Monkey Spanker Duo
Monkey Spanker Duo

Sometimes the simplest of sex toys can be the most effective and that was certainly the case with the original Monkey Spanker.  You simply lube up your manhood and slip the round end of the masturbator over the head of your penis.

The soft inner flange massages you as you move your hand up and down your shaft, what could be simpler?  But so effective.

Well, now Monkey Spanker have a new Duo model which incorporates a bullet vibrator to add the your masturbatory pleasures and it can also be used by you lover as a clit stimulator.  Even better.

“Of course then we turn to the use of the Monkey Spanker as a toy for your partner and you as a couple.  When the Monkey Spanker Duo is at the base of your cock the vibrations you feel are on your balls when the handle rests on them. That’s pretty tingly! So the”

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By Suze

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