Monkey Spanker Duo
Monkey Spanker Duo

I reviewed the original Monkey Spanker Masturbator nearly three years ago. As sex toy reviews go, reviewing new versions of existing sex toys can be a little difficult, but the new Monkey Spanker Duo has enough new features to make this review rather interesting.

To begin with the original Monkey Spanker’s packaging consisted of a card insert slipped into a plastic zip-lock bag onto which the toy was attached. The new toy comes inside a plastic wallet, inside a silver card pouch, all wrapped in a blue cardboard band with the product details on it. Nice because all of the packaging is easily recyclable and while not being flash it does its job. Of course if you’re sending it as a present too it’s easy to wrap and light to post.

Normally of course a sex toy review requires one sex toy tester. The Monkey Spanker Duo requires two, one of each gender, because as the name implies both sexes can enjoy this sex toy.

The main body of the toy is made from hard ABS plastic like the original Monkey Spanker. However this new device is made much thicker and its edges are smoothed out by a covering of soft material which appears to be a form of TPE. This extra layer makes the toy slightly fatter than the original and hints at a dual use for the handle 😉

Its ring section is filled with a different variety of ultra-stretchy plastic which is also ultra-clingy, so in use it’s vital to use a lube, water based lubes only please, to ensure the smooth passage of you penis through the toy.

The Monkey Spanker Duo also comes with a vibrating bullet (batteries included) which clips firmly, very firmly into the handle. The whole assemble is fully waterproof so you can use it without worrying about getting water in it, be that in the bedroom or bathroom; Though we wouldn’t advise its use whilst diving. LOL. Turning the bullet on and off is a little awkward, requiring the use of your little finger, even then I was only just able to press the control button. There are three speeds of vibration, a fourth press of the button turns the Duo off. There are no pulsing or escalating patterns. Removing the bullet to fit or replace batteries requires the use of a rigid instrument like a flat bladed screwdriver. A little awkward but obviously a safety feature to ensure the bullet doesn’t part company from the Monkey Spanker Duo during use and end up somewhere it shouldn’t.

The Monkey Spanker Mark 1 was a boys toy, primarily a masturbator. The designers have bulked up and reshaped the Monkey Spanker Duo so that it can be used as a dildo and clitoral stimulator for a female partner as well as suggesting it can be used as a vibrating cock ring.

Does it work?

Well in terms of the Monkey Spanker Duo’s function as a masturbator its performance is pretty much identical to the original Monkey Spanker, except in one respect. The vibrations from the bullet seem to be a little dampened by the extra soft plastic of the Duo. Not a big problem but worthy of note.

Using the sachet of lube provided I was able to have just as much fun with the new Monkey Spanker as with the old one. Experimenting with long strokes up and down my penis, or just rapid stimulation of the head and corona all produce very pleasurable results and all good fun.

Of course then we turn to the use of the Monkey Spanker as a toy for your partner and you as a couple.  When the Monkey Spanker Duo is at the base of your cock the vibrations you feel are on your balls when the handle rests on them. That’s pretty tingly! So the “vibrating blow job technique works well. Using the toy as a cock ring is a little awkward but a bit of a laugh, it’s quite large and got in the way so we passed on that on.

Finally there’s using the Monkey Spanker Duo as a toy for the ladies, clitorally and internally.

Well, Suze gave me her impression of the toy after we used it. First off the “clit teaser”. There’s a double-humped nodule on the toy which the instruction sheet kind of implies should be used to stimulate the clitoris. Hmm. It’s so small and soft that Suze found it difficult to feel even where it is when pressed against her mons. Inserting the slightly phallic head of the Monkey Spanker Duo is fun, particularly around the opening of the vagina. Great for a bit of play, especially because you’re both using the toy but don’t expect earth shattering orgasms here girls.

Having long nails Suze did find that changing the speed of the bullet was almost impossible and refitting it in the opposite position as recommended by the instructions for male use put the vibrations closer to where they were needed for her.

In conclusion we can say that as a male toy the Monkey Spanker Duo is very much like its predecessor, simple and great fun. The added features which make it more couple friendly work to a degree but don’t expect the world’s greatest female sex toy here. The relatively low price and compromises necessary to make this work as a toy for couples mean  you could criticise this toy’s imperfections but that would be to miss the point. The Monkey Spanker Duo is fun for both partners and its simplicity and small size makes it perfect for impromptu naughty liaisons … perfect for slipping into your luggage for example? LOL

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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