Naughty Boy Male Sex Toy
Naughty Boy Male Sex Toy

I received this reader’s question:

“Can you please advise which is better naughty boy or rude boy? [I am] Also considering Lelo Bob.”

That’s an interesting question. All three are designed with the male in mind but two have built-in vibrating bullets and one is a non-vibrating silicone butt plug.

I’ll begin with the Lelo Bob, a silicone butt plug from one of the classiest makers of male sex toys you can buy. Its form is simple, gently curved, with a finger hoop at one end to ensure the Lelo Bob does not disappear inside you and can be easily retrieved. It’s a toy that delivers an easy insertion and a gentle but distinct stimulation of the anal area.

The Bob is easily cleaned and easy to use with a good quality water based lube.

The Bob will not deliver the most intense stimulation, but not everyone is after the most extreme anal toy. It’s subtle, easy to use and one might almost say, stylish.

Moving on to the Dirty Boy and Naughty Boy we encounter two completely different animals. Both are prostate/perineal stimulators, they incorporate the RO80 bullet found in all Rocks-off toys. What makes one different from the other is the shape of the toy.

Both are moulded from medical grade silicon, the Rude Boy being a smooth shape of constant diameter with a domed tip and the Naughty Boy a pointed tip with a shape, more slender, which matched the internal contours of your lower colon.

What makes each of these toys different is the shape. The Rude boy is more filling when in place, the shape of the Naughty Boy applies more pressure to the prostate so feels more intense when it slips into place and your anus closes around it.

Can I recommend one over the other two? No, because they all deliver different sensations. Read the reviews to get a full appraisal, but in summary I would suggest the Lelo Bob for subtle anal play, particularly if you like the feel of a toy being inserted and withdrawn. For a filling sensation the Rude Boy should be your choice, and for the most intense buzz (yes, pun intended) go for the Naughty Boy.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.