Lelo Tor II Review

Lelo Tor II

Lelo Tor II

Don’t blink because you might miss this sex toy review 🙂

The Lelo Tor II is a high quality silicone cock ring that commands a premium price – and from a point of view of design and build quality it deserves the high ticket price. Custom built and not thrown together from semi-standard far-eastern components this is a sex toy worthy of the Lelo name.

The Lelo Tor II is rechargeable via the country specific charge adapter supplied with each unit. In the box you will also find a sachet of lube (or as Lelo would have it – personal moisturiser) and the instructions/guarantee. The final item is a satin draw string bag for you to store the Tor II in when it’s not in use.

When charged you can control the speed and program (six modes are available) by using the + and – buttons, one either side of the vibrating bullet. You can lock the TOR II on one programme by holding both buttons simultaneously, a feature common to many Lelo sex toys. The vibrations are intense, so far as I can tell and because of the quality of the battery the Tor II will stay charged for a long time. I know, I charged it as soon as I got it and it’s still going strong now, weeks later.

So why has it taken this long to test such an obviously high quality sex toy? The answer is a single word – Size!

I am just above average penis size at 7.5 inches when erect, however the Tor is way too small for me. The instructions suggest not wearing this cock ring for more than an hour. If I had managed to get the cock ring to the base of my hard penis I would have had to cut it off in a few minutes before it caused serious discomfort. The instructions tell you that it can be worn around the cock and scrotum, behind the testicles; I’m not sure how!

I tried, I really did. I warmed the silicone up, used plenty of lube and even left it stretched over the top of a large bottle of lube for a fortnight. Sadly the high quality medical grade silicone cock ring simply returned to its original cock-clenching size.

It’s a pity that I could not test this cock ring and I suppose that it would suit average to small sized penises but for me it was just a case of admiring an obviously well made cock ring and wondering what it would be like if only I could wear it.



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