PicoBong Mahana
PicoBong Mahana

The design of the PicoBong Mahana intrigued me which is in part why I wanted to get my hands on one.  It’s billed as being both a dual stimulation sex toy and a “couples toy” although I’m not sure how it would work being slightly bulky between you and your partner, and within you.  But hey!  That’s what reviews are for.  😉

As some of you may know and sex toy novices don’t, the PicoBong range of adult products is brought to you courtesy of the renowned sex toy manufacturers Lelo who have a certain prestige when it comes to adult pleasure objects and for good reason.

This is a company with a range of products aimed at the mid range market, who desire a level of quality at an affordable price.

The only reservation I have about this dual stimulator is the lack of flexibility in the connecting section between the two silicone vibrators, which leaves me wondering how it will fair in play.  And raises the question, would you be able to use it for both vaginal and anal stimulation?

I couldn’t wait to give it a try to see if the firm ABS joint would relent but first let’s take a look at what the PicoBong Mahana Duo Vibe has to offer.

  • Features 2 motors which can be independently set for configurable pleasure.
  • Is operated via 2 x AAA batteries which offer up to 2 hours of play.
  • Has 12 different vibratory modes with several speed settings.
  • Use the + & – buttons to move through the constant speeds and hold the button down to access the vibratory modes.
  • Is waterproof up to a depth of 1 meter.
  • Has a powerful but quiet motor for those occasions where discretion is required.  😉

I slipped off to the bed room for a quick après Boxing Day wank, the thought  of having another day in the presence of my family was daunting and making me quite tense.  Now what helps relieve tension?  You got it – a session of self pleasure.  Lol

One thing you do have to consider pre playtime is that the speed/mode settings for this toy are on the insertable parts of the toy.  Therefore it’s a good idea to select your setting before insertion, if you attempt after you will need some tissues at hand to wipe the buttons as selection isn’t easy when they are slippery.

Because the ends of the Mahana vibrator were slim and torpedo shaped and I was already feeling a little randy I went in cold without lube.

Once in place I knew my concerns earlier about the restrictive bend on the Mahana were well founded.  The mark of an experienced sex toy tester, I told you so :p   can see problems in a toy before I’ve tested it.  The vibrator wouldn’t stay inside me without I put my thighs together.

I found the PicoBong Mahana kept wanting to spring out of me.  Not only that but the clit vibe end was positioned so as to miss my clitoris altogether.  Rendering all vibration slightly subdued due to missing the target.

Despite these misgivings I continued with my testing, I know from experience that sometimes you just have to try different things to hit the spot.

Unfortunately persistence didn’t pay off which is a shame as with a little more consideration in design this could have been a good product but it fell short on this occasion.

But not being one to give up I decided to deploy the PicoBong on my clitoris as a dual stimulator and oh yes, that worked.  The stiff curve at the end served to guide the Mahana as I massaged myself in to an orgasm with the dual thrumming taking me there.

I consider this a reasonably priced clit vibrator which could also be used to tease nipples but as a dual vibrator it falls a little short of the mark.  Lelo you have to address some design problems and come back with a product which we know you are more than capable of producing.

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By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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