Ask a man if he has used the services of an escort and you might get a blustered denial, a quick change of topic or some mock indignation.  But the fact remains that if men didn’t use escort services, then companies offering such services wouldn’t be in business.  And they are – here at, we can confirm this is the case.  But why do men like escorts?  There are several reasons and very few of them are as awkward or embarrassing as you might think.

It isn’t about looks

Let’s start with the first myth – men don’t always use escorts because they aren’t good looking and don’t think they can get a date.  There are some very good-looking guys at the meetings we attend who are more than able to get a date or seven for any given night.  But their use of an escort service is way more practical.

Say you are travelling with business and are away from home for a week.  You are a bit lonely and would like some company.  But you don’t want to start going to bars to meet a young lady, strike up conversation and hope you hit it off enough to take her to dinner the next night.  Instead, you would just like someone to come to dinner, chat and share some companionship and be on their way.  This is where the escort can help.

Avoiding that awkwardness

Sometimes the escort can actually save the guy from being uncomfortable.  You know those situations where you need a date on your arm or you stick out?  But you don’t have a girlfriend or partner at the moment.  Rather than feeling like the odd one out, you can ask an escort to be your date for the night and avoid all that awkwardness.

Another situation where escorts are often popular is for the higher earners.  These are guys who want some female companionship but don’t want all the complexity of a date.  These are guys who have some money in their wallet and face the constant question of whether the woman likes them or their bank account.  This isn’t a worry with an escort – she is there for the money but only the money agreed for her services.

Building confidence

Sometimes it is about looks or more precisely confidence.  Even a guy lacking in the looks department can find his dream woman, but they often lack the confidence to try.  Going on a date with an escort is a great confidence builder.  You can practice talking to beautiful women, learn how to wine and dine her and then put this into action with the woman you want to spend your life with (when you meet her).

This confidence building isn’t even about sex although that can sometimes come into it.  Going to an event with a beautiful woman on your arm can increase your prestige with the other guys.  You don’t need to tell them who she really is – create a nice background story for your meeting beforehand.  Sure, sometimes there is sex involved in the process is the lady is interested but many times it is about something far more subtle than that.

The sex matter

And yes, there are guys who are interested in the sex side of an escort.  They have things they want to do that their partner or girlfriend isn’t interested in.  Or maybe they want to build their confidence before entering a particular scene.  The answer can be to chat with an escort to see if she is willing to go along with the idea.

Meeting an escort itself can be a fantasy for guys, having a woman willing to go along with most anything they want to do.  Obviously, this might show a problem if there’s someone at home they should be experimenting with and escorts don’t want to be the cause of a breakup.  But by coming to an escort, maybe the guy needs to think hard about his relationship in the first place.

No judgement

The role of the escort is not to judge the men they spend time with and to see if they can make them happy, depending on what they want to do.  This doesn’t make the men bad, horrible, depraved or anything else.  They may have some relationship problems to sort out but that’s another matter.  Sometimes it is about sex but as many times it is about companionship and having someone there for you when you need it.

The one tip for these guys is simple – enjoy your time with an escort, have fun and try something different.  But don’t let it be the end of your relationships.  Don’t forget to keep looking for Miss Right out there because she will come along – just make sure you are watching for her and use all those skills learned with an escort to woo her.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.