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Secret Lives of Kept Wives by Viv Thomas

Secret Lives Of Kept Wives
Secret Lives Of Kept Wives

Ladies, what would you do if felt abandoned by your husband and you found the hired help cavorting in your best corset and stockings. Well, if you’re the wife in the first scene in this Viv Thomas movie you get you hand in your panties and enjoy the show. Then you get it on with her of course.

The second scene shows another neglected wife, this time screwing her husband’s business partner in the kitchen while the husband has his ear glued to his mobile phone. She is screwed hard over the counter tops and has her belly covered in cum, cleaning up just in time for her husband to walk through the kitchen on his way out on a business trip.

In scene three you get to see a very sexy wife lap dance and fuck her husband.

Next a couple invite a domme into their house and all sorts of fun and games ensues, as you can imagine. The hubby has to watch at first as the Domme and his wife get it on – poor lad, sat there with his cock in his hand! There’s a little strap-on action with a very expensive harness and ceramic dildo before the husband is finally allowed to join in with the action. When he does he fucks then cums on both girls’ tits.

The last scene shows a swingers party that ends up with two couples swapping partners and fucking on a round, white bed.

The music throughout is not intrusive and is reasonably appropriate. Unusual for modern porn where the cost of music rights/composition tend to make it a rarity or a bit crappy. Like the great camera work, editing and sound engineering in general the music is unusually enjoyable.

Each of the stories has a narrative, yes a real narrative that sets the scene and explains the female protagonist’s inner monologue and the motivation for why they act in the way they do, even when it’s committing on-screen adultery.

Not your average porn film by any means this is one of those movies that shows why Viv Thomas films are so popular.

All Girl Seduction From Viv Thomas

All Girl Seduction
All Girl Seduction

This DVD does what it says on the tin, gives you all girl hardcore action from the start. And unlike most other Viv Thomas productions it is quite hardcore for a girl-girl DVD. The production quality is good, lights, camera and sound all executed beautifully. But this was produced for Playboy TV so the subtlety of Viv Thomas’s girl on girl productions is sometimes missing.

Scene one is OK with lots of naughty wickedness at the side of a swimming pool in some Mediterranean location. The girls (Sandy and Natalie Forrest) are enthusiastic and vigorous, moving to using a large pink dildo half way into the scene. Nice use of sex toys girls.

Scene two is a teenage boy’s wet dream with two pairs of half-naked girls (Angelica, Deborah, Lucy Belle and Viva) sucking and fucking each other in an otherwise deserted bar. They make use of a lot of the les than comfortable furniture, eventually with three of them concentrating on one girl until she may, or may not have orgasmsed.

Scene three has two girls (Doris and Larissa Dee), perhaps in a corridor in the same bar/nightclub. Quite a lot of false breast polishing ensues and some licking and fingering in awkward positions. Surely it would have been better if they had gone back to one of the girl’s appartments?

In Scene 4 we see two very sensible and horny brunettes fucking on the couch in an apartment. Much better than hanging around in a night club. Even better a third horny brunette appears and we end up watching a pile of dirty ladies (Cindy Hope, Esmeralda and Madison Parker) exploring each other’s orifice. A small vibrator appears at one point but it’s only a token gesture. However visually very appealing to a brunette lover like me.

Scene 5 takes place in the back garden of a villa where two girls (Nicol Needman and Sandra) seem to be comfortable making love next to a busy main road. Ok so they are not in site of the highway but the noise is a little intrusive. One girl beckons the other from the house and they begin to make love on a chair, apparently much to the annoyance of the local bird population who chirrup merrily as the horny birds on the patio get it on. The girls eventually take their luuurrrv inside and 69 on a sofa before producing a huge jelly double dong. With a great deal of care the girls actually use the double ended didlo anally! Nice twist.

There are no extras on this DVD, just trailers for other movies in the Playboy TV range.

Overall this DVD is well produced and the scenes are of a reasonable quality. However if you are a fan of Viv Thomas’ main body of work then don’t be surprised at the slightly less polished nature of this DVD or it’s more forthright style of sex and direction. This is more mainstream than the gentler output from the Viv Thomas studio, simply because it’s produced fro Playboy TV


Featuring: Sandy, Natalia Forrest, Angelica Heart, Deborah Rush, Lucy Belle, Viva, Doris, Larissa Dee, Cindy Hope, Esmeralda, Madison Parker, Nicol Needman, Sandra

Directed by Andrew Youngman

Hot Silk Review

Viv Thoma Hot Silk
Viv Thoma Hot Silk

Hot Silk is an Adult DVD that takes the care and time to set a scene for its all female cast. A scene within which they all perform to the usual high standard that you’d expect from a Viv Thomas production.

There are five scenes:

The Mistress And The Au Pair, involving an older woman and her gorgeous Au Pair engaged in the sort of activities they don’t mention at the agency.  And if any of you ladies reading this want the number of the agency where you can get hot lesbian or bisexual domestic help I don’t have it. Though I’m considering setting one up 🙂

Come Here and Worship Me Sex Slave, probably the weakest scene in that the premise of one woman borrowing another woman’s sex slave could have resulted in a great piece of kinky D/s porn – it just didn’t because the scene doesn’t quite gel for me. It doesn’t feel as natural as the rest of the DVD.

An Unexpected Situation (And two crazy Czech Girls), it’s a randy boy (or girl’s) wet dream. Two Czech girls are staying at Paulo’s flat on their own when Paulo’s niece arrives soaking wet and asking for a place to stay because her flat it flooded. The Czech girls take her in at Paulo’s instructions, shower her off and bring her off.

Best Friends Forever is a tale about two girls, one of who discovers a double dildo at home and shows it to her friend. They start to laugh, joke and take pictures of themselves with it. One thing leads to another and by the end of the scene they have kissed, caressed and masturbated themselves and each other until moist and satisfied. Which is where one of the girl’s mothers, and owner of the double dong walks in.

Tell Me The Truth, is the final scene where a mutual friend of the girls from the previous scene learns all about their encounter. The double dildo makes an appearance but only as the trigger for a charmingly self-conscious description of the events explaining why the girl fled with her friend’s mother’s dildo in her rucksack which leads into these two girls getting it on too.

Apart from the “Mistress” in Scene 1 being a little over-vocal, Scene 2 having too much and slightly unconvincing dialogue  and the Mother’s reaction to discovering the “Friends” immediately post-coitus being rather dubiously acted it’s difficult to find fault with this movie as an example of its genre.

This is a slow paced movie for the most part, filmed throughout with care and great technique. It proves that a little attention to detail when creating a storyline, basic characterisation and selecting good locations lifts an adult DVD out of the mediocre mass of releases out there and makes it a pleasure to watch.

If you are in the mood for a frantic hard banging fuck fest then this isn’t the move for you. Although the double ended dildo makes two appearances it doesn’t get put to any serious use, which is a pity IMHO, but I’m sure we’ll see that in another title from Viv Thomas.

When it comes to gentle girl-girl porn, nobody does it better than Viv Thomas.

You can buy this movie here.