Vibin' Miss Daisy
Vibin’ Miss Daisy

When I was sent the Doc Johnson Vibin’ Miss Daisy as the subject for my latest sex toy review by my friends at Simply Pleasure I knew there was only one way to test this beautiful little vibrator. It needed to go out on a test drive with Alex and myself. 😉

It would be the perfect naught accompaniment for my journey out to our favourite country pub and of course lunch.

Here are the facts about Daisy

She is constructed from body safe ABS that is phthalate free and has a velvety soft finish
Has seven vibratory functions controlled by the push button in the centre of the flower
Comes complete with 4 x LR44 batteries so she is ready to go with you straight away
The metre long lead is useful for application in most places 😉

The opportunity to test drive the Daisy arose this weekend, we decided after a long hard week at work we would treat ourselves to lunch out on Saturday.

I elected to wear the vibe in my panties and it did sit nicely in the pocket created by the gusset in my pants. So much so you would have thought it had been created specifically for that purpose. The lead was long enough to come out over my cargo pants’ waistband allowing me to place the control unit, or should I say daisy, in my pocket.

Feeling a bit naughty I didn’t tell Alex that | was wearing it and secreted the vibe in my panties while he took a quick pee before leaving the house. I placed the control in my left trouser pocket so that he wouldn’t see me using it while he drove. Clever thinking eh!

We got about a couple of miles from our house and were winding along the country roads chatting happily about the events of the past week. The sun was shining and everything felt well with the world. I chanced that the hum of the cars engine would cover the low frequency hum of the clit vibe and pressed the button.

The first press of the button caused me to go “Oooh” quite loudly. The vibrations for such a small vibe are very good. Alex turned to me and said “You ok?” I laughed it off saying that I was excited to be going out, I don’t think he believed me. Lol

Another couple of presses took me to max continuous vibration and I was now noticeably squirming on my seat, aiming to position the vibe in that sweet spot over my clit. A few wriggles saw it slip in to place and between my pussy lips. Alex turned…I smiled.

Then I did it didn’t I. I just had to press it once more to see what happened. The Vibin’ Miss Daisy started to purr between my pussy lips with an intense vibration which began to escalate, sending ripples of pleasure through me like a pebble tossed in to a pond.

I flopped back against my seat and closed my eyes, letting the escalation envelope me, tease me. I began to moan. This gave the game away and Alex turned to me smiling and said “You’ve brought a toy out with you, haven’t you?”

I’m a terrible liar so I came clean (pardon the pun, no don’t lol) and admitted that I had something between my legs. 😉

He advised me to carry on if I was enjoying myself and who was I to disagree. The vibrations afforded by such a small bullet are excellent and I worked my way through every setting before we got to the pub.

Which means that I can say with good authority that settings 3, 4, 5 oh, all the bloody lot are very stimulating and the vibe is easy to wear. Just one thing I would suggest is that it would be good if they could add a belt clip to the back so you could mount the control unit on your waistband or belt.

If you are looking for a quiet, discreet little vibe that you can wear anywhere this is the one and it’s pretty too.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.