Tenga Egg
Tenga Egg

The Tenga Egg masturbator is one of the most surprising sex toys I’ve reviewed. This is because my expectations of it changed after I requested one to be sent by Bedtime Heaven.

Initially I didn’t even know how big the Egg was and expected it to be large like Tenga’s Flip Hole sex toys, or even as big as one of their previous ona-cups. When it arrived I thought there had been a mistake.

The egg comes in a hard plastic shell 6.5cm long and 5cm in diameter. I asked the obvious question “How am I going to get my cock in there?”. The answer is simple the Tenga Egg is made from very stretchy material and can envelope the average size cock easily when in use.

It comes with a sachet of Lube, rather than being pre-lubed like most Tenga masturbators and is billed as a single-use toy. If you’re worried that this toy is going to cost you £10 per wank, don’t be. The egg is one of the easiest sex toys to clean I have every had. It’s one piece of very flexible plastic that can be turned inside out so a rinse and a wash with antibacterial soap, careful air-drying and storage back in its hard plastic shell means you’ll be able to use it several times. I suspect that the only limit one uses will be when you finally get over-enthusiastic and the toy’s ultra-stretchy plastic finally fails and you stick your penis through it.

The Tenga Egg has three different internal contours, Wave, Spider and Clicker, The Spider one I tried was very effective, though the clicker (which I haven’t got hold of yet) looks very bobbly and fun to use.

Because you hold the Tenga Egg in your hand you get control over the pressure applied during masturbation like no other male sex toy. A different aspect of the Egg is that when stretched the opaque Egg becomes tracsluscent so the tip of your penis becomes visible with each downward stroke. When you ejaculate you can see the toy fill with semen.

If this toy were only useable once I’d be less enthusiastic about it than I am. Because it is easy to clean and reuse the toy I have to recommend it as a great masturbator for men. You can have a lot less fun with much more expensive products. For less than £10 you’ll get a new experience and if it’s your first masturbator you’ll get a quality toy at an entry level price.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.