Climax Silicone Best Friends Anal Beads

Climax Silicone Best Friends Anal Beads

Climax Silicone Best Friends Anal Beads

Topco sent me their newest anal beads, and they really put a lump in my throat, before putting a lump somewhere else.

The Climax Silicone Best Friends are not for the faint-hearted, not if you intend to use the toy to its fullest extent anyway. The beads on the one piece moulded silicone toy range in size from 28mm to 44mm along the toy’s 280mm length. That’s quite a challenge, even with the 30ml of H2O lube supplied with the product.

Suze took up her role as naughty inserter of the beads, liberally coating each one of them as she presented them to may ass. The first was not a huge problem, being relatively small. But even as that was inserted the best Friends Anal Beads had a revelation. Because they are spaced very close together the beads apply pressure to the inside and outside of your anal sphincters simultaneously. An interesting experience and one that is unique in my anal explorations so far.

With each insertion Suze attempted to use the right-handed helix contours on each bead to screw the beads into me with little success. The helix ribbing on the beads makes for extra stimulation but does little to ease insertion.

By the time she had inserted the fourth bead (30mm in diameter) I had reached my limit and we decided to call it a day.

The Climax Silicone Best Friends Anal Beads do provide a new experience with their closely spaced and helically contoured form. To get beyond the fourth ball you have to be a really hardcore anal fiend.

These are certainly a set of anal beads you could try if you’re wanting to graduate from intermediate to advanced anal play. But if you’re a beginner I’d try something smaller.

A note on the H2O lubricant supplied with the toy. It is excellent, though 30ml is a little mean. And if Topco had asked me I would have said that a test tube shaped bottle is very nice, with it’s rounded base and all that, but it doesn’t stand up! You therefore have to lay it down in your bedside drawer. Even with the twist-lock top on the bottle you’re bound to get leakage.

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