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Secret Lives of Kept Wives by Viv Thomas

Secret Lives Of Kept Wives
Secret Lives Of Kept Wives

Ladies, what would you do if felt abandoned by your husband and you found the hired help cavorting in your best corset and stockings. Well, if you’re the wife in the first scene in this Viv Thomas movie you get you hand in your panties and enjoy the show. Then you get it on with her of course.

The second scene shows another neglected wife, this time screwing her husband’s business partner in the kitchen while the husband has his ear glued to his mobile phone. She is screwed hard over the counter tops and has her belly covered in cum, cleaning up just in time for her husband to walk through the kitchen on his way out on a business trip.

In scene three you get to see a very sexy wife lap dance and fuck her husband.

Next a couple invite a domme into their house and all sorts of fun and games ensues, as you can imagine. The hubby has to watch at first as the Domme and his wife get it on – poor lad, sat there with his cock in his hand! There’s a little strap-on action with a very expensive harness and ceramic dildo before the husband is finally allowed to join in with the action. When he does he fucks then cums on both girls’ tits.

The last scene shows a swingers party that ends up with two couples swapping partners and fucking on a round, white bed.

The music throughout is not intrusive and is reasonably appropriate. Unusual for modern porn where the cost of music rights/composition tend to make it a rarity or a bit crappy. Like the great camera work, editing and sound engineering in general the music is unusually enjoyable.

Each of the stories has a narrative, yes a real narrative that sets the scene and explains the female protagonist’s inner monologue and the motivation for why they act in the way they do, even when it’s committing on-screen adultery.

Not your average porn film by any means this is one of those movies that shows why Viv Thomas films are so popular.

Simply Shine Review

Simply Shine
Simply Shine

I met Sandra shine a couple of years ago in Berlin and I have to say that she is just as hot in real life as in the videos she makes so when I got “Simply Sandra” from Viv Thomas I was rather thrilled. I’ve always been a fan of her and a DVD that features this gorgeous, hot performer was always going to be a dream to review.

Scene one opens with Lola and Sandra, and a rose that Sandra uses to stroke Lola’s face. Soon the rose disappears and they both explore each other’s bodies, breasts, pussies and mouths with a tenderness that has come to characterise Viv’s productions. The penetration here is just with tongues and fingers, the pace is slow and the mood passionate but tender.

In scene two Vera and Sandra are outside on a windy terrace in front of an olive grove. Wearing only loose-fitting tops they are already engaged in kissing and fondling that develops into sucking and fingering, then licking of pussy and ass.

I’m not sure that Sandra and Jo need the fire for warmth in scene three but in this scene they fuck in front of it for a little added ambience. No part of either girl’s bodies is neglected as they play with each other. My personal favourite was Sandra riding Joe’s face and pulling Jo’s face deep into her cunt by her hair.

In scene four Zuzana gets to enjoy Sandra Shine’s hot body. The short dresses they are wearing only emphasise their beautiful figures and while you are begging for them to get undressed as they kiss and grope one another on the sunlit terrace each moment they stay clothed serves to increase the anticipation.

Eve Angel and Sandra’s scene is number five on the DVD and it is something really special. It’s not just that they are incredibly sexy, or that they start off wearing bikini’s, or that the scene takes place in a pool. No, all that would be hot enough on its own but what really sets this apart is that the action takes place at night and manages to be intimate, because the girls are shrouded in darkness, yet vivid because they are two pale, writhing bodies cavorting in the water. The success of this scene derives from the great performances but also because of the technical excellence of the lighting and camera work.

It would have been all too easy to have the scene feel dark and murky if the lighting was too low, or over-light it and lose the intimacy in a wash of floods. But unsurprisingly Viv pulled it off with an exquisitely different scene to end the main scenes of this DVD.

The extras include a bonus scene where Sandra masturbates, solo in a swimming pool in the bright sunshine just for you. A very, very nice scene; And she seems to enjoys it too.

Every scene on this DVD is beautifully lit and shot, composition and framing are superb and the close-ups are perfectly illuminated and clean. The pace is slow and the action delicate in classic girl-girl style. That means this may not be for everyone, especially those looking for hardcore girl-girl action. But if you want to see beautiful girls with great bodies enjoying each other under the Mediterranean sun then you’ll love this video.

You can buy this movie here.

Viv Thomas, Summer Of Lust Review

Summer of Lust
Summer of Lust

And I say an resounding yes to that, as I read the back cover of this DVD…

…The temperature is not the only thing rising…the heat is making these couples ache and hunger for one thing only, hot sensuous sex…

Oh yes, me too.  After the recent heatwave over here this is just the kind of viewing I had in mind for a breezy dull day.  Take me back to that week of hot tempestuous sex…

Each of the five scenes with a total runtime of 132 minutes takes place outside, with the exception of one in the hot Mediterranean sun.

I can’t wait to see what Viv has on offer why not follow me to the bedroom and we can check it out together.  Viv usually doesn’t disappoint in the totty department.  😉

Sylvia & James – Sylvia is watching James from a picnic blanket under the shade of a tree as he sits in his little rowing boat.  Unable to resist her charms and the quick snatches of her snatch from the water it’s not long before he is making his way up the embankment.

After some deep tongue kissing and caressing they soon have Sylvia kitted off and ready for action.  James gets to work giving her a good licking, sucking and eventually probing as she sits astride him cowgirl style.

As they fuck tenderly in the dappled shade you just wish you were there.  Or was that just me.  Lol  All this outdoor fun comes to a climax, or should I say James does all over Sylvia’s abdomen who needs to eat a pie but that’s a whole new thing.  lol

Barbie & Kenni – the premise of this scene is that Kenni is due to leave for a 2 months trip to America and wants to spend some time with his girl before he leaves.  On the bed Ttey engage in tender moments of kissing and a very nice moment when Kenni raises his fingers from between Barbie’s legs and places them in both their mouths to savour her taste.

The kissing and embracing and pussy licking subsides as Kenni lowers his trousers to enter Barbie.  Nice to have a scene where cock sucking isn’t onligatory.  😉  He then proceeds to fuck Barbie slow and deliberately whilst embracing.  Hmmm, nice.

They rattle the bed in to submission as they work their way through cowgirl, doggy style, missionary and the inevitable finish which sees Barbie kneeling over Kenni’s hard cock as he gives it a good tug.

Bellina & Jamie – are laying on the grass at the side of the infinity pool when they suddenly start feeling horny.  Jamie rubs Bellina’s clit through her jeans and pulls open her shirt to reveal a very ample pair of boobs as she is a girl with unusually a bit of meat on her.

As he sucks and licks her brownish pink nipples I find my self salivating at the though of taking her…bad Suze!

Back to the viewing.

Jamie proceeds to finger fuck her ass whilst sucking the juices out of her cunt all the while Bellina is fucking his face.  We are treated to a wonderful view of Bellina’s ample breast slipping out of the bottom of her left bra cup.

Soon Jamie is out of his trousers enjoying a bit of cock worship which is quickly followed by some good deep fucking in missionary, cowgirl and doggy followed by what we’ve all been waiting for anal penetration.

Bellina gets a jiggly anal pounding as her delicious tits bounce around in reverse cowgirl.  Just a s Jamie is about to pop he climbs from under her, Bellina raises to her knees and grasps his hard cock between her breasts.

Jamie starts to fuck the glorious fleshy mounds and squirts his cream all over her chest.  Gulp!

Tina & James – the scene opens with cute blonde by pool outside GORGEOUS villa.  James appears from the pool by Tina who is perched on the bonkette.  I know, I just couldn’t resist.  Lol

They engage in some kissing and canoodling and before long she is sucking him off and they are in to a bit of reverse cowgirl lap action with Mr Brosman beneath her.   I watched and waited for Tina to show a little more emotion as she took James’ full and substantial length in her pussy but nothing other than panting came out.

Now I’m not one for overly enthusiastic teeth sucking and whining but this was at the other end of the scale and I was finding myself being distracted by the beautiful backdrop.  What a lovely villa and gardens and the pool…

I got myself back on track as they switched through positions but just wasn’t feeling it.  There was a lack of enthusiasm to break in to a sweat on Tina’s part, I felt like she was in some way removed from the whole thing.

Still I persevered and when he shoved it in her arse I expected things to hot up a little but sadly not.  A good performance from James but a rather unenthusiastic one from Tina.  However the scenery and photography was good and James produced an ocean of spunk so he must have enjoyed it.  😉

Cathy & Jamie – it’s a lovely day at the side of the lake and Cathy and Jamie are making out, she’s a gorgeous brunette with ample cleavage and he’s, stacked.

After a very nice licking, sucking and finger fucking Cathy starts to gobble cock, something she does very well.  She has no problem taking Jamie’s ample “torch” right down to the hilt and gives some great tongue actions too.

The shooting of this scene is very intimate and the bj part of it very good indeed, capturing every detail of Cathy’s ministrations, tongue flicking included.  Hmmm.

I found myself lusting after the glorious Cathy as she bounced her ass down on Jamie’s cock and really enjoying the thought of playing with those melons.  Then I noticed that she wasn’t quite as she seemed, there were visible incisions under each breast.  Oh well, I suppose you can’t have it all.

A very enjoyable scene with a spunky bum finish.

This DVD is one which will suit all tastes because quite clearly there is something for everyone.  I think it would also be a production you could watch with your other half as it’s not totally hardcore.

Featuring: Sylvia Duluxe, Bellina, Barbie White, Cathy Heaven, Tina Dolly, James Brossman, Kenni Styles and Jamie

You can buy this movie here. 

Viv Thomas, Triangle Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs of The Heart
Affairs of The Heart

The concept for this original DVD is that James has fallen head over heels for a girl he know will never be able to love him back the way he would like it.  He spends many hours reflecting on what could have been with the object of his affection Sonia.

He is given the opportunity to meet up with her once again and things take a strange twist, he becomes involved with the object of her affection Nikki.  As it says on the cover of the DVD, “Triangle is a story about three people in love”.

It all sounds very compelling and I expect the quality of the film production and adult stars to be their usual high quality as is the way at Viv Thomas studios.

Before slipping off in to the bedroom to watch this production I wrote the forward for the DVD and set out scenes below for me to complete during the viewing of the DVD.

So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that Triangle Affairs Of The Heart doesn’t conform to standard porn DVD format.  Unlike other adult DVD’s this on is a feature film with a very well written story running through it.  And I won’t disclose it to you and spoil your fun.

Don’t expect their to be lots of cheesy acting because there isn’t and is probably the reason why this format works.  What you do get to watch however is a beautifully put together mixture of current timeline intersperses with naughty vignettes of love making.

And yes I make no apology for using the term “love making” for that is what you will see in this production. No high impact shagging sessions are to be seen, just lots of tender moments of kissing, fondling, licking, sucking, love making and caressing.

It’s a complete departure from the normal porn I get to see and therefore a refreshingly well produced and steamy story.  It’s not going to be a hit if you are looking for anal or other hardcore acts but it’s cleansing to the system if you like to see lots of tender girl on girl and boy on girl.

It just goes to show even someone like me who has seen most things out there really found this a pleasure to watch.  And yes I did mean that to be a double entendre, I had to retrieve one of my clit vibes from my drawer whilst watching.  I’m a horny little bugger.  Lol

With 77 minutes of runtime it’s not overly long and you also have two bonus scenes and some outtakes to enjoy too.  This is a DVD that you could quite happily show a first timer or your partner, it’s an inoffensive erotic production which can be enjoyed by both.

Featuring:  Nikk, Sonia Red and the scrummy James Brossman

You can buy this movie here.

Viv Thomas, Family Affairs Volume 3 Review

Family Affairs Volume 3
Family Affairs Volume 3

You know when you acquire a Viv Thomas production that you are going to be viewing a well produced DVD with good lighting, angles and great scenarios.  As you can tell I’m a fan.  Lol  This is the third helping in the Family Affairs collection.

The girls are gorgeous and the guys are worth one too, which suits me fine as I’m bisexual.  More emphasis seems to be given to the females in mainstream porn but it’s not the case with a Viv Thomas film, which is good news for all you ladies out there who lurve to watch porn as much as the guys.  As much as me in fact.

If you are looking for hardcore cut and thrust then this isn’t for you but if you are looking for porn with more depth and feeling or to watch with your girlfriend then this is the one.

The DVD features 6 scenes with a runtime of 118 minutes.

Now for camera action…

In You Just Can’t Get The Staff Anymore Erika Angel is told by Janos that she doesn’t give good service and is spanked in to submission before being taken by him over a Chesterfield chair.

Erika gets a good fucking from the stranger and tummy covered in creamy cum.  Delicious!

Lesbian Treadmill beings with Blue Angel on the treadmill next to Pure Angel who doesn’t  take long to make it plain that she want’s Blue.  They both undress and become entangled in a frenzied licking, kissing and sucking session which later progresses to rimming and fingering.

Then out comes the vibe and Blue Angel is DP’d by Pure Angel.  This was a very arousing scene and left me wanting the marvellously linguistically expressive Blue Angel to perform her wonderful lingual talents on my clit.

Parlez Vous Sexay is my favourite scene on the DVD.  Never has a French lesson been so erotically naughty.  After teaching his pupil Laryne La Roche some dirty phrases they get down to the practical part of the lesson.

Laryne has the most delightful pair of full and bouncy titties I felf quite envious of Tristan Seagal who got to suck, lick and play with them and after fucking her from all angles finishes with a titty fuck.

He runs his cock between her full but pert boobs until he explodes all over her neck.  Watching that cum collect in her declotage made me so horny.  😉

Horizontal Workout begins with Matt Bird giving himself a good workout in a rather exclusive looking gym when in walks  Jasmin Luna Gold who asks that rather cliché question “will you give me a workout”.  😉  Well, Matt doesn’t need asking twice and immediately sets to work on her pussy before they go for the burn on the horizontal bench.

Once all the muscle groups have been worked Matt pulls out of Jasmin’s pussy and comes at high velocity all over her stomach.  Wish this happened at my gym.

In Surprise Fuck Max gets it on with an old friend who she has been wanting to fuck for some time.  They get down to it right there and then in the lounge after she gets a good licking and finger fucking.

Bea Stiel confesses during the action that her fella would never fuck her in the ass and after a good finger fucking and rimming she gets just what she wants.

Blackmail sees school friends Bianca Golden and Pure Angel turn in to lesbian lovers when the most popular girl in the school blackmails the other in to licking her out.

Lots of kissing, licking and fingering later sees Pure Angel not been licked out but being DP’d with fingers in her cunt and a slim vibe up her ass.

Not one of the best scenes but some good girl on girl fun is had by both the girls

This DVD is a compendium of sexuality and contains something for everyone even “analites”, with a  very delicately filmed scene which wouldn’t offend the porn newbie.

All round an excellent couple’s choice with just enough naughtiness to hold the attention of us hardened pornsters.

Featuring: Erika Angel, Blue Angel, Pure Angel, Laryne La Roche, Jasmin Luna Gold, Bea Stiel, Carla Cox, Bianca Golden and the boys James Brossman, Tristan Seagal, Matt Bird, Max

You can buy this movie here.

My Mum’s Best Friend Review

My Mum's Best Friend
My Mum’s Best Friend

My Mum’s Best friend is a DVD from Viv Thomas, a name renowned for quality, well produced pornography and films that are erotic as well as being explicit. This like many of his other titles is exclusively girl-on-girl but differs from most productions, including Viv’s because it doesn’t just feature young models but more mature and equally as horny women too.

The scenario here is that just being a mother does not mean that you or your friends are any less sensual or sexual than anyone else. In the first scene “Sally” enjoys the pleasures of a female lover while her daughter is out. Two blondes, making out, sucking, fingering and face-sitting make an excellent start to this DVD.

The “daughter” seems to be cast from the same mould as her mother as when she and her friend find themselves home alone they admit to being hot, horny and no strangers to masturbation. The knickers come off and the girls advise each other on how best to get off. Ah, but alas one girl can’t get off so the other helps out by first rubbing her friend’s pussy and then kissing her. What happens next is pretty obvious, after all it’s a porn movie!

In scene three Mum can’t stop herself after a run with a friend and as soon as it’s time to get cleaned off they decide to get it on. Peeling layers of Lycra from eager, full bodies leads into another two-girl scene. The women soon decide to get cleaned up and spend a long time in the shower where Sally’s mum feels the joys of her friend’s mouth on her pussy for while.

Having discovered that Sally, her friend’s mum has a collection of sex toys and decides to take a look but is caught in the act but rather than telling off Sally is more than happy to show her how to use them in this toy filled girl-on-girl fuck fest.

Cate, now really turned on to girl-girl sex calls Natalie the blonde from scene 1 on the phone and they get off talking about Cate’s sex toy lesson with Sally. Excited by fun with Cate, Natalie drives across the following day and finds out just how much Cate has learned from Sally and her daughter.

Things really hot up in the next scene which is a three-way, all girl between Natalie, Sally and Sally’s running partner from earlier. The girls love playing with their big blue dildo. Hot!

Extras are trailers and a behinds the scenes featurette.

There is a lot of variety in this DVD, sex toys, lots of nice scene setting and plenty of lesbian sex. If you ignore the occasionally piece of wooden dialogue you will love this movie if you like quality erotic movies with plenty of naked female flesh.

You can buy this movie here.

Viv Thomas Secrets 4 Review

Viv Thomas Secrets 4
Viv Thomas Secrets 4

The secrets just keep on coming from Viv Thomas productions and I’m certainly not complaining I’m thoroughly enjoying the departure from the endless supply of the “cut and thrust” style of porn.

I find this series of DVD’s to have intimate a more rounded approach to sex and relationships and the stars are all worthy of a good ogle, including the guys who in some productions these days can be a little ropey by comparison to their female counterparts.

All the scenes are filmed from multiple angles so you don’t miss out on the action and close-ups, with great lighting not too stark but warm.

As with previous instalments of this series each scene is built on the premise of a secret and some have a little subtitled dialogue to take you in to the scene, giving it a little more depth and are pretty well acted in most instances.

Without giving too much away, Kenny Styles and his girlfriend have very tender make up sex in the first scene.  But don’t let the word tender mislead you in to thinking that there isn’t much action, on the contrary.

Kenny like the other male pornstars featured in Secrets 4 opens the scene with gentle kissing, fondling, caressing, sucking of nipples and some very good cunniligus and analingus (rimming to you and me).  He follows up his attentive ministrations by taking his co star through a series of positions including anal.

He finally finishes almost blinding Amabella when a huge globule of cum hits her right eyelid, determined to carry on regardless she continues to suck at his cock with her eyes close.  That’s devotion to duty.

I found the second scene with Renato and Candice a little pedestrian compared to the usual scenes we see on the Secrets series.  No quirky moments and not very much intimacy, and in some of the shots Candice didn’t appear to be very comfortable, making them look awkward.  But hey don’t let a bad apple…

On with the rest of the review.

Scene three sees Vera leading her neighbour Nataly Von astray, off in to the world of girl on girl.  She can show me the way any time she likes.  One of Viv’s orginal stars this woman has a body to die for and a wonderful pair of boobs.

This scene again is very tender as both ladies kiss and caress enjoying each other’s bodies culminating in some very enjoyable and credible girl on girl action which climaxes in both girls being sated.

Nickki Thorne and Matt Bird’s scene features a novel way to remove panties and before long they are fucking bare back for the first time.  If you like your muscles you will enjoy watching Matt giving Nicky a good seeing to he has them everywhere.  😉

All the MF scenes have a sticky bukkake finish except for this one, she insists on him coming over her pussy to great effect.

The final scene sees Zack with his large breast fetish getting it on with Carina Shay who has an astounding pair of tits on her.  Jiggle, jiggle.  😉  It was a shame we didn’t get to see her put his cock between them and give him a good titty fucking but hey, he made up for it by giving her a good grinding.

Secrets 4 just like the others in the series are thoroughly watchable, they contain plenty of hot action but without the coarseness of some productions.  These are productions you can watch with your partner if they are open minded as they won’t offend most women and never depict women being degraded.  These girls look as if they are loving every minute.

Featuring: Amabella, Candice, Vera, Nataly Von, Nikki Thorne, Carina Shay, Keni Styles, Renato, Matt Bird and Zack

You can buy this movie here.

Blonde On Brunette Review

Blonde On Brunette
Blonde On Brunette

Natalie and Angie start off this DVD with a high school student arriving home to find she’s locked out. The helpful next door neighbour takes her in and soon helps the girl practice her kissing technique and a lot more. Kissing becomes licking and soon clothes are discarded and out pops a vibrator. Considering the “young” girl is supposed to be inexperienced she seems very adept at pleasuring her MILF neighbour with it. Not a bad scene but it was let down by all the action taking place on a kitchen set on the worktops and a hard table. Surely they would have slipped off to a nice sofa or bed?

Sammy Jayne and Vera act out a scene where the lady of a rather nice house has a girl dance for her for money. Dancing develops to stripping and then, well you can guess what happens. The girls are happy enough to pleasure each other and do make use of a double-ended dildo. However the dildo only ever seems to end up properly inside one of the girls at any one time and at some of the weirdest of angles.

In the third scene Nikki and Zeta are already in bed with very little in the way of clothing to impede the ensuing fun. They slowly undress throughout the scene and are content to use their own body and that of their partner to pleasure themselves.

Sanndy and Sophie take around 10 seconds to tire of the game of pool they are having in the fourth scene, so Sanndy pops out for a few seconds, returning with a dildo and a double dong. I really can’t understand why they then spend a couple of minutes sucking at the double ender when it’s obviously much more fun to be sucking each other and using the dildo properly. They quickly work this out and they begin to peel off their clothes. Sanndy enjoys Sophie’s application of the dildo on her pussy and Sophie receives half the double-ender too. Sadly they don’t share the two-headed sex toy, what a missed opportunity.

Nikki Sands and Cristina get together on the beach. No toys in this scene but keeping sand out of those intimate places has to be difficult enough without props. Quite where they found a beautiful beach deserted enough to film this scene I don’t know but I’d love to find out. A great scene for those of you who like outdoor sex in the true great wide open.

No nonsense sex in hotel rooms is what Sophie Moone and Ella get up to. Dressed in business suits and already horizontal when we join them they find lots of ways to make life as business women on the road a very pleasant experience. Nicely shot and featuring some hot scissor sister action this scene rounds off the DVD perfectly.

How can I sum up this DVD? Well the fresh faces, excellent lighting, intimate and yet sensitive photography are what you expect from a Viv Thomas production. The boobs are (almost all) natural and the scenarios plausible, if occasionally strained when they reach the performers’ acting limits. The use of sex toys is nice, though occasionally silly and not quite fulfilling the potential for extra horniness that they can engender within a scene.

Reading between the lines it appears the scenes were gathered from a number of sources and the differences in directorial style, image quality and tone are obvious to see. That isn’t to say that any of the elements of this DVD are bad, indeed many porn houses would give their metaphorical left testicle to produce a DVD of this calibre. It’s just a bit eclectic and partly because of that not one of Viv’s best offerings. Of course if you like variety and scenes that are varied on a DVD, ignore what I just said. LOL

Featuring: Vera, Angie George, Natalie, Sammy-Jayne, Monika, Zeta, Sanndy, Nikki Sands, Ella, Sophie Moone

You can buy this movie here.

La Corsetry La Femme Review

La Corsetry La Femme
La Corsetry La Femme

La Corsetry La Femme is an adult movie from Viv Thomas. With more of a feel of the 1940s and 1950s than something strictly for the corset lover it’s an interesting and atmospheric title which I really loved when I reviewed it. My review of La Corsetry La Femme can be found here, on Himdulgence.com.

Features: Vanesa, Evelyn Lory, Ian Tate, George Uhl, Julia Silver, Katy Anderson, Anita Queen, Morgana, Daria Glover, Nikki Sun

Viv Thomas Secrets 3

Secrets 3
Secrets 3

This is the third production in the Secrets Trilogy from the Viv Thomas stable with a run time of 139 minutes.  I very much enjoyed the first Secrets but the second I felt didn’t live up to the first.  So I’m pleased to say that they have reigned it back in again with this DVD.

Each of the five scenes are intimately filmed with plenty of light and close ups.  The overall feel that you get from watching this DVD is one of intimate moments of love and lust as opposed to wham bam thank you ma’am style which seems to prevail at the moment.

This doesn’t detract from the scenes in any way it adds to them, I’ve seen all too many overtly long cock sucking and “show the camera what you’ve got” starters that I now long for something different.  And you will find that this DVD covers all the bases.

There are scenes of intimacy, deep kissing, fondling, sucking of nipples…yes, you remember foreplay don’t you?  You will see the couples engaging in lots of foreplay during play and after play.  😉

Not to say that there aren’t some more hardcore moments in Secrets 3, you will find ample servings of anal, rimming and finger fuckery.  There are 3 MF scenes and 2 GG scenes all with the familiar theme of being a secret desire which works wonderfully well.

All of the guys I would certainly do which is unusual for me to contemplate these days and most of the girls.  I say most of the girls because the only thing which disappointed me about this DVD was something nobody involved in the production could have done anything about.

I was saddened to see a girl that I haven’t seen since my early days of watching porn.  Simony Diamond makes an appearance but not as I remember her, fresh faced, green eyed and brunette.  She is now peroxide blonde and looking a little ropey, what happened to her?  She stood out as being the lesser attractive female in this production, whereas at one time she was stunning.

Oh well…

Back to the rest of the review.  I found all of the scenes delicious and the girl on girl was so genuinely performed, no flicky tongue kisses and reluctance to taste pussy.  You could tell that the girls enjoy having sex with other girls.  The toys scene is particularly good.  Oh and the finger licking good ending.

I found Scenes 3 to be what most mainstream productions have lost these days and as such it would make a very good couples DVD.  And I don’t mean that in a lack of action kind of way because there is plenty of that to suit all tastes.

And as an added bonus I realised I’ve never tried a pocket rocket.  Right I’m off to find one now…

Featuring: Bailey, Sandra Shine, Cindy Hope, Simony Diamond, Blue Angel, Brandy Smile, James Brossman, Keni Styles and Renato

You can buy this movie here.