Roto Bator
Roto Bator

The Roto-Bator stands out from other male sex toys not because of its styling, though it looks OK, or its super-high quality construction, but it seems well built and solid in the hand. No, what makes reviewing this sex toy a unique experience is the stimulation the Roto-Bator provides.

When I receive a new male masturbator for my latest sex toy review they all follow a similar pattern, ribbed, smooth, vibe, no vibe … except this one. It looks like a power tool and is built like one. With two silicone attachments, one tubular for penile stimulation and one flat disk for nipple and ball play. The Roto-Bator is driven by 4 AA batteries and is therefore not lacking in power. There are two speeds of rotation and two levels of vibration controlled by two separate switches.

The sensation when using the Roto-Bator is unique, not a word that I often use. In the search for a new type of stimulation for men Pipe Dream have dared to be very different and produced a toy that is very different.

In use you need a lot of lube. A good quality water based one being recommended. Once you have that it’s a question of experimenting with the settings. OK, so there are only four combinations of rotation and vibration but they do produce significantly different experiences and the toy is rather powerful. The internal vanes of the penile stimulator combined with soft silicone spines at the closed end nearest the drive give a wide range of stimulation possibilities that can be varied by adjusting the angle and how you move the toy up and down your cock.

When using the Roto-Bator I found the texture of the drive unit made it easy to grip, though the switches could be more positive and can easily be moved, turning the toy off.  Cleaning is easy and the whole thing comes in a nice presentation box that can be discretely stored in a drawer rather than have the toy and attachments rattling around.

All in all the Roto-Bator is well made, well presented and very different.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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