Liquid Latex Review

Liquid Latex

Liquid Latex

This has to be one of the most unusual naughty products we have tested.  When it comes to sex toy reviews we try and cover every base … within reason 😉

I couldn’t wait to feel the cool liquid latex against my skin and to feel it enveloping my soft curves.

I opened the box to reveal the contents:

  • 500ml of liquid latex
  • 1 x large foam applicator
  • 1 x small foam applicator
  • And last but not least a pot of sparkle dust

Having examined the contents, I read the instructions carefully.  Be warned this must not be applied to the skin if you have an allergy to latex and it is recommended that you do a small patch test before applying the liquid.

The first test I did for allergic reaction and removal revealed that the liquid has a very pungent smell.  Girls if you have ever bleached your hair you will know the all familiar ammonia smell.  So make sure you apply this in a well ventilated room.

I also advise you to use almond oil (or similar) on your skin first, a) because of the scent of the oil seems to remove most of the smell from the liquid latex and b) because it helps with removal.  I’ve tried moisturiser but I found that oil not only smells good but doesn’t allow the latex to pull the skin as much on removal.

Oh, and all importantly do not apply the liquid to hairy areas or you will be shouting when you pull it off.  Or you may be in to that kind of thing, if so ignore the last sentence.  🙂  Also be careful if you have skin tags or raised moles, ouch!

It also rather strangely points out in the instructions that it will adhere to soft furnishings and pets.  That creased me up for about 5 minutes Alex and I just couldn’t stop laughing.  I’m smiling now writing this review.

I decided to have a latex bra and Alex was the lucky guy creating it for me.  After massaging my breasts with sweet almond oil, he opened the liquid latex gave it a good stir.  I sat before him on the bed so that we were both comfortable.

He started to apply the liquid latex to my left breast being careful to take up the dribble running between my breasts with the foam applicator.  It felt cool and relaxing having my breasts coated with the grey latex liquid.  In no time I was coated with latex.  Top tip, make sure you have a cool blowing hairdryer to hand (we didn’t because I haven’t used one in years) as the liquid takes a while to dry between coats.

Ensure that you apply the liquid laying down if you have ample natural breasts, this will enable your partner to coat the underside of your breasts properly.  We applied 3 coats of the latex solution and I must say it was a wonderfully relaxing experience.  I suggest that you apply more coats if you have the time as the latex is translucent until you have applied several layers.

Alex then took a small makeup brush I had and used it to apply the sparkle dust to each breast, which completely covered my breasts.  So if you wish to use the dust 3 coats is quite sufficient, though you would run out of dust very quickly, alternatively you can just sprinkle the dust on key points and get all arty with it.

I couldn’t see the finished results in the dim light of the bedroom and laying down but I was amazed when I stood in the bathroom under the halogen lights.  My boobies had a wonderful glittery twinkle with the iridescent powder.  It almost looked like I was wearing body armour but my nipples were enticingly visible through the film.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it was tender and exciting at the same time.  Alex took some great images of me and I’m sure there will be more experimentation.

If you are wondering about the taking it off, I rolled back one edge and pulled the latex off like a plaster.  As I did so hundreds of flecks of glitter climbed up in to the air, it was magical just like someone had sprinkled fairy dust over us.

The liquid latex can also be removed in the shower with soap if you prefer.

Right now I need to give this a go on Alex…where has he gone?

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