Sin Five Akmeo Review

Sin Five Akmeo

Sin Five Akmeo

It’s rare for me to say this but when it comes to sex toys reviews there is one brand I’ve managed to miss out on so far, Sin Five. Let’s put that right shall we with this vibrator review of the Sin Five Akmeo.

I can think of no better way to sin than to indulge in a bit of self pleasure with a sex toy. So it was inevitable that I should indulge myself with one of the Sin Five range of adult toys. I selected the Akmeo because it looked like it would be multifunctional in the bedroom and you know me I like to experiment. 😉

You could call it toy coveting but I realised that I hadn’t test driven any of the Sin Five range and the Akmeo caught my eye so I asked the nice people over at Sex Toys to send one over and they did. 😉

Let me give you a little information about my exotic friend

It is made from silicone and is body friendly and easy to clean with its smooth lines
Features a curved tip to seek out the g-spot and clitoris
Has multi speed vibrations and pulsating patterns
Operated via easy to use controls on the shaft
Has an insertable length of 20cm and a girth of 12.5cm
Can be used in the bath or shower because it is fully waterproof. Goody!
Operates via 2 x AA batteries

When the postman delivered her to me I washed her, loaded her with batteries, read up on her and placed her safely in my bedside draw until I was ready for her. As it happened she arrived right in the middle of my bout of flu, medicine indeed. 😉

I’ve said this on many occasion but nothing much puts me off sex, I may not quite have the energy to be too adventurous when I’m ill but you can guarantee I usually have the sexual urges I have when I’m well. Why that is I just don’t know, I guess a high sex drive could be at the root of it. Lol

By about the fourth day of feeling the grip of my virus I was sitting at my PC trying to become inspired to write and failing despite numerous attempts. At which point I thought it would probably be good for me to take a break.

I slipped in to the bedroom, drew the curtains after pulling the windows too and slipped out of my attire. Casting my jeans and sweatshirt to the floor, swiftly followed by my panties, I slipped between the sheets with a bit of a shiver. The virus was making me feverish and drift between cold and hot. It was almost making me feel delirious, a kind of viral high if you like.

In my daze I had forgotten to grab the remote for the video off Alex’s drawers, I slid across the bed to retrieve it and pressed the on button. I pressed the remote for the television to switch to DVD player and waited for the disk to fire up. Luckily my favourite was already in there from a couple of nights before and I selected the MFM scene I liked.

Opening my draw I rummage between my panties to find the Akmeo vibrator and place it under the covers between my legs to warm up. It made me briefly shiver as I placed the cool silicone shaft between my overheating thighs. It soon takes on my heat.

The Sin Five Akmeo vibe feels nice to hold, not too heavy and cumbersome and the controls are easily located without the need to look. They are positioned on the base of the shaft and the + & – can be felt with the fingers. I decided to play a little first, wetting my fingers I ran them between my hot (due to flu lol) pussy lips and over my clitoral hood.

A few clicks of the plus button brought the vibe in to a very intense constant vibration. The firm construction of the shaft which is coated with soft silicone conducts the powerful vibrations rather than dampening them. The buzz I was already feeling in my hands made me squirm thinking what it would do to my little button. 😉

I placed the curved tip on my clitoris and the vibrations began to ripple through me. Adding a slight pressure and rolling the tip from side to side was now doing the trick. The tell tale tingling had begun and I braced for imminent gratification. Another press sent me off in to another dimension, this vibe is so good at what it does. I know that sounds silly but soft vibes can lose a high percentage of their power, this little baby losses nothing.

That final click did it for me and I was taken hostage by the largest clitoral orgasm I have had for a couple of weeks. I shuddered and convulsed and had to remove the tip as my clit became too sensitive to keep it in place.

I felt so spent after using this vibe on my clit that I couldn’t bring myself to test it inside me but I have no doubts that it would be just as good at bringing me to climax. I’ll have to let you know another day. For now I feel sated and very, very happy. 😉

This vibe may not look anything out of the ordinary but let me add that it is excellent for clit stimulation and there is not doubting that it is powerful enough to bring off a seasoned masturbator like me, so it is bound to work for others.

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