Asylum Play Doctor Kit
Asylum Play Doctor Kit

We’ve done a few weird sex toy reviews in our time but this is a review of one of the oddest sex toys you can think of. The Asylum Play Doctor kit comprises a roll of crepe bandage, a faux nurse’s cap and a doctor’s reflector as worn by all doctors prior to 1960.

The Asylum sex toy range is themed around, well, erm, an asylum so the packaging looks like an advert for the computer game silent hill, just with kinky nurses. Don’t take that as in any way a bad thing, I rather like semi-psychotic kinky nurses LOL. SO what comes inside the packaging of this kinky kit?

  • 50ft (15mtres) of crepe bandage. For those of you who don’t know crepe bandaged sticks to itself so no need for knots or pins when you are bandaging the patient. Better yet removal simply means finding the end and unwrapping.
  • A doctor’s reflector.
  • A nurse’s cap.

We were at a bit of a loss as to get started as at first we found the items in the kit to be a bit too different from what we normally use in the bedroom. However we are nothing if not resourceful and decided that I, the deviant doctor would bet treated by Suze the naughty nurse for my sex addiction.

Consequently Suze donned the nurses “cap” with some difficulty as the ribbons were a bit slippery and kept slipping off her head until she tied it under her pony tail and I put the rather dubious reflector on my head. I’ll spare you the dialogue of the role play but we did have a bit of a laugh.

As ECT was unavailable to treat my psychotic episodes and let’s face it probably illegal unless carried out by a qualified practitioner nurse Suze decided a bandage would make everything better.

First Suze bandaged my eyes and with two circuits of my head created a very effective blindfold. One problem! She didn’t have any scissors so I had to wait while she retrieved some from her makeup case. The crepe bandage avoided knots or any other fixings, great.

Then she gagged me, not in a brutal way but by wrapping three or four turns of the bandage around my closed mouth. Next came my ears, top to bottom, bottom to top and my hearing was impaired though still functional.

Finally she moved on to the source of my ailment and bandaged my cock and balls in a warm and gently constrictive cocoon.

The whole experience was tender and kinky, sensual and exciting. My cock strained against the restrictions of the bandages and I soon found the treatment over as nurse Suze extracted a large sample from the offending member with a few deft flicks of her wrist. Maybe the path lab will help her diagnosis, though when she had removed me from my head wrapping the sample had mysteriously disappeared.

This kit is a lot of fun, if you and your partner are up for a bit of role play it’s surprisingly good fun. OK so you aren’t buying a full nurse’s outfit and lab coat for the Doctor but so what. It’s simple, easy to use and a bit of a laugh. The sensory experience provided by the bandage exceeded our expectations of this relatively simple box of props and if you want to kick off some interesting role play fun with your partner then this could be the place to start.

You can buy this Kinky Kit here.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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