Jessica Drake Fleshlight Lotus Vagina
Jessica Drake Fleshlight Lotus Vagina

I’ve reviewed other Fleshlight Girl’s before, if you aren’t aware these male masturbators are modelled after the vaginas of famous porn stars, so each one is different. This contrasts them with the other masturbators in the Fleshlight range that each sport a generic vagina shape externally. In common with the other non-Fleshlight Girl masturbators from the company the Fleshlight girls can be ordered with a number of different textures internally, each designed to give a different sensation to the user. The Jessica Drake Fleshlight I received was a “Lotus” insert made from the company’s soft, flesh-like elastomer.

The outer case of the Fleshlight is a hard plastic that provides support for the soft, luscious elastomer insert when you’re using it and protection when it’s being stored. Some Fleshlight inserts (this one included) come fitted with a ribbed plastic tube inside the ribbed cannal that runs down the centre of the masturbator. This is used to support and protect the Fleshlight during transport and storage.

A note on the shape of the entrance to the Jessica Drake Fleshlight – its pudenda if you will. It’s one of the nicest looking ones I’ve used, detailed and inviting, very much like its namesake Jessica Drake, as you’d imagine. That’s of course one of the major selling points of the Fleshlight Girls, when you’re entering the masturbator you can easily imagine entering the titular girl in question.

Testing a masturbator of any kind if you’re in a relationship is always interesting. Either it’s a solo effort, used on you by your partner or in this case as part of a little exhibitionist wanking. Suzanne’s suggestion, not mine, filthy bitch!

Anyway, while Suze pleasured herself with a medium sized, ribbed silicone vibrator from the favourites in her bedside drawer I lubed up the Jessica Drake Fleshlight Girl Masturbator using the single sachet of lube supplied with the toy. Obviously you’ll need more good quality water based lube for the next use, but the sachet was perfectly adequate for this test.

As I mentioned I’ve used Fleshlights with Lotus style inserts before so I wasn’t surprised that the distinct ribbing was very pleasurable, almost providing a “pop” each time I thrust into it as the  head of my penis passed from one internal chamber to the next. Because the Fleshlight material is so suited to modelling flesh and tissue the opening is wide enough to make penetration simple and firm enough to give great sensation. Other (usually cheaper) masturbators simply make the openings tight to provide sensation but in so doing make entering the toy tricky.

At the end of a very enjoyable session of masturbation with my cock buried inside Jessica Drake’s pussy I slowly milked myself to orgasm while knelt on my knees watching Suze have her third clitoral climax. Of course you could do the same alone watching your partner or even accompanied by one of Jessica Drake’s porn DVDs. That’s what I like about masturbators, they are far more than providers of solitary fun.

The Jessica Drake Fleshlight Girl is one of the nicest looking ones I’ve seen. It feels great and has all the advantages that a Fleshlight has over the bargain basement products – durability, ease of cleaning and realism in the modelling of the opening. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using this alone or with someone else you’ll enjoy the luxury of being able to thrust into a soft and welcoming vagina whenever the mood takes you.

You can use a Fleshlighht in your hand, the hand of your lover or even jammed between pillows for hands-free thrusting fun. The choice, as they say, is yours.

Jessica Drake Fleshlight Girl Summary

The Jessica Drake Fleshlight is thoroughly recommended. Especially if you’ve been using budget strokers that can leave you wanting something a bit more satisfying.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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