Joylube Lubricating Gel
Joylube Lubricating Gel

This lubricant is the debut product from a UK company of the same name and comes in a phallic shaped bottle just in case you forget what it’s for.  Lol

The concept behind the shape of the bottle was “to assist the breakdown of any barriers the consumer may have with their partner and bring excitement back in to the bedroom” according to Joylube’s Mark Wilson a recent press release.

A great idea and at the end of the day the bottle had a dual purpose in that you can apply some lube to the outside and enjoy the packaging too.  😉 Just kidding, the packaging is not designed to be used as a sex toy as far as we know!

Unlike other lubricants on the market this one comes in a uniquely shaped bottle with flip top and you can see when you need to order more because the container is transluscent.

I find one of the best tests you can perform on a lube is to apply a drop to fingers.  Simple as the process may be it reveals the properties of the lubricant, in this case it was of a medium consistency.  It leaves the bottle cleanly and stays in place on the tip of your finger.  A good quality if it’s to cling to you or your sex toy.

Joylube has no specific fragrance which some will be happy with but personally the aroma it did have wasn’t one which inspired me to lash it on, perhaps they may consider adding a fruity smell, maybe citrus or something to mask this in the future.

My next test is the longevity test.  Rubbing my fingers together and seeing how long it takes to vanish gives me a rough idea of how it will perform during sex or toy play.  The Joylube Lubricating Gel has a moderate to good staying power which means you can go at it like rabbits for a considerable time or give that vibrator a really good workout.

The one disappointing thing I did find was that Joylube does leave you feeling a little sticky and requires washing off after use if you are not to feel a little uncomfortable, this could be down to the glycerine in the formulation. Not sure why sorbitol which is an artificial sweetener is used in the mix, I assume to make it more palatable for those who like a good licking after application though this is not billed as a lickable lube.  😉

Overall I was content with the qualities of the Joylube Lubricating Gel but I do feel there are certain aspects which could be considered to improve the performance and overall experience of using it.  I’m sure Joylube will grow and adapt to its market and I’m all in favour of giving support to British company.

By Suze

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