Sex Toy Covers

Sex Toy Covers

Sex Toy Covers

Rubbering Up Your Toys

I know this sounds like a weird concept but stay with me. California Exotics have just launched “Toy Covers”. They come in two sizes small and standard. At first I thought them a bit of a frivolous idea but the more I thought about it the more applications I found for them.

They are produced in non-lubricated rubber latex and sold individually in their own pretty little boxes.

Toy covers are manufactured to high quality and meet the ISO 9001 standard. I decided to test the two sizes on familiar bedroom toys the Lelo Liv and the Lelo Iris. The small size fitted the Liv like a glove when rolled down making it the ideal size for it.

The Standard size fitted the Lily like a glove too, so you wouldn’t be able to use it on a very large toy or those with a rabbit or similar clitoral stimulator.

If you are careful they can be re-rolled and used more than once providing you washed and dried them whilst in situ on your chosen toy.

These are perfect for application on sex toys which are difficult to clean or aren’t waterproof. I suppose you could also use them on anal toys of the right size to ensure that they are clean, especially if you share them with your partner.

Toy covers will also enable you to use old favourites which may contain phthalates with relative safety. Avoiding the expense of having to buy new ones to replace them.

I’m sure they will make a useful addition to any toy box and good to keep in just in case you have friends visit. 😉

Just remember not to use them as you would a contraceptive condom, they are for sex toys only and steer clear if you have a latex allergy.

Go burn some rubber!

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