The Ultra 7 Pleasure Rabbit

Ultra 7 Pleasure Rabbit

Ultra 7 Pleasure Rabbit

The irony of doing a sex toy review of a rabbit on the first day of August.  OK, I know there will be some of you out there reading this and asking what I am rambling on about.  Let me explain.  It is a custom/superstition to do one of the following when you start a new month.  You can either say “rabbits” repeatedly or “pinch punch new month”.

There you go it’s a tradition with some people in the UK, although I’m not sure if it’s something which takes place in other parts of the world at the start of a new month.  I can just see Alex rolling his eyes and shaking his head as we speak.  Lol

It’s a fair while since I had the pleasure of the company of a rabbit vibrator, the iconic sex toy which has even made its debut in the popular show Desperate Housewives.  And how they have developed over the years.

Simply mentioning the words sex toy conjures up images of the rabbit in even the most demure of ladies.  There can’t be many women who haven’t heard of this pleasure object.  🙂

My new pet had some rather nice features which I will share with you.

  • Can be used both in the bedroom and bathroom because it’s waterproof.
  • Has a rotating tip which massages you in all the right places.
  • Features not just one set of rotating beads but two which work in opposing directions and can be reversed at the press of a button.
  • The rotating shaft has 3 speed settings.
  • A clit stimulator with 7 different modes including 3 x steady, 1 x escalating and 3 x pulsating.  Plenty to satisfy the most needy of ladies.  😉
  • Operated via 3 x AA batteries.

Alex put his back out over the weekend and before you ask not by servicing me.  Lol   So the Ultra 7 Pleasure Rabbit couldn’t have made a more timely appearance.

As he sat bolt upright preserving his back at his PC I decided to take my bunny for a quick workout…

I familiarised myself with the controls as I sat on the bed.  I’ve found that jelly vibes normally require lubing due to their grabbing properties so I applied a little drop of water based lube to the tip and around the Ultra 7 Pleasure Rabbit’s head.

The tip felt pleasantly cold as I placed it against my eagerly awaiting pussy lips, parting those fleshy flaps as I made my way inwards.  Its phallic shape head eased inside me until the ears of the rabbit came to rest on my clitoris.

It was now with the rabbit seated deeply within me that I pressed the shaft rotation button just once.  The head started to rotate but the sensations within me were mild in origin.  I pressed the button once more increasing the rotational speed.  It felt good but not quite what I expected.

Then I made the vital discovery to the pleasures offered by the Ultra 7 Pleasure Rabbit, you need to push back slightly on the base towards the mattress to lever the rotating tip against your g-spot.  And WOW!  Just there baby.

The rotational stimulation against my g-spot was most pleasurable and had me wanting to pee (a good sign) within a minute or so.  Did I dare press the rabbit button?  I went for it and pressed the on button working my way through the settings as that rotating tip massaged me closer to submission.

I finally stopped at a pulsation mode to die for…

…sorry.  I was just thinking how good it felt.  😉

Within minutes I was riding the crest of that wave being carried over the water, tumbling and then finally laying prostate on that beach, breathless but sated.

If only all rabbits could be made this way!

The modestly sized shaft of this rabbit makes it a must for both seasoned and amateur pleasure seekers alike. A rabbit vibrator with a pleasing twist.


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