Sweet Little Nothing Masturbator
Sweet Little Nothing Masturbator

A “Tight and soft travel sized tunnel of love” is how the packaging describes this diminutive male masturbator from Toy Joy. Indeed this particular male palm pussy masturbator sits in your hand easily, relying on the elastic nature of the pure flesh isomer to stretch around your penis in use.

But no matter how stretchy this sort of small male sex toy is what you will find is your penis popping out of the top of the “Sweet Little Nothing”. So if you are wondering how to use this type of compact male masturbator I’d say there are two methods. Firstly use it to stimulate the tip of your penis and don’t thrust all the way through the device. This is fine if you enjoy stimulation to the glans of your penis and frenulum. Alternatively you can draw this kind of masturbator all the way down your penis right to the base – the elasticity of the material will allow you to this and depending on the girth and length of your erect penis combined with the size of the masturbator you will experience a kind of popping sensation as you emerge from the opening at the end of the toy.

Enough of the generalities here’s some specific information about the “Sweet Little Nothing” pure flesh male masturbator:

  • It’s made completely of “Pure Flesh” which is Toy Joy’s flesh-like plastic isomer material.
  • You’ll need to use a water based lube with this masturbator for lubrication, and only water based lube as other kinds will damage this sex toy.
  • When storing this kind of masturbator keep it in the original packaging as otherwise it will pick up dust and lint.
  • It has an opening that suggests a teeny-tiny set of vaginal lips, but don’t expect to get any sensation from these, that comes from the contours on the inside of the “love tunnel” and the pressure applied by your hand through the  walls of the toy.

When using this male masturbator I found that it’s tight, very tight. This has two effects. First the effective length of the “Love tunnel” shortens the wider the girth of your erect penis, this is common in small palm pussy style masturbators. The original length of around 12cm ends up at about 8cm so not much of me remained inside the toy. Secondly and again something that happens with very tight masturbators the internal ribbing becomes stretched so much that you can’t really feel it if you have a large girth.

So, while there was a tight grip around my cock and I was able to manipulate this slightly with my hand the sensations weren’t so varied or intense as I had hoped.

The Sweet Little Nothing Pure Flesh Masturbator is compact, practical (especially if you’re travelling around) and fun to use. It’s cheap too, and while it will help provide a little variety to your masturbation don’t expect a whole new kind of earth shattering orgasm just one that’s a little more fun than you and your hand (or that of your lover) alone.




By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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