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Young Harlots Slutty Delinquents

Young Harlots Slutty Delinquents
Young Harlots Slutty Delinquents

The latest in a long line of “Young Harlots” movies is “Slutty Delinquents”. Set unsurprisingly in a finishing school where the 18+ students are anything but shy and retiring the staff which consists of three teachers and a secretary all enjoy sex and without the slightest hint of a lesson in sight.

OFSTED would be appalled.

In fact without the “schoolgirl” uniforms, gowns and mortarboards you’d be hard pushed to make the connection between a debauched college and a rather nice house in what might be the French countryside filled with sex hungry men and women. Yes there’s the allusions to “School Rules” and wotnot but seemingly less than in previous Young Harlots films I’ve seen. There’s a script there and the performers do a reasonable job of acting it, the camera work is of the usual high standard as is the lighting, makeup and editing. There’s even some non-intrusive incidental music too.

Jay Snakes, Yanick Shaft, Ryan Ryder take great pleasure in indulging in the fill-on suck and fuck fest you would expect from a Gazzman film with the girls – Lexi Lowe, Lola, Samantha Bentley, Tiffany Doll, Charlize Tinkerbell and Georgie Lyall.

Not the most sophisticated of plots, I mean we’ve seen it all before, but competently executed and watchable as you would expect from Gazzman/Harmony Films.

Anal Debauchery 2

Anal Debauchery 2
Anal Debauchery 2

The first Anal Debauchery was reviewed by Alex and it comprised of 10 scenes over two disks.  This time round there is just one disk and 5 scenes.  But there is one distinct and very welcome change this time round.

Gazzman seems to have changed direction and become everything I ever wanted him to be.  This shocked me as I’m used to his slightly misogynistic style and this DVD breaks the mould.  I have to say that in the DVD he has produced possibly the best work I have seen him create to date and totally blown me away.

These five scenes are filmed with moody black and white overtones, he plays with light to induce intimacy and disorientation to give a further dimension to his scenes.  A total transformation from the usual cut and thrust, grope and fuck style of Gazzman.

The scenes are all well thought through and imaginative, and the girls very attractive natural beauties the perfect combination for a good porn DVD.  😉   One thing which did puzzle me is that the named scenes are all under the header of “True Love Is” which makes me think this production could have been re-titled for impact.


I loved the Heathcliffe style start to this scene.  Hot guy in jodhpurs making his way across the windy hills to be with his girl.  There goes me sounding like an old romantic.  Lol

His Kathy or should I say Morgan Moon is a delight on the eye and as with all the girls on this DVD she has a natural pair of boobs.  I just wish Tony had spent more time playing with them.

There is nice use of a shots glass in this scene and you will have to watch it to find out what that is, I’ll not spoil your viewing by telling you all the dirty details.

I will add that the squeaky table added a touch of reality to the opportunistic scene.

Another Woman

This scene is based on a guy cheating on his partner and slipping out of the house to meet her.  The guy pulls up outside a rather nicely light glass house where his other woman is waiting for him on a bench.

The lighting in this scene makes it look like the moonlight is cascading down on them through the glass.  It’s very intimately shot and Melanie enjoys being put through her paces, complete with lovely jiggly boobs and an unusually hairy pussy.


This had to be my favourite scene because of it’s unusual opening scene.  Two girls are lezzing it up and videoing themselves for the girls boyfriend.  It’s a wonderful revenge theme with a twist, I’ll say no more but excellently executed.

Honey Damon has her ass fucked good and proper with the odd dip in to her pussy, this is a good anal scene for you ass worshippers out there.


Blindfolded Leona Queen is led by a leash in to a room with two guys waiting to use and abuse her.  As expected she gets double teamed by the guys, with lots of ass to pussy and double penetrative action.  All finished off with a creamy topping all over her ass cheeks.

This is probably the least creative scene, we’ve seen the slut does both guys too much for this to stand out.

Anal Debauchery

This scene begins Ian Scott taking a shower and having a  quick wank whilst his partner is applying makeup in the adjoining bedroom.  She then ventures in to the bathroom where he is already out of the shower.  She steps in to the bath, she’ll mess up that freshly applied makeup.

Ian then inserts a lube applicator up her ass as she rests on the bath side.  It looks as if it is going to go everywhere and I’m thinking there is about to be a health and safety issue in this scene.  Bathroom floor plus water and lube…not a good mix.  There could be a cock up later.  🙂

Once fully lubed up he proceeds to fuck anally and vaginally all over the bathroom fixtures and fittings, finally coming all over her pussy.  Guess she’ll need that bath now.

This was a great DVD for variety and content, certainly a must if you like your anal but not one to watch with you partner if they haven’t seen porn before.

Featuring: Norgan Moon, Melanie, Leona Queen, Tiffany Doll, Honey Damon, John Strong, Ian Scott and Tony De Sergio

You can buy this movie here.

The Voyeur Indecent Exposure 2

Voyeur Idecent Exposure 2
Voyeur Idecent Exposure 2

This is the second release in The Voyeur  isdistributed by Harmony Films.  My first review was slightly damning of Indecent Exposure with its uninspiring scenes and predictable format but this production is a complete turn around.

All the scenes commence with the female star masturbating for her suitor, who is watching in the sidelines, hence the voyeur title.  It was nice to see the return of open crotch knickers, haven’t seen a pair for years but they do make for a more interesting fingering masturbation scene.

The girls use fingers and toys including a rather large black dildo and a rabbit vibrator to get themselves in the mood.  And I’m pleased to say that there is a lavish amount of foreplay in the 5 scenes, including nipple sucking and licking, kissing of ass which is quite tender in the scene with Tony De Sergio and even a little rimming.  A wonderful departure from the usual cock sucking starts and a quick slap of a titty in return.

The whole feel of this production is that it is more wholesome and rounded which makes for more appealing DVD viewing.  The scenes are all varied some with a smattering of kink which appeals to me even more.  The five scenes comprise of 4 MF and one MFM and runs for 2 hours and 38 minutes.

I’ll give you a feel for each of the scenes without revealing too much of the content, I suggest you explore this DVD for yourself.

Melissa Ria gives a good performance in the first scene with her rabbit and I’m not talking about the furry variety.  To be honest I was slightly distracted during the watching of this scene, trying to figure out if her vibe had been supplied by one of our clients.  Sad I know but hey I’m a pro.  Lol

This scene sees Melissa enjoying her toy until Ian Scott walks in the room wearing a rather strange scarf around his lower face.  Once her black see-though open crotch panties are off he proceeds to continue servicing her, licking her clit and rimming her ass before giving her a really good seeing to in nothing but a pair of boots.  Kinky!

Both of them boff their way through all the positions to finish with a continuity error…her panties magically reappear.  The frantic pussy only fucking concludes with a really nice shot of Ian Scott shooting cum up the back of them.

Scene two sees Tiffany Doll sitting at the piano practicing but she very soon becomes bored and decides to play with herself instead.  It’s not long before she is joined by Tony De Sergio and the rather nicely equipped Omar.

A few minutes later Tiffany is astride a horse being rimmed and having her nipples sucked, get the picture?  Tony really gets in to the scene and her ass with his tongue.  Lucky girl.  😉  This is one of the most exquisitely unique openers to a porn scene I’ve seen in a while., quite literally tongue in cheek. 😉

An enjoyable scene which sees her put through all the moves with some excellent DP footage, my oh my that girl can take it and Omar certainly gives it.

The third scene is again another which doesn’t conform to the norm.  It opens with Leona Queen watching the blindfolded Ian Scott crawl up a carpeted staircase.  Leona is dressed in an outfit of holes (watch it, you’ll see what I mean) and brandishing a crop.  Good start!

It all sets off very promisingly as sub Ian crawls in to the room.  Leona is looking the Mistress, snarling and using her crop inappropriately but then the dynamic changes as she frees Ian from his blindfold.  After some vigorous frigging and Xtra large dildo play, he then takes the helm and proceeds to fuck the shit out of her.  This girl is no stranger to anal and gapes for the connoisseurs.

The scene with Morgan Moon makes a very much wanted guest as she proceeds to run herself off in front of john Strong.  Meanwhile John is entertaining himself while Morgan is flashing the gash.  This girl has a very nice pink pussy and ass, made me want to get in there.

Morgan really enjoys playing with herself and this comes to the fore in the last minutes of this scene when she is digitally charged.

The fourth scene takes having someone to dinner to a whole new level as Bijou gets a good fucking on the dining table after what appears to be a rather ill conceived play on the stairs.  She gets a good pussy fucking before the unimaginative facial.

This DVD inspired me to believe that there could be a porn revolution on the horizon which sees gender equality and therefore fulfilment in the adult world.  Fingers crossed.

Featuring: Melissa Ria, Bijou, Tiffany Doll, John Strong, Omar, Ian Scott and Tony De Sergio

You can buy this movie here.