Nina Hartley Fleshlight
Nina Hartley Fleshlight

What do you do after a life in porn, advocacy of sexual freedom and playing “Hillary Rodham Clinton” in the spoof porn film “Who’s Nailin’ Palin?” … you get yourself made into a Fleshlight Girl Masturbator. At least that’s what Nina Hartley did. This Fleshlight in the Fleshlight Girls range is unusual because it features a performer who has been in the adult business for longer than any other featured performer I can think of.

It’s a welcome development of course because not all sex toy users are 20-somethings and not all sex toy users are interested in 20-something porn stars. Sex doesn’t stop when you’re 30, if fact it can just keep getting better with age. So if you’re a long time fan of Nina Hartley or have just discovered her, a Nina Hartley Fleshlight might be right up your street.

So what is there to say about the Nina Hartley Fleshlight. Well, it forms part of the ever expanding Fleshlight Girls range, it’s modelled from the titular porn star’s pussy and internally uses the “Lotus” textured channel into which you insert your penis. The case is the usual Fleshlight Girl pearlescent plastic finish and mechanically it operates like all other modern Fleshlights with a screw-base consisting air vents to adjust the suction to your tastes.

The modelling of Nina Hartley’s pussy is detailed and generally accurate though as with most of the Fleshlight Girl range the Nina Hartley Fleshlight doesn’t emphasise the labia majora as much as the real thing. Concentrating on the modelling of the labia minora probably makes the masturbator easier to mould as it reduces the complication of two sets of fully formed lips. That said this may be the most accurately modelled set of pussy lips on a Fleshlight I’ve seen so far.

Fleshlight supply a sachet of lube that’s just enough for one use but remember to get some good quality water based lube for subsequent sessions.

Remembering to loosen the end-cap first to allow air to escape I slid right into the lubed interior of the Nina Hartley Fleshlight with a gorgeous ripple of stimulation across the head and down the length of my penis. I like the Fleshlight because unlike some cheaper masturbators and strokers they accommodate my girth and full length so that I can feel my pubis pressed against the toy at the bottom of each thrust.

A combination of the effective Lotus Insert and full, firm lips pressing against me had the desired effect and was very controllable. I edged a little with the Nina Hartley Fleshlight before letting go and experiencing a toe-curling release that left me quite a big clean-up job inside the Fleshlight for later. It was rather helped by the sight of Suze next to me testing her latest vibrator, convulsing and grinding the buzzing sex toy into herself.

After use cleaning is very easy, warm water is recommended but I always feel the need to wash with gentle soap and rinse, then air-dry before storage. I’ve heard it said that soap can degrade the skin-like elastomer that the insert is made of so use soap at your own risk.

Nina Hartley Fleshlight Summary

The Lotus Insert performed beautifully as usual and has to be one of my two favourite Fleshlight inserts. Which is probably why it now seems the standard insert in the Fleshlight Girls series of masturbators. The feel of a full set of well modelled vaginal lips added to the experience and the end result was, well, very satisfying. If you’re a Nina Hartley fan you’ll probably have this on order already, if not it has to be said it’s one of my favourite Fleshlight Girls yet.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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