Womanzone Feminine Pleasure Gel
Womanzone Feminine Pleasure Gel

No I Didn’t Say Womans Own! I Said Womanzone The Feminine Pleasure Gel.

Just to explain to our non UK readers before I get started, Woman’s Own is a weekly magazine featuring the less feisty copy. One that your mum may enjoy reading and can read in public without embarrassment. That kind of magazine. Coffee table literature. Right, that said on with my feature. Lol

On our recent visit to the Adults Only Show I visited the ID Lube stand to check out their latest products and found this little gem. I was looking at the various lubes displayed when this gorgeous petite brunette with come to bed eyes approached me. (Editors note, you really can’t take Suze anywhere :P)

I explained that Alex and I were looking around for news articles for our latest venture in the adult entertainment world, A-Rouse. The girl was more than helpful showing us the latest warming lubes and silicone based ones for water play. 😉 When she remembered Womanzone feminine pleasure gel.

We took some away promising to test and review it here. I do wish she could have come back to be tested by me too! Alex was keen on the idea of a threesome too. I’m not sure who is the naughtiest out of us both. Lol (Editor’s note, I give up with her…)

Tonight I decided to give it a try. It was created to be used by the woman who has a lack of sexual desire, for whatever reason. There could be a lack of libido, or sensation and this gel promises to increase sexual pleasure and heighten libido. Neither of these conditions affect me but I wanted to test it out for those women out there who need a little help.

I read the packet and then disappeared off to the bedroom and removed my clothing replacing it with a short see through red negligé. Alex loves red and this one has a plunge bra top so my boobs burst out of it, full and plump. He loves that too. Once changed I shouted for Alex to assist me.

He appeared in the bedroom doorway wearing nothing other than his black lycra (clingy, yes very, very clingy) boxer shorts. Gulp! It seemed he had been preparing himself too. 😉 A nice firm bulge was already showing in the front of his shorts.

I asked him to apply the gel to the underside of my clit as directed on the box. It advised to use a pearl sized blob of the gel but I wanted to see how I reacted first, after all I don’t just smear anything on to my little pink nub without trying a little first. 🙂

Alex squoze a small blob on to the top of his index finger. I was surprised that it came out looking purple, one of my favourite colours. I lay back on the bed and parted my legs in readiness for him.

He parted my labia and sparingly he applied the gel to the underside of my clit. And WOW! The gel started to work immediately. It felt cool when first applied but then started to tingle. The sensation grew, one of having a very strong mint toothpaste coat your clit, coupled with a zing which almost felt like a gentle vibe on my swollen pink bud.

I described the sensation to Alex who was now reclining and rubbing his cock through his tight boxers. The tingling, cool sensation was growing stronger by the minute and I found myself crossing my legs, pushing my pussy lips together and trapping my stimulated clit. I started to rub my thinghs together as the tingling increased in intensity.

Alex was now standing proud in his shorts and his cock was fighting to be set free from the confines of his underwear. I was also ready to be fucked. He parted my crossed legs and eased between them, taking my legs high in to the air. The cool rush of fresh air further heightened the sensation now taking place between my legs.

Now with my ankles resting on his shoulders he pushed his cock in to me through his open fly. I squirmed beneath him as he plunged my depths. He slowly withdrew almost completely and then rammed himself home again. I reached down and gently took hold of his hips as he built up speed.

My clit was now alive and he was pounding and pounding in to me. I couldn’t hold back, my first orgasm took me over. I plunged in to a deep sense of satisfaction and release and then started to come back up again, as I did so I became aware once more of that wonderful cool tingling, it felt like someone was holding a clit vibe on me.

Alex continued to fuck me like a mad man and eventually reached his peak, withdrew his cock from me. With head tilted towards the ceiling he began to gently stroke his cock, I watched in eager anticipation as he opened and began to spurt thick white cum on to my stomach.

The combination of the gel, visuals and orgasm were very intense and I should imagine if you applied the recommended amount it would be too intense for me but for someone with lowered sensitivity it would probably be very beneficial. And for the ladies who like very intense sensation and enjoy topical stimulation in their most sensitive areas, I would imagine that slightly more would blow your minds. 😉

So for just £14.99 you can experience the best of clitoral pleasures. Have fun…

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By Suze

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