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Rocks-Off is a designer and manufacturer of sex toys based in the United Kingdom. With few exceptions its toys are made from silicone and powered by either its RO-80mm bullet or the new, bigger and more powerful RO-120mm bullet.

Rocks-Off produce sex toys for women, men and toys for couples to share.

Here’s a run-down of the Rocks-Off sex toy range:

The Rocks- Off Bullets – RO80mm and RO-120mm

RO-80mm BulletNot all Rocks-Off sex toys vibrate but those that do usually use either the RO-80mm bullet or the larger and more powerful RO-120mm Bullet. Both bullets can be bought as sex toys in their own right without one of the various silicone sleeves that are used to create the bulk of the Rocks-Off range of sex toys.

The RO-80mm Bullet is as you would guess about 80mm long and is powered by a 1.5V LR1 battery. Whether you buy the bullet on its own or as part of another toy it comes with a battery pre-loaded. All you need to do is remove the paper insulating disk from the top battery terminal and you are ready to play. The RO-80mm has one constant speed, is controlled but a simple push-button at the blunt end and is fully waterproof.

The RO-120mm Bullet requires two AAA batteries to operate. As with the RO-80mm Bullet the RO-120mm Bullet comes with batteries fitted and an insulating disk under the cap which must be removed before use. The RO-120mm Bullet is like its smaller sibling waterproof and controlled by a push button. However its larger size means it delivers stronger vibrations in five different intensities and patterns.

New! RO-100mm Soft Tip

One of the latest offerings from Rocks-Off is the RO-100mm Softy Tip Bullet. Slightly larger than the RO-80mm and with a silicone tip this bullet is shaped more like real ammunition than those before. The silicone is we presume to allow more friction when the tip makes contact with your sensitive areas.


The Rock Chick is a U-shaped silicone vibrator for girls designed to stimulate the G-Spot and clitoris at the same time. The Rock Chick is available in Purple, Red And Pink variants.

Vibration is provided by an RO-80mm bullet which is inserted in the external arm of the U-Shape and therefore points upwards when the toy is inserted. Some women use the Rock Chick with, others without the RO-80mm bullet stating that the G-Spot stimulation alone is pleasurable.

Groovy Chick

This is a new toy from Rocks-Off. We’ve seen it and the styling looks more refined than that of the Rock-Chick, smoother, less boxy and with more interesting contours. It seems to be driven by an RO80-mm bullet. More information to follow when we receive it.

Finger Tingles

The Finger Tingles vibrator is meant to be cupped in the palm or fingers with the tip of one finger protruding through the hole in the device. The vibrations from the  RO-80mm bullet are transmitted to the area being stimulated through a flat silicone sleeve and your (or your partner’s) fingers.

You could view the Finger Tingles as a clit vibe or sensual stimulator. It’s unusual and simple.

Bullet Bunny

The Bullet Bunny Rabbit Vibrator is an RO-120mm bullet powered vibrator created by the insertion of the RO-120mm Bullet into a large silicone sleeve. The single source of vibration means that the shaft and the rabbit attached to it vibrate together not giving the flexibility of a rabbit with multiple motors and movement options.

However what you do get is the ability to use the RO-120mm Bullet with or without the sleeve and it is genuinely easy to clean and waterproof – a claim often made by competitors but in their case not always true.

Mini-Mates Vibrators

The Mini-Mates range of vibrators are all powered by RO-120mm Bullets. Each features a silicone sleeve of distinct design in a number of colours, including some special editions including a camouflage pattern.

Currently the different sleeve shapes are Disco, Fab, Fever, Funky, Jive and Twirl.

Some limited edition box sets with one RO-120mm bullet and a number of sleeves were produced and may still be available at some online retailers.

Slinky Pinky

The Slinky Pinky is a smoth silicone sleeved RO-80mm. Perfect for the beginner or girl wanting something for her handbag to provide a little lunchtime excitement perhaps? The Slinky Pinky is not going to rewrite the sex toy design manuals but not many toys can say that anyway.

The Lick

The Lick was one of the first RO-80mm Bullet powered vibrators with a silicone sleeve from Rocks-Off. As its name suggests the Lick Vibrator is a tongue shaved sex toy meant to be used to stimulate the vaginal opening and clitoris.

Available in pink, black and red it probably signalled the start of Rocks-Off’s silicone sleeve variants of the RO-80mm Bullet based toys.

Ramsey Rabbit

The Ramsey Rabbit Vibrator is an RO-80mm Bullet powered silicone sleeved vibe meant as a fun and user-friendly sex toy that provides a little more in the way of stimulation than the basic RO-80mm itself.

This silicone vibrator is available in purple and pink.

Rude-Boy, Naughty-Boy And Bad-Boy Prostate Massagers

Bad-Boy VibratorAll three of theses anal sex toys is drive by an RO-80mm Bullet. As you might expect from a Rocks-Off male sex toy they are all available in black, red or blue silicone.

Theses prostate stimulators aim to massage your prostate and stimulate your perineum.

The first is the smooth shafted Rude-Boy. Next Rocks-Off launched the Naughty-boy, a shaped but slim version and the Bad-Boy, a substantial toy with a larger bulging form than the Naughty-Boy

These Rocks-Off sex toys are sold in combination with the Monkey Spanker male masturbator which makes sense because of the intensity of male orgasm they can produce.

New! Cheeky-Boy, Big-Boy and Butt-Boy

These male anal toys are the latest variants on the Rude-Boy, Naughty-Boy And Bad-Boy Prostate Massagers. The Cheekey-Boy and Big-Boy are shaped like substantial anal beads, the Cheeky-Boy having four smaller beads, the Big-Boy moulded with three more substantial ones.

The Butt-Boy features and insertable end shaped like a classic and quite large butt plug.

Buddies Vibrators – Missile And Scud

The Buddies Vibrators are a pair of RO-120mm powered toys aimed at the male market. Available only in Black with a smooth and ribbed contour respectively the Missile Vibrator and Scud Vibrator are the male equivalent of the Mini-Mates vibes for women.

Ass Berry Butt Plug – Raspberry Butt Plug And Blackberry Butt Plugs

Although small these RO-80mm Bullet powered vibrating butt plugs are surprisingly challenging to use because of their shapes. The Raspberry Butt Plug comes in a reddy-pink and the Blackberry Butt Plug comes in black as you might expect. Both are moulded from silicone.

The Raspberry Butt Plug is obviously aimed at women whereas the Blackberry Butt Plug more towards the male market.

Raspberry Butt Plug Review.

4US Cock Ring

4US Cock RingThis unusually shaped cock ring is driven by the RO80-mm Bullet. The practical necessities of its construction means that it is made from a harder material than most of the other Rocks-Off sex toys and is not as flexible as a lot of the cock rings from Rocks-Off’s competitors.

Hot Lips

Hot Lips is a cock ring, though somewhat of a departure for Rocks-Offs as it does not use their RO-80mm or RO-120mm bullets. Nor is it made from the silicone material used in other Rocks-Off toys but instead is formed from a “body-friendly” soft plastic and powered by a self-contained mini bullet with a non-replaceable battery.

As the name implies the cock ring is shaped like a pair of lips – the colour, red of course.

The Hot Lips Cock Ring is one of the cheapest Rocks-Off sex toys.

You can read  Hot Lips Cock Ring review here.

Rudy Ring Cock Rings

Rudy Rings are Rocks-Off’s simplest sex toy comprising two medical grade silicone cock rings moulded together. They are designed to be used as one, or pulled apart and used separately.

These cock rings are available in blue, red and black.

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