Afterglow Massage Candles
Afterglow Massage Candles

Sensuality is a part of sex that should never be ignored. Intimacy and foreplay are so important and so easy to miss in our busy modern lives. Then of course there’s pure indulgence and that too is essential to a relaxed and fulfilling relationship.

Massage candles are an inexpensive way to enhance the relationship with your partner. They can sooth away the stresses of our daily lives and get us in the mood for sex. The Jimmyjane range of massage candles are formulated to melt at a low temperature and to moisturise as you massage. They are scented to add to the moments of pleasure you share with your partner.

The box contains not only the candle but instructions and a box of matches. To mention the method of ignition when describing a sex toy may seem a little odd, but it is indicative of the care Jimmyjane have taken in creating this range of sensual sexual accompaniments. The matches have black shafts and white heads the box has a very sensible and useful feature. On one side is printed “Jimmyjane” on the other “Flip me over”. Ok so it’s a bit cheesy but avoids little accidents and having to scrabble around picking up matches should you open the box upside-down.

The candle is housed in frosted glass container in the form of a cube and once the plastic seal has been removed the aroma of bourbon hits your nose immediately. Even the cat was intrigued and hopped up to have a sniff. I honestly couldn’t wait to get into the bedroom and have Suze massage my back. It had been a long day. I lit the candle with one of the matches provided and waited impatiently for the wax to melt. The room became suffused with the candle’s scent.

Suze described the scent as whisky and caramel “A very male scent”. I don’t necessarily agree but it does underline that these massage candles aren’t just for the ladies. This is a shared experience.

When the wax had melted I blew out the wick and lay face down on the bed. Suze dribbled the warm wax onto my back from about 30cm, the sensation was warming and tantalising. Her hands began to work in the now liquid wax. Not as liquid as massage oil the friction created by her hands created a warming sensation that soothed away the troubles of the day. The slightly higher viscosity really worked for me.

Bathed in the aroma of the candle and with Suze’s deft fingers rubbing away the troubles of the day I drifted off slightly and only returned to reality when she had completed her magical massage.

What followed next I will leave to your own imagination.

If you haven’t tried a massage candle before, then you ought to. The soft light of the flame, the sensuous aroma and the soothing massage will really put you and your partner in the mood for love.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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