Jimmy Jane Hello Touch
Jimmy Jane Hello Touch

I was eager to test drive the Hello Touch wearable vibrator from Jimmyjane when I was asked by them if I wanted a sample to review.  It’s a long time since I played with something very similar and I had to look back in the annals to find my review, right back to 2008 to be precise.

It was a product called the Fukuoko Power Pack and I seem to recall at the time that it was quite a cumbersome thing to wear.  Back then the speed settings were controlled via a large dial on the wrist band and there were 3 vibratory tips to place on your fingers.

When I opened the packaging of the Hello Touch I was pleased to find a much more trimmed down and less industrial version of the finger vibrators.  Instead of wearing what resembled silicone snowshoes on your fingers the Hello Touch has slimline vibrators each with a pair of silicone bands to secure them in place.

The power pack itself is slimmer, more refined with a slim push button interface and instead of it being secured by Velcro as in the Fukuoku, it’s a stretchy nylon sleeve.  Far more comfortable to wear and easier to clean once used.

Your Hello Touch is tidily presented in a lightweight plastic case and comes in 3 parts, the control unit complete with wired vibrator tips, lightweight elasticated wrist band and internal battery compartment  for inside the control.

Don’t worry about assembly it’s straightforward as the battery compartment is marked out with the poles for the batteries (which rather nicely are supplied with the product.) and the internal casing will only slip inside the control one way.  But if you are slightly bewildered you can follow the handy pictoral guide which comes with the Jimmyjane Hello Touch.

Oh, I forgot to mention you also get an individually cellophane packed double sided storage pouch to keep you vibrator in.

Unlike the Fukuoku the Hello Touch is a single speed vibrator but it could still pack quite a punch so lets not be judgemental.  The instruction guide offers “serving suggestions” including the use of your index finger and thumb to stimulate the clitoris & g-spot simultaneously.

So before I sneak of for a quick wank lets look at the features of the Jimmyjane Hello Touch.

  • The best feature of all, it comes complete with batteries, harrah!
  • Is easy to operate via the On/Off control unit, be sure to press firmly.
  • Operates via 2 x AAA batteries, so is relatively inexpensive to run.
  • You can wash the control unit but it should not be submersed and the wrist band can be slipped in the washing machine at 40oC
  • One size should fit most fingers, as the silicone is reasonably stretchy.  So no excuse for your partner not to join in the fun.
  • It’s an all round portable toy which is easy to wear and operate and can be transported anywhere in a handbag or even a pocket as it’s so petite.

I gave the control and pads a quick wash with anti-bac soap before use and slipped them in to the wrist band ready for action.

The wind was howling around the slates as I pulled the curtains to and slipped under the warm duvet.  I reached over for the Jimmyjane Hello Touch and pulled it under to warm with me.

I slipped on the finger vibes which were quite restricting, applied a little spit to my clitoris and pressed the On button…nothing happened…I pressed a little harder (which made my finger hurt) and this time the vibrations began.  I found during use that the On button can require a considerable amount of pressure to work.

With the vibes rippling through my index and middle finger I laid them over my clitoris.  The vibrations felt good as I started to slide my fingers up and down the length of my clitoral hood.  Moments later I was reaching in to my beside draw for some lube.

A little lubricant applied to my clit soon rectified the dragging and I was enjoying the sweet vibrations.  A word of warning be careful not to trap your sensitive flesh between your fingers as it’s not pleasant.  Try to keep your fingers well spaced throughout your play.

The stimulation felt good but from a personal point of view I was hankering after more speed and different vibration mode settings.  Perhaps these will come with later models.  But for now I would categorise the Jimmyjane Hello Touch in the Erotic Stimulation category, more foreplay than orgasmic.

As with all new products there are lessons to be learned.  In this case more vibratory patterns would be a bonus and from a comfort point of view, make the finger bands more stretchy.  I found my fingers were going cold and tingling when play stopped.

The Jimmyjane Hello Touch would most probably be vey effective for sex toy newbie or those sensitive to stimulation, I meantime would have preferred more options with the vibration modes.

Another toy which would suit sex toy newbies and those looking for some pre sex fun.

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By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.