Adult Dating Site
Adult Dating Site

Here at Sex toys Buzz we like a product that does what it says on the tin and when a site is called you have to admit its creators decided to get straight to the point. is an online adult dating site specifically created for adult dating, sex chat and aimed squarely at those of us for whom dating might not necessarily mean a long-term relationship.

The front page of the site is perfectly frank and honest in laying out a number of things about how the site operates. Firstly and most interestingly – the site is at least for its most basic functions free to use, you just have to register. However by registering you also give permission for the site to send you its newsletter and offers – then there’s the up-sell that makes the site viable. Running a site costs money so there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Free membership to the site only tantalises you with the features on offer, to get access to the members’ galleries, chat, email and other interactive features you’ll have to provide your credit card details or mobile phone number so it can be charged to the phone.

This isn’t a subtle site so be ready for some graphic images and less than sophisticated chat from some of the members. That doesn’t mean it has to be raucous of course there do seem to be more laid back and less in-your-face members on the site.

When you register with the site you’ll be asked a series of questions to build up your “Naughty CV”. Once that’s done you’re presented with a 72 hour countdown clock that shows when your 30% discount to the full site subscription price is due to expire. Without subscribing you get access to a limited number of features and keep being asked to register.

There seem to be plenty of registered members in the UK metropolitan geographical area within which I registered, which is promising but as I didn’t sign-up I can’t say how well the member features work. Obviously if you are in a more rural area the number of nearby matches would be lower. However if you are prepared to travel there is a postcode finder. When you complete registration you receive a “newby” email that lists the matches the site thinks will be most suitable for you … that you can access once signed-up.

When it comes to an adult dating site you need to be sure that its members are under no misapprehensions about what to expect from others on the site. Because of the up-front nature of the explanation of the site’s raison d’etre on the front page there will be no red faces when you chat on the site about your deepest sexual desires.

Prices for the site range from a few pounds for a single day’s membership to between £14 and £28 per month depending on how long you commit to.  The range of payment options and scales from 1 day, to a month and at its cheapest a six month plan mean you can decide how much this will cost you.

By Suze

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