Him Lubricating Cream Review

Him Lubricating Cream

Him Lubricating Cream

This sex toy review isn’t about a sex toy but one of those essential extras that often gets forgotten especially when you first start using sex toys – a lubricant. This one “Him Lubricating Cream” is designed for men, for use both anally and during masturbation. This is a product from ID lubes, one of the best known manufacturers of sexual lubricants so you would expect a quality product. Read on to find out if it is.

“Him” is an oil based lubricant that comes in a tub rather than a squeezy tube. There are two variants, unscented and leather making either obviously aimed at the male market rather then undeniably fun but less masculine fruity flavours and scents of other ID lubes. Being oil based this product is not condom safe and is not recommended for vaginal intercourse, however for anal sex and the use of anal toys it’s ideal.

Because “Him” is a cream it adheres to toys and lasts a long time unlike water based lubes that often wipe off the surface of a toy and require constant re-application. It’s very slick and goes a long way.

I tried “Him” with a smallish silicone butt plug and found that with only one small blob of lube I was able to insert the toy and felt it drawn inside in one go. The lube spreading down the whole length of the butt plug and allowing it to slide gently into place without the dry feeling that water based lubes often engender. I had expected good results but this took me totally by surprise and I immediately started to draw the butt plug out and let it snap back in again feeling the now slippery surface of the toy slide through my tight sphincter muscles with ease.

I was enjoying this stimulation and continued to let my ass stretch until the toy was almost out and then releasing it to allow the butt plug to slide back in. Because there was not a hint of discomfort I was able to enjoy the sensation of the toy rather than worry about a lack of lubrication or pulling that can happen if a lube isn’t 100% effective. With the toy locked firmly in to place I encouraged my dripping cock to erection and enjoyed a slow languorous wank until I shot my load over my stomach.

One thing I did notice afterwards is that “Him” is recommended by the manufacturer for use during masturbation. I’ll have to try that next time.

The cream is going to stay close at hand because I can see myself using it in all my anal play in the future. “Him Lubricating Cream” is a great product delivering excellent performance and economy because of the tiny amounts needed.

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.