Pearl Palm Pleasure Mastubator
Pearl Palm Pleasure Mastubator

I love reviewing sex toys that work well and offer genuine value for money. Sometimes this can be an expensive sex toy that has a multitude of features and will last you for years or, as in the case of the Pearl Palm Pleasure Masturbator it’s a cheap toy that does what it claims to do.

The Pearl Palm Pleasure Masturbator is the simplest form of male masturbator, often called a palm pall or stroker. It’s made from phthalate-free clear, colourless jelly plastic and fits easily in my hand. Inside the Pearl Palm Pleasure Masturbator, running parallel to the central “love tunnel” (I love that euphemism, LOL) is a row of four “pearls”, hard plastic beads about 9mm in diameter which rub your penis as you use the masturbator. The aforementioned tunnel of luuuurv is ribbed along its entire length.

At less than 4 inches (10cm) long and with a diameter of about 1.5 inches the question that presents itself is “how am I going to fit in that”. Well, because the material from which this sex toy is constructed is really stretchy. You need to apply a little good quality water based lube to the opening of the toy (which is shaped like a tiny set of labia) and then make sure you’re fully erect. Another drop on the tip of your cock and you are ready to play.

I’ve used small masturbators like this before with tiny entry holes and while they are great when you are inside them, getting inside is often a problem. Not so with this masturbator. It’s really tight and therefore gives great sensation but because the material used to make it is very elastic entry is easy.

I was prepared to be unimpressed by “just another stroker” when I used this masturbator so I was pleasantly surprised when this little gem worked so well. As soon as I started to move the Pearl Palm Pleasure Masturbator up and down my erect penis I experienced intensely pleasurable sensations, particularly around my frenulum and the head of my penis. The ribbing inside the toy delivers a zingy sensation (nope couldn’t think of a better way of describing it than that), the masturbator equivalent in frequency of running your nail down a comb. Plus the four “pearls” massage you.

I had to stop stroking my shaft almost as soon as I had started using it as Suze was keen to see what it felt like to use on me. She was very impressed by the waves of pleasure which were reflected in the expression on my face.

There were a couple of comedy moments while I was enjoying the Pearl Palm Pleasure Masturbator. First, if you squeeze too hard the top “pearl” shoots out of its pocket! The second comedy characteristic of the stroker is that because it’s so tight (in a very nice way) if you let go of it when it’s right at the base of your penis it will shoot up the shaft and leap into the air. Hehehe.

This is a very cheap sex toy that really hits the mark. It’s not flashy or “feature packed” but it does its job so well that I can recommend it to anyone wanting a simple aid to masturbation that enhances sensation and gives you a new self-indulgent experience.

As always with sex toys for men like this you must use it with some good quality water based lubricant.



By Suze

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