Travel Gripper Masturbator
Travel Gripper Masturbator

The Travel Gripper Masturbator is brought to us by California Exotics – it’s a double-ended masturbator that is obviously aimed at men on the move. You can choose from a mouth or an anus to penetrate simply by switching from one end of the masturbator to the other. Vaginas are available in other toys, LOL.

Although when you look at illustrations of the Travel Gripper Masturbator you may think there’s a hard plastic shell around the central part of the toy this is in fact a grey coloured section made from the a similar soft elastomer as the rest of the toy.

When you order this masturbator you need to ensure you also order some water based lubricant as there’s none in the box and using it without a little lube would not be comfortable.

You would think that a simple one-piece masturbator like this holds few surprises but think again. Because the materials from which this toy is created are of two different elasticities the feel of this toy in your hand and around your penis is more varied and somewhat more satisfying than some single density strokers. Even better than that each end of this double ended masturbator offers a distinctly different feel.

The mouth opening seems to be the most restrictive of the two with the internal ribbing of the masturbator pressed hard against your cock and thrumming against your frenulum and glans as you thrust in and out against your hand. The anal opening in comparison seems less tight but also takes advantage of the same ribs for a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Another advantage of this male masturbator is that while it can be easily handled one-handed, cupped in a palm with your fingers wrapped around the outside to control the experience it is stretchy enough to accommodate most penises. This compares well to alternative designs where often your erect cock will pop out of the top during use, if you prefer to be enclosed this sex toy would be more to your tastes.

Cleaning after use consists of rinsing off the water based lubricant and any extra residues you have deposited on it before air-drying and packing it away in the bag it comes in.

This is a relatively inexpensive sex toy that’s easy to maintain and adds variety to masturbation if you want something a little different from the feel of your hand it you are on the move. It’s easy to clean and fun to use whether you choose the gaping mouth or the tighter ass. It’s a simple sex toy that does what it’s supposed to without trying to overcomplicate the business of self-pleasure.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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