Zini Janus Prostate Massager
Zini Janus Prostate Massager

I’ve been a fan of Zini since they first appeared on the sex toy market but this is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to review one of their quality products because it’s only recently that they have started to make male sex toys. Until now only Suze has been able to experience the pleasure provided by a company whose skills in design are only matched by their imagination.

The Janus Prostate Massager is a non-vibrating anal sex toy for men. It is based on a strong and springy plastic frame which provides the shape for the non-insertable part of the toy and rigidity for the section of the prostate massager that you insert. Wrapped around the insertable section is a silicone outer form which is shaped to stimulate the male G Spot, anus and rectum.

Three sizes are available and I tested the medium. However unless there’s a typo on the box there seems to be only a 1mm difference in diameter and no difference in weight between the small and medium version of this toy whereas the large version is 60% heavier and 40% wider with 13mm more insertable length.

There’s a lot of design gone in to this Zini product and that’s not been wasted on superfluous flourishes. Yes the shape of the toy is very attractive but all of its curves and details have a function. Internally the silicone section has a shape specifically constructed to stimulate the P Spot externally the springy plastic outer section applies pressure to the perineum, allows you to clench the rear section between your buttocks for great control and easily remove the toy with the hoop section.

While all of the design of this product has obviously been carefully thought out there are a couple of things I’d like to mention. Inserting anal sex toys has to be done carefully but the inclusion of a “Spring Structure” as described by the packaging is not something I’ve felt in need of until now “preventing sudden insertion”. Maybe solving a problem that doesn’t exist, or at least one that I have never encountered. The other is similarly minor but worthy of note as this is an anal sex toy. The interface between the hard plastic and silicone presents a deep depression around the shaft’s circumference that can harbour lube and other residues. It’s easy to clean and because the silicone and plastic frame are very firmly bonded together is unlikely to cause problems if the toy is carefully cleaned after use but is something to remember if you use a Zini Janus.

I found that the Zini Janus slipped in with no fuss and as I lay, letting the shape of the toy do its magic the pressure on my prostate from this small anal toy became quite intense. Maybe the large version would have given me that added feeling of fullness that I like but even this modest sized prostate massage certainly applied the delicious pressure on my P Spot that I enjoy so much.

Some male anal sex toys have a tendency to slip out during masturbation or sex, I did not find this with the Zini Janus Prostate Massager. The shape of the toy means that it sits firmly inside you without budging to deliver intense orgasms.

This unassuming but effective sex toy comes packaged simply with cardboard insert printed in blue and white on a black background. Some of the “points” it mentions about the toy seem to be translated less than accurately from the original Korean but that’s more amusing than a barrier to understanding. You can also point your mobile phone’s camera at the QR code the box carries and watch videos about the Zini range, I found them more interesting than informative.

The Zini Janus Prostate Massager is not one for those who like to feel their ass stretched wide during anal play, but will please anyone who understands how a good prostate massager will enhance your orgasms and intensify your climax.



By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.