Dirty Fukker Underwear

Dirty Fukker Underwear

Dirty Fukker Underwear

With a name like Dirty Fukker Underwear a company is bound to get noticed. Suze noticed them a few weeks ago and so we got in touch with them.

A few days later a package from “DF” arrived containing a pair of boxer style briefs and a Jock for me to try out. This is a first for us because although we’ve tried out all sorts of adult products we’ve never done clothing of any kind before, well, unless you count the restraints and handcuffs as clothing LOL.

So where to start?

Well, we approached Dirty Fukkers because they were provocative, not just in name but in their design as well. Both the Jock and the Boxers accentuate the male form. Or to put it another way they show off your packet and arse brilliantly.

Aesthetics and function go hand in hand with Dirty Fukker underwear. They are supportive and make you feel as if you’re wearing them. Let me explain – the fit you snugly, but comfortably, always reminding you they ar ethere ;o)

I decided to wear the boxers to work for a couple of days so that I could establish that they are as comfortable as the manufacturers maintain and practical as daywear.

Putting them on in the morning solicited the observation from Suze that I better not let my shirt ride out of my trousers at any point as the waistband proclaims “Dirty Fukker” to any observer. The pair I got to try were also emblazoned with the DF logo too. This isn’t subtle branding, it’s in your face and fun. What’s also fun is that I got a condom to pop into the “handy” condom pocket on the front of the boxers.

From the moment I put them on I felt supported and enclosed – but in a nice way. DF boxers hug you without restricting you and support and shape your package. This is underwear that you want to wear and enjoy wearing; Because of nature of the cotton Lycra blend they are made from it’s as if your ass and tackle are being gently held by an unknown hand all day. Now I’m the Dirty Fukker!

I tried the boxers a second time at work just today and was equally impressed with them. As was Suze, she couldn’t take her eyes off them.

I kept the Jock for the bedroom as I couldn’t imagine wearing it under a business suit, but that’s just me, they are very comfortable so wearing them to work isn’t out of the question. Suze was more interested in seeing me in them with nothing else on. The entertainment possibilities of twanging the elastic straps across my arse and alternately caressing and ogling my perfectly enclosed cock and balls was the real draw for her.

The Jocks supported me better than any other piece of underwear I possess. I have a tendency to spill out of this style of underwear, but not with Dirty Fukkers. They are perfectly cut to support, hold and present you best assets in the most flattering way possible.

They didn’t stay on for long ;o)

The Dirty Fukker underwear I tried on was well-made, beautifully designed, practical and sexy – sexy for me to wear and for Suze to look at and touch, I can’t remember the last time she stroked my arse as much.

You can buy direct from their website or from the stockists listed on it – go on, treat yourself.

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.