against him.

Then he stopped. At first I wondered why and then he explained leaning over in to his bedside drawer and retrieving my “Bootie” he asked “Do you want some of this?”. “Yes please”, I said in my best pornstar tone.

I felt the coolness of the lube press against my ass and I opened to receive it without a problem. Alex then followed through with his cock entering my pouting and expectant pussy. I was so ready for this.

The plug felt like part of me. Ideal for an anal (almost) virgin like myself. Not overly large but just enough to fill your little anus. I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it was to insert, just a little water based lube and it was soon home. And the feeling of having both hole penetrated at once was literally orgasmic.

I could feel myself building to orgasm as soon as Alex started to fuck me. Everything felt tighter and more obvious if that makes sense. The butt plug was an accessory rather than taking over the whole experience. It felt good in there as he fucked away at my cunt.

To me it felt like I was being DP’d and that was a head fuck for me. So I have Alex pumping away at me and at the same time I’m thinking I have another up my ass giving me a good workout. I came once more and my thighs now felt wet and sticky.

Then Alex groaned and roared like a wild animal as he pushed his erect cock inside me and ejaculated. I felt him tremble as his seed filled me.

He then collapsed over my back, spent and happy.

This little Fun Factory Bootie is ideal for the anal beginner, it’s not too big and so soft and supple that you don’t even feel it going in which is a must for an anal virgin.

Give the Fun Factory Bootie a try and you won’t regret the new dimension it gives to screwing. It would make anyone an anal convert, even the tightest of asses. 😉

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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