Venus Clone Male Masturbator
Venus Clone Male Masturbator

I’ve spent several years as a sex toy tester testing male masturbators. Well, between Suze and me I have the equipment to do it, that’s my excuse. Every sex toy review I carry out is therefore backed up with an increasing amount of experience about what makes for a good male masturbator. When the weighty but anonymous cardboard box containing the Venus Clone male masturbator arrived on my doorstep I thought I knew what to expect.

The Venus Clone is a case-less masturbator, by which I mean that is simply consists of a sleeve moulded from a soft and yielding plastic isomer that feels as yielding and warm as real skin (so long as you gently warm it in water first of course. This male sex toy does not have an outer plastic casing to support it during use. While this makes similar smaller toys a little floppy to use the volume of the moulding in the Venus Clone helps to create a toy which holds its shape while retaining its yielding character. Not having a case means that this toy will stretch to accommodate any size, not always the case with masturbators having a hard outer shell.

Before use I washed the masturbator in warm soapy water. Being a one-piece design this is easy and with no joins or inaccessible areas means you can keep the toy hygienic at all times. This sleeve masturbator only has an opening at one end so I had to get my hand right inside to ensure a through clean, I even tried clenching my fist and this had no adverse effect on the toy. It’s yielding and durable and as I said above will therefore accommodate any size. That isn’t the best thing about the inside of the toy …

While cleaning the Venus Clone I noticed something – it’s incredibly realistic. Where some toys feature internal contours which simply are ridged and noduled tubes this masturbator goes for almost 100% realism. The majority of male masturbators provide stimulation with these abstract and unrealistic designs, which is fine, but the manufacturers of this toy have bravely attempted to model the soft folds inside a real woman. And boy have they succeeded. This toy even has a G-Spot! The only concession to extra stimulation is the addition of several rows of tiny domed protrusions only a millimetre in height.

I was intrigued and not a little impressed.

A little porn on the TV and a little water based lube had me ready to use the Venus Clone. I thought I’d experienced every sensation possible from this sort of male sex toy. Wrong! The realism of the toy was immediately apparent. Without extreme and convoluted “love tunnels” and heavily beaded “pleasure passages” – sorry the terms used to describe these things often amuse me – the Venus Clone had me grinning from the moment I entered it. The combination of realism and the tiniest bit of extra stimulation from the little dimples had me shuddering straight away.

One reservation I did have before I began using the Venus Clone was the thickness of the sleeve. Case-less masturbators like this allow you to use the pressure of your hand to change the sensations on your erect penis when the toy is in use. Despite the extra bulk this one is no different and because you can’t feel your fingers so directly I felt that the pressure applied was more like the contractions of a real woman during sex too.

Suze had been waiting patiently while I played and I couldn’t resist letting her using the  Venus Clone on me. She jumped at the opportunity and with her breasts jiggling in front to me and her gaze fixed on my face she slowly stroked me with the masturbator, squeezing me and releasing me on alternate strokes. Playing with the toy solo had already taken me close to the edge but Suze working it up and down my shaft sent me speeding towards climax. I tried to hold back for as long as I could but within minutes I groaned and began to cum.

This is one of the best masturbators I have tested and is certainly the most realistic internally. Externally the modelling is very nice, generic but realistic. It’s easy to clean, much more compact than a cased masturbator and therefore easier to store.

A very, very impressive masturbator.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.