We Vibe
We Vibe

I was extremely excited at the prospect of reviewing the We-Vibe as it is a first for me and possibly the adult toy world too. This toy is unlike any other I am aware of on the market and I just couldn’t wait to receive it for review.

It’s purple, my favourite colour, so it was a winner from the start. 😉

The We Vibe is an extremely versatile little toy, it can be used for solitary play or even more exciting!…when you are being fucked. Yes, it’s true this little marvel can be left in place giving your clit and g-spot a good working out, while your partner has his cockhead vibrated.

I told you it was a special toy didn’t I…

Lets cover the techie bits first for all you technophiles:

Constructed from medical grade silicone, no phthalates or latex to give you a reaction
It’s rechargeable and supplied with charging unit, so no batteries to buy. Yeh!
You get a nice purple hard case to keep it in , which looks like a glasses case so if you put it in your handbag nobody would ever know you have your own toy in there
This vibe has two powerful motors with two speed settings Low=3000 rpm and High=5000 rpm 😉
Once fully charged it can run for up to two hours
When in operation it is very quiet

And if all that wasn’t enough the We-Vibe is waterproof too!
The toys insertable length is approx 8cm with the same length for external stimulation

The only negative comment I have to make is that the case looks has no internal structure to hold the toy in place, I think it would be nice if it had a We Vibe shaped insert to slip it in to.

Eager little beaver that I am I decided to try the WV out on my own first while Alex finished off a bit of work on the site. I lay back on the bed, turned on the DVD in the player. Great, it was The House Of Shame, lots of girls in rubber being taken from every angle. 😉

Suze was now ready to play, while watching Alicia Rhodes playing teacher. There was no need to lube up, I was already wet at the prospect of trying out the We-Vibe.

The flexibility of the vibe allowed me to easily insert the smaller of the two ends inside myself and nuzzle the other end next to my clit. Once it was in place it stayed there the toy gently hugs you, giving hands free play and is extremely comfortable to wear.

The control for the vibe is on the head of the internal part and is operated by sliding it across under the silicone cover. The powerful vibrations strummed across my clit and g-spot, I had selected the faster of the two speeds and it felt gggrrrrrrrrreeeaaat! I started to use my pelvic floor muscles to grasp and release the We-Vibe, this caused the vibe to move up and down over my clit. Perfect clit stimulation without the use of fingers.

Within minutes I was edging closer to my first orgasm. Go Alicia! I pulled the vibe up in to me with my pelvic floor, crossed my feet over each other and called out as the raptures of orgasm took a hold of me. I’m not sure what I said but I think it started with O… and ended in …ck!

The outburst must have attracted Alex because he was not walking in to the bedroom with a huge bulge in his trousers. I closed my legs and my pussy lips enclosed over the WV, it was undetectable save for the slight buzzing between my legs. 😉

Alex was now undressed, naked and laying next to me on the bed. His cock pointing straight at me. I took him in my hand and eased down the bed taking him in to my mouth and sucking gently.

He was now moaning softly as I moved my head up and down on his cock. A couple of bobs later I raised up on to my elbow and asked Alex to get some water based lube from his drawer. I hadn’t noticed just how dry I had become. I placed a blob on my clit under the vibe.

I was so horny and so was Alex looking at his erect penis swaying in front of me. He was now between my legs and parting them. To ensure that he had a comfortable passage over the vibe I withdrew it from my swollen pussy. Reluctantly may I add, the intensity of both the g-spot stimulation coupled with the clitoral is very, very addictive.

After adding a small blob of lube to the internal end of the vibe I pushed it back inside me, still vibrating. It’s best to leave it running or to turn it on before lubing up because it can be difficult to control once your fingers are slippery.

Alex moved in and began to push in to me. This would be almost impossible with a vibe inside me, even a finger vibe as I don’t have a capacious vagina. But with the We-Vibe it was so easy and the moment he started to move in and out of me I quivered it felt so good.

The movement of his cock against the wall of my vagina was causing the vibe to rub against my g-spot as it resonated inside me. My eyes rolled up in to my head, I was in seventh heaven. You have to try this, nothing I have ever used compares to this dual sensation.

He started to fuck me and I raised my knees and brought them towards my chest making his access easier and tilting my pelvis for maximum stimulation. My boobs started to jiggle as he picked up speed and I reached behind my head for the headboard as he rammed in to me.

Fucking, vibrations, g-spot stimulation…clit. I was coming again with much more intensity than the last orgasm. It felt like my vaginal wall was rippling as my thighs became wet. It was then that I noticed something unusual…

..a sound…no a rhythm…a tune. With each fuck the vibe was creating a personal harmony for us both. It was the sound of love in its purest carnal form. For each movement solicited a note from the vibrator. We were now fucking in rhythm with the vibe…at one with it.

I came again as I drifted on the love music we were composing with our genitals.

Then without warning or maybe I was too engrossed in my own sensory world, Alex came with a guttural roar, a shudder then a couple of bucks.

This toy is truly amazing and I can’t find the words to adequately describe the “Experience” and that is exactly what it is an…experience.

Oh, I think I just did. 😉

Keep reading over the next few days I will try to record our harmonies for you to hear. 🙂

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