Vibe Therapy Euphoria Review

Vibe Therapy Euphoria

Vibe Therapy Euphoria

You Are Never Alone With Something Big And Pink

I had this one waiting in the draw, waiting for that special time we would share…

…last night was the night.

I love the new Vibe Therapy range and couldn’t wait to try another one of their beautifully designed and exquisitely shaped vibrators. So I asked Simply Pleasure if they could send the Vibe Therapy Euphoria over for me to try.

Let me give you some facts about this classy vibrator

It is constructed from top quality medical grade silicone
The design is ergonomic and comfortable to use
There are 7 vibratory patterns to choose from, one to suit everyone 😉
Requiring just 2 x AA batteries to operate
Powerful but fairly quiet in operation
Independent on/off and function controls, which is good I hate having to cycle through every setting before a vibe turns off
You can take this one in to the shower too!

It was Friday night and we were both a little threadbare from our weeks in our day jobs. But time stands still for no man and with so many commitments to our readers and advertisers alike we sometimes have to work away in to the early hour to get the jobs done.

I managed to get finished quite early on Friday evening and went in to the bedroom to relax. Alex was still busy hitting the keyboard with a deadline to meet. The cat came in to the bedroom to lay on the bottom of the bed. I wriggled about a bit so as discourage him from coming on to my side where he may cramp my style. He gets far too inquisitive. Lol

One press of the remote bathed the bedroom in the blue light of the television. Now did Alex leave that Harmony video in the DVD or did we change it over? I reached over to get the DVD remote and started the machine up.

Great it was still in the drive.

I selected my favourite scene with the brunette and blonde and pressed play. Alex was still hitting those keys and I was…horny. No, I was ready for it. I thought to myself why not have a little twiddle whilst I wait for him to finish up. Which could be ages yet.

The Euphoria was sitting patiently in my bedside draw, just waiting for its moment of glory. I didn’t need to think anymore. I reached in to the drawer and withdrew the vibe. It was already primed for action, I loaded the batteries days ago. 😉

Before I knew it I was pressing the On button and selecting my program of pleasure. I worked through the vibratory patterns until I found a very intense and exciting pulse one. It was so strong it was resonating in my hand.

I applied this to my clit first. The curved tip of the Euphoria demands that you try it out on your clitoris first. It was like a bee had been caught between my pussy lips as those strong pulses rippled through my firm pink nub. Rolling my clit around at the same time proved to be very arousing but I wanted more my clit could wait.

Gently I pushed the Euphoria between my pussy lips and slipped inside me with ease. I was so bloody wet. As I pushed the vibe deeper inside me I felt every undulation on the shaft as it entered me and spread me.

My pussy was now resonating like an uncontrollable bee. It felt good but I was greedy and wanted more and I certainly got it. I started to move the vibrator in and out of my fanny. The faster I worked myself the more pleasurable it became as the undulated shaft worked my opening and vaginal muscles. I was now frantically fucking myself with the Euphoria vibrator and entranced by it. This vibrator needs to be used. It needs to work in and out of you to give its best. Within minutes I was teetering on the edge. My toes were curling and my back arched.

One more…just one more. I’m holding my breath, bracing myself for that inventible orgasm. Oh fuck, come soon I’m so aroused. So ready…

My whole body became electrified. My face flushed. My temperature almost pyrexic as I hit that nirvana. And I wasn’t quiet, I should have been we were looking after my nephew. But he goes out like a light.

The vibe was quiet…as for me…

I have no criticism of this vibrator only one recommendation, make it dual engined and you will blow women’s minds. 😉

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.