E-Stim Electrogel Lubricant
E-Stim Electrogel Lubricant

Any form of sexual play needs lube from time to time, and some types of play more than other. In “conventional” sexual applications lubricants serve to supplement natural lubrication, or provide lubrication where none exists (for example, anal play). In the context of electrosex and the use of electro-stim products such as those from E-Stim Systems a lubricant like E-Stim Electrogel also improves the conduction of electricity too, as well as making the insertion of urethral and anal devices possible in the first place.

To this end E-Stim Systems have created their Conductive E-Stim Electrogel. This water based lubricant comes in a 100ml tube for ease of application, economy and to keep the lubricating gel as clean and fresh as possible. The product itself is a water based lubricant containing glycerine and according to E-Stim Systems is the result of a year’s research to create optimal lubricant for electrical play. It’s certainly practical, having little or no aroma and the viscosity of a thick gel, perfect for application to your body and your toys.

I first tried out E-Stim Electrogel with a bit of urethral, electro-play while carrying out the review of the E-Stim Ultrasound Micro. It proved easy to apply and viscous enough to stay where it was applied and not drip onto you or anything else once placed where you want it. It really does what it says on the tube because it doesn’t try to be anything other than an effective water based lube with a bias towards those indulging in electro-play. No perfumes, no wonder ingredients to make your skin soft as a baby’s proverbial … as always with E-Stim products E-Stim Electrogel gets on and does what it’s supposed to.

As you’ll have gathered by reading my review of the Ultrasound Micro the E-Stim Electrogel was used to eas the insertion of the sound and ensure a good contact between the cock strap and the base of my penis. Not a vigorous test of its performance as a lube in mechanically demanding situations. So I decided to cover that base as well.

It turns out that as you’d expect from a product that was a year in the making the gel is a great anal  lube too. At least as far as I was concerned. I used it with a Rocks-Off O-Boy prostate stimulator, not the biggest of toys as you’ll read in a review elsewhere on this site, however a small blob of E-Stim Electrogel conductive lubricant was enough to slide the O-Boy stimulator inside and made for very comfortable use of the toy.

E-Stim Electrogel Summary

E-Stim Electrogel works both in terms of lubrication and to improve conductivity when you’re indulging in electroplay. That makes it handy in the bedroom for whatever you decide to get up to!

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.