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Three Nights With Vera Review

Three Nights With Vera
Three Nights With Vera

The premise of this video is that Vera, a 30 year old divorcee is meeting up with some old friends. If only all such reunions were like this. Vera’s friends are as enthusiastic as her to renew old acquaintances … via the media of getting it on.

The pace of the action is slow and gentle throughout. This isn’t a DVD for those of you who like hard and fast lesbian action, it’s a more feminine take on girl-girl action than other DVDs out there, DVDs that tend to be aimed at a market preferring more a direct approach.

Penetration is gentle and involves only fingers and tongues, you will not find any huge sex toys or gaping orifices here. There’s plenty of sucking and licking of tits, pussies and asses.

The soft caresses and at times almost innocent nature of the encounters would make any man wonder how any woman would not try a sexual encounter with their best friends. The whole scenario is so very appealing, soft, gentle and very, very pleasant.

All the girls are natural, no false breasts and make-up is used to give a fresh natural look under the camera lights.

The blooper reel underlines the nature of the production as the girls collapse into giggles at one point when someone off camera falls over the furniture in the flat.

If you like your lesbians to be panting open-mouthed sluts, dribbling and searching for large objects to push into each others orifices then this certainly isn’t for you.  It’s at the other end of the scale in terms of approach and execution. For some this my be too gentle but it is explicit, well produced and features very pretty natural girls enjoying each others bodies.

Features: Vera, Nikita, Blue Angel, Brandy Smile

You can buy this movie here.