Nexus G-Rider
Nexus G-Rider

Male sex toy reviews are something of a rare commodity on the Internet. At least in comparison to those sex toys tested for women. Testing a male sex toy like the Nexus G-Rider takes a man and as I’m one of the relatively small number of guys testing sex toys I have a lot of work to do. LOL

I will start by saying that the Nexus G-Rider is not an anal toy for beginners. I’d class it as an intermediate level anal sex toy. As I’ve pointed out before anal toys owe much of their intensity to their shape rather than sheer mass. An intensely stimulating also makes such a toy quite challenging to insert. The Nexus G-Rider is not some huge ass stretching device for anal addicts who are searching for the ultimate in anal dilation. What it does offer is a step up from a beginner’s toy that you’ll aspire to once you have mastered a small butt plug.

The Nexus G-Rider is made from silicone for hygiene and comfort. It’s finished in a smooth and silky texture that feels great to touch and holds lube really well. As with all silicone toys you should not use a silicone based lubricant as this will damage your sex toy. In the centre of the G-Rider is a powerful five setting vibrator, it is perfectly made to transmit vibrations through the silicone and deep inside you when you use the toy.

Inserting the G-Rider took a lot of lube as you’d expect for an anal sex toy but a lot of experimentation and patience too. There’s a slight, almost hooked shape at the tip of the toy that makes the toy quite wide to insert (for me at least and I count myself as an intermediate user of anal toys). When I had gently probed and manipulated the G-Rider to the correct angle it slotted inside and immediately took my breath away by applying pressure to all the right areas.

The G-Rider locked in place working its magic and I couldn’t wait to turn on the vibrations. That’s reasonably easy, though the button could be a little more pronounced. As usual a nice pulsing setting was the best and had me stroking myself unselfconsciously to erection. I rolled onto my side and with a growing handful of cock squeezed and rocked the toy in my ass. The perineal stimulator of this toy is second to none, possibly the best I’ve experienced. It’s wide, flat pad is covered in silicone “bristles about 4mm long which press firmly behind your scrotum to massage the soft skin.

The way in which the Nexus G-Rider prolongs and intensifies orgasm is astonishing. The prelude to ejaculation is filled with sensation from “behind” and the contractions which accompany your climax make it difficult to decide which gives greater pleasure, your cock or your ass. Not that you care too much at that point. LOL

So what do I think of the Nexus G-Rider?

Well, if it wasn’t for two points I would say this toy would score top marks from me. Firstly the vibrator. Why can’t Nexus make then fully waterproof? This in an anal sex toy – it’s going to need to be cleaned thoroughly. Of course you can coax the vibrator out of the silicone body but that’s difficult when your toy is covered in lube. Then there’s that little hook shape at the tip. For me that was a little unnecessary. It made insertion more difficult than would otherwise have been the case. Bear in mind however that everyone is different when it comes to anal toys and you may find the shape just what you need to press your button.

For me the G-Rider delivered stimulation that has me wanting to try it again tomorrow night. This could become addictive, the challenge of insertion just another part of the experience.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.