i-tap G Vibe
i-tap G Vibe

Tapping In To My Pleasure Zone …

Some vibrator can be cumbersome to use (believe me the number of sex toy reviews I do, I know) and operate and I prefer my sex toys to deliver without hassle.  How often do we struggle to find the right button to press on our vibrators because lets face it not many of us have eyes in our fannies do we.  Lol It usually involves removing the vibrator and checking the controls out to remind ourselves exactly which control we should have been pressing and risking loosing that all essential moment or working through them all blindly until we find the right setting.  Neither option is a good one and we girls were faced with this dilemma every time we took a little me time.

That was until now, those clever guys at California Exotics have listened to our girlie moans and come up with a solution to those exasperating pre orgasmic fumblings.  And it’s called the iTap range of sex toys.

I had the pleasure of receiving one from my friends over a Sexy Fun and even more fun testing it but you will have to wait to hear what I got up to.  First you need to know exactly what you are dealing with.

The iTap G Vibe which I played with has

No buttons or switches to use, instead the functions and speeds are operated via the base.  Simply tap once to change your setting, what could be easier and more convenient!

The vibrator has a smooth silky coating making it feel nice to the touch and good to play with.

Features 5 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation so you are sure to find one which “taps” in to your pleasure zone

An angled tip for dual pleasure, stimulate your g-spot or your clitoris the choice is yours or why not try both.  😉

I had spent most of the morning coming to a level of understanding with our new accounts system and was more than ready for a bit of pre lunchtime fun.  I had the iTap washed, loaded and ready for a bit of fun in my bedside drawer.  I’m so organised.  Lol

It was a dull day and I didn’t feel the slightest bit uncomfortable pulling the curtains close so the rest of the road couldn’t see the bluey I was about to play on the screen.  I picked up the remotes from Alex’s side of the bed and turned on the television and DVD as I walked back round to my side placing them on my bedside cabinet.

I slipped out of my t-shirt then jeans and removed my panties, the bra didn’t matter it was my pussy that needed the attention.  My clothes landed in a heap at the side of the bed.

Just one problem, the cat was laying on the bottom of the bed on the turned down sheets.  Ah, I thought as I wondered in to the bathroom to retrieve a blanket from the airing cupboard.  Resourceful indeed…oh, and  randy as fuck.  🙂

I returned to the bedroom, cat laying nonchalant and the DVD awaiting my choice from the menu.  The MFM scene appealed with the blonde, brunette and yummy guy, I pressed play.  Reminiscent of Linus from Charlie Brown I lay back on the soft mattress feeling the foam yield and mould to my almost naked body.

Reaching for the controls I fast forward through the seemingly endless cock sucking straight to the action, he was a big boy.  I’d just managed to squeeze in with my feet over to the left of the bed because kitty had decided to lie almost in the centre of the bed.

I took hold of the iTap noticing how compact and velvety to the touch it felt.  A quick tap on the base and it sprang in to life the vibrations were effectively conducted throughout the firm shaft and with another tap I was on a faster continual vibration which resonated through my right hand.  I smiled, this was a powerful, understated little fellow.

At this point I had a slight quandary, do I go for the clit or slit?  Moments later I’m lowering the iTap G Vibe on to my clitoris and the vibrations are welcome, it’s few days since I came clitorally and I really want to.

I start to gently move the vibrator from side to side over my swollen nub and it sends electrical impulses through my pelvic girdle.  This little beauty is seducing me.  I’m buzzing and have to stop moving for a moment, delaying my orgasm because it’s just around the corner.

Holding the tip over the hood of my clit I let the vibes ripple through me, no movement, perfectly still, suspending the inevitable.  I’m ready now.  I return to the side to side movement applying a slight amount of pressure and OMG!  My buttocks and legs tense and the orgasm rips though my lower body making me hold my breath and twitch.

My eyes are close shut focusing on exactly what is happening to my body.  Moments pass which seem like minutes as I’m gripped in orgasmic spasm before gasping to fill my lungs once again and regain composure.

This vibrator is not the largest of the vibes out there but it sure packs a punch in terms of power and conductivity.  And best of all it would fit in to your handbag so you can practice free diving any time you like.  😉

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.