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Three Way Bangers

Three Way Bangers
Three Way Bangers

There’s no mistaking what this DVD is about from the title but just in case you were wondering Danny D, possessor of a monumentally large dick introduces the first scene from a sofa in “his house”. Aleska Diamond and Megan Coxxx sit either side of him while he does so and then it’s straight on with the action. The aforementioned sofa gets used as a piece of gymnastic apparatus as Danny D’s cock is sucked and then used to fuck the two girls for the next 30 minutes. The girls pleasure each other orally and appreciate it loudly throughout until the money shot.

Next we’re off to California for one girl and two cocks jammed alternately in her pussy and mouth. It all takes place next to a pool that I’ve seen before and the scene is familiar too as if it comes from another DVD. Maybe I’ve seen too much porn and it’s all blurring in to one? There’s a pair of luscious breasts waiting to be sprayed with cum but only one guy sprays his splooge on them the other opting to cover her pierced tongue with his junk.

A yellow bikini, nice solo and a pair of false breasts tease us into the next scene. The two cocks appear and get on with the business of a spit roast and anal action followed by DP. A facial cumshot finished the scene.

A high quality tease, by the stunning Valentina Nappi excites two voyeurs in the European segment. They turn out to be Tony De Sergio and George Uhl, experience regulars of Harmony films. Valentina is fucked in every hole, Dped, spit roast and creamed on.

Nikki Jayne’s “first anal” is assisted by Bobbi Starr, they’re lucky there’s a guy around to save Bobbi having to strap-on a strap-on to do the honours. Bobbi frigs herself in her pussy and ass while on the stairs Nikki’s cock starts to warm her up. The girls get together and play with a double ended dildo in a most enjoyable way … double-deep throat of a sex toy which is new even for me! Then cock arrives and, well I don’t have to paint a picture because you know what anal looks like. Nicely though the final cumshot is inside and on Nikki’s pussy for Bobbi Starr to lick up.

Frankki’s way of working in the warehouse is to spend her day in a bra and a pair of red panties so it’s no surprise that when Danny D and Ian Tate see her they fuck her hard.

Back to Europe for Danny D to screw Skin Diamond and Henessy.

Jenna Haze takes on two young studs for the final scene and you know what, I’m running out of ways to describe hard fucking in every hole LOL.

OK, this isn’t the most sophisticated of porn movies but it does have exactly what the title says – in spades. The scenes are from Harmony movies of the past few years, one or two of which I think I’ve seen before but so what. What you get is oodles of hard core action and lots of great girls to look at plus the variety of not having one “star” throughout. This isn’t going to win awards but it is head and shoulders above some of the drossy DVDs I’ve seen made from rubbish that didn’t make it into other DVDs.

The Cult From Harmony Films

The Cult
The Cult

Gazzman brings us an atmospheric tale of submission and domination in this offering from the Harmony stable. Featuring more kink than some might be used to this is essentially a high quality fuck fest that most will find irresistible. It is a quality outing for the assembled cast of hot and horny harlots brought together for the DVD. Megan Coxxx, Linet Slag, Skin Diamond, Valentina and Yaiza Del Mar are dressed and undressed in hot underwear and beg to be satisfied in a darkly themed title which promises deviant fun from the opening shot.

Kicking off with a three girl scene Skin Diamond, Megan Coxx and Valentina enjoy each other and a whole bunch of toys in a whole host of holes. There’s strap-on action, and all orifices are filled with tongues and sex toys. This is a tour de force in what three girls can get up to with imagination, some toys and no guys around.

Throughout the DVD the girls seem to have the upper hand, even when Linet Slag is being double-teamed by a pair of large cocks she is the one calling the shots, demanding satisfaction and getting it.

The guys take second place, being teased and toyed with then used as sex objects for the gratification of the insatiable girls. It’s a really nice take on the idea of submission, emphasising the quest for pleasure in a ruthless yet playful way that a pure BDSM title you might see from a “specialist” producer of S & M titles would be unable to create.

Each of the female performers is excellent in this title in their own way. Megan Coxx’s distinctive accent is natural and commanding when she’s instructing her bitches in the best way to satisfy her wanton needs. Skin Diamond sparkles out as a naturally capricious dominant, petite, exotic and so very demanding. Linet Slag makes sure she gets the hard banging she needs. Valentina’s solo section is particularly horny with some genuine feeling and indeed acting thrown in. Finally Yaiza Del Mar in her sexy red underwear just makes you sit up and pay attention, or should that be stand to attention 😉

The direction, photography and sound in this DVD is great pretty much throughout. The final scene (Yaiza Del Mar) seems to have a slightly lower quality feel to the video and seems a bit shorter than the rest, which is a pity because she’s hot and very naughty, biting away at her guy, or should it be victim’s cock.

Incidental music is rather good too, sometimes inappropriate and often jarring on cheaper productions The Cult’s choice of music was excellent. The story telling, though of course restricted to the scene setting and inter-scene titles does attempt to create an atmosphere. Now while I wouldn’t call the scenes as deeply atmospheric as the previous occult-themed title from Gazman “Satan’s Whore” the inference is there.

Don’t expect “Satan’s Whore 2” in terms of atmosphere but do enjoy some gorgeous horny girls getting their sexual gratification in any way they want. And don’t dare say no to them!



Psycho Sex From Tanya Hyde

Psycho Sex Tanya Hyde
Psycho Sex Tanya Hyde

I only had to read the first two porn stars featured in this production from Tanya Hyde for Harmony Films to feel a little excited…Megan Coxxx and Syren Sexton and that’s just for starters.

And the rest of the naughty line up don’t disappoint either but more of that later.  The front cover depicting a sex crazed Paige Turnah in an open cupped latex leotard wets more than my appetite for kink.  The DVD features 5 scenes each with “Fuck” in the title and the runtime is 3 hours 57 mnutes including Cumshot Recap and Photo Gallery.

Over on the reverse there are masks, nipple tassels, latex outfits and lots of cock worship.  As usual I don’t think Tanya will disappoint.

So it’s off to the bedroom for me, are you coming?

You pull the curtains too and be careful not to let the neighbours catch site of you whilst I load the DVD player.  Thing I’ll grab myself a nice toy too.

Factory Fuck is set in a very atmospheric engineer’s workshop.  Danny D is grinding more than metal in this scene as Scarlett March inspects his tooling with her mouth.

They are being watched my Rebecca More who seems to be enjoying the voyeuristic display before being grabbed from behind by Jay Snakes.  Rebecca then has her titties worshipped by Jay, nice to see in porn these days, before being taken off to the workbench.

She is then subject to a good spitroasting, double cock sucking and fucked in every hole.  Scarlett joins in providing a little pussy licking before being deployed as a cocksucker between fucks for Jay.

Rebecca is then fucked by Jay in a love swing before being anally power drived (driven??? LOL) and sprayed with come.  Danny D finishes the scene wanking over Scarlett who remembered to wear her safety glasses, good job because as usual Danny spunked everywhere.

F-Club Fuck is very surreal, we see Alice yes as in Wonderland wandering around a fetish club and being groped through holes in the wall.  And that’s not all, she’s being groped by a latex clown and a Rabbit.  I know, tell me about it.  😉

Alice or should I say Michelle Moist wanders off and finds herself a fucking stool with a  large black dildo mounted on it. She then delights in eating out Jasmine Webb’s before she is pinned to a wheel, spun around with several finger fuck intermissions delivered by Jasmine.

Omar then appears dressed as a ring master appears and fucks each of the girls cunts good and hard before wanking over both their faces.

Fetish Fuck sees the gorgeous Syren Sexton fully dommed up with teal latex body suit with appropriate openings and a whip enter a dungeon.  And there suspended blindfolded in a body bag is Demetri XXX.

After a quick tease with her crop Syren is reaching for his cock and I’m watching her lovely pert and sizeable boobs bob up and down from below.  Great angle there Tanya.

We are then taken to a room where Sebcam is laying prostrate on the floor tethered and wearing only a pair of black snake skin patterned tights.  Once again I know.  Lol  Syren gives him a good gob job and then climbs on board before being joined by Demetri wearing the same leggings.

The MFM scene works through many positions including cowgirl, doggy and reverse cowgirl and climaxes or should I say Sebcam does all over Syrens pouting pussy and Dimitri sprays her face with copious amounts of cum.  Wow!  He must’ve needed a drink after that.  😉

Rubber Fuck will satisfy any medical fetishists reading.  Paige Turnah is sat in a medical chair with her legs in stirrups.  She is wearing a gas mask, latex top with open access to her ample cleavage, stocking and a pair of fetish points.

In come Jay snake wearing a gas mask and latex chaps.  He starts by massaging her breasts with oil (sooo jealous) then brings out the nipple cups.  And as if that wasn’t enough he finishes off with the violet wand which he expertly teases her breasts, nipples and eventually her clit with.

Paige is then subject to an opening pussy pile driver, followed by reverse cowgirl and doggy style before being jazzed on as she kneels at Jay’s feet.

A great scene for anyone in to fetish and who like watching a nice pair of boobs bouncing around.  😉

Hog Fuck begins with Megan Coxxx walking in to a bar where 2 guys are playing cards wearing full headed pig masks.  She approaches the bar tender and is directed through a set of doors.

She reappears after devouring a couple of cocks at the gloryhole and returns to the bar followed by the “pigs”.  It doesn’t take long for her to drop to her knees and give them an oral workout which sees them rock hard.

Megan gets a good workout from the guys, moving through spitroast, reverse cowgirl, doggy style and she seems to love every minute of it.

All the porking finishes off with a double bukkake finale where Meagan’s face is covered in endless streams of thick cum.

The themes, production and lighting make this an interesting film with a dominant streak of fetish running through it.  Multiple angles and closeups ensure that you get to see all the action.  Psycho Sex may not be for everyone so may not make a good first time viewing unless you already have a fetish element in your personality.

However if you are adventurous I suggest you give it a watch.

Featuring:  Megan Coxxx, Syren Sexton, Paige Turnah, Rebecca More, Scarlett March, Jasmine Webb, Michelle Moist, Ian Tate, Sebcam, Demetri XXX, Jay Snakes, Danny D and Omar

You can buy this movie here.

Dirty Little Club Sluts From Harmony Films

Dirty Little Club Sluts
Dirty Little Club Sluts

As I selected this DVD from the backlog sitting waiting for review on my desk I had mixed feelings.  It’s by Gazzman who in the past I haven’t particularly been a fan off though more recently his style had changed and I’ve enjoyed watching his productions.  A complete turn around, I think he may have matured slightly over the years or maybe he has read some of my scathing reviews and took my points on board.

Who knows, all I will say is that I am about to watch this production with an open mind and wet panties as I look at Megan Coxxx sat legs spread wide playing with her pussy.  😉

From the images on the cover I can see that there looks like there could be some filthy girl girl action as well as the usual generous portions of cock.  There are a couple of names I haven’t come across before in the credits so I’m quite excited to find out what these guys perform like.

Pull those curtains, come sit on the bed and make yourself comfortable.  My jeans and panties are already on the floor, makes access so much easier.  😉

As the video plays it becomes apparent that Dirty Little Club Sluts as been filmed in the style of a “fuck-u-mentary” with Megan starting the ball rolling so to speak.

In Scene 1 we follow her to her bedroom after she has a naughty half dressed cigarette on her balcony.  Moments later she is retrieving a rabbit vibe from her bedside draw and playing with it.  Then out comes the graduated glass balls dildo.  And yes I do know who makes that. I also couldn’t resist joining in with my own toy repository.  lol

After a little self pleasure she slips in to her little party dress and catches a cab where her partner James Deen is waiting.  They enter the club and the fun really begins.  I’ll leave the rest of the scene for you to discover for yourself.

That Megan Coxxx is pure filth…gotta love her!

Scene 2 finds us discovering why Megan’s friends Avril, Jess West and Nicole Sweet were late turning up for the club.  All three of them are semi naked and getting it on atop a four poster bead.

The girls finger fuck, suck, kiss and caress each other and then move on to some more serious play involving a double ender and a silicon dildo.

Each girl gets a turn with the toys and one another before a mass orgasm which leaves all the girls sated.  All I can say is let me at them (especially the one with the ample bossoms and I’ll show them how to use a double dong.  😉

For Scene 3 we return to the club where one of Megan’s friends is providing a bit of a floor show on the bar whilst debauchery takes place all around her.  Would love to know where this club is.  Lol

She attracts plenty of attention from the guys who stand around her wanking whilst she continues to play with her pussy on the bar aided with the occasional lick and flick from the guys.

Then in walks Lou Chamelle who embraces her and kisses her deep and hard before disappearing in to another room with James in toe.  They are soon joined by Danny D and the action steps up a notch and they pull out their manhood and Lou takes turn sucking, licking and deep throating them.

Bet you can’t guess what happens next.  Lol  Yes, she ends up being double teamed by James and Danny who give her an unmerciful ramming in both holes before giving her a kneeling facial.  Would have preferred a different finish as this is the second time.

Kit takes us in to Scene 3 as she makes her way to the toilet, followed close behind by Tony De Sergio who she’s been looking at all night.

I don’t recall many items of clothing being shed before they were stood in the toilet cubicle stark bullock naked.  Well Tony was.  Lol

He gives Kit a good ramming in the doorway of the cubicle with her let placed high up on the wall so we get to see all the penetrative action and the up pussy shot.  He then leads her to the toilet where he takes a seat and she bounces up and down on his thick hard cock reverse cowgirl style.

All this comes to an end with yet another…yawn…bukkake scene.  Please Gazzman come up with something else for the final scene.

Megan gives us a little background information for Scene 3.  It seems that Tony had his girlfriend at the club the previous evening when he disappeared to fuck Kit and tonight he had brought his girlfriend back to wine and dine and…her.

Scene 5 with Tony De Sergio and Karlie Simon is the shortest.  In an empty club, they end up fucking on the table in one of the booths and guess what kind of finish we are treated to.  Lol  Not a very inspired scene but interesting surroundings.

This DVD is a good all rounder and is interestingly shot in a nightclub with good lighting and camera angles.  You could show it to your girlfriend if she doesn’t mind watching anal and would not find anything offensive about the production.

Could possible a good one for a first timer because the footage isn’t quite as intense being interspersed with Megan’s dialogue.  The whole concept works as a light hearted fuck fest party which will not intimidate a first timer to porn.

Dirty Little Club Sluts has a runtime of 1 hour 56 minutes and features a Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery and trailers.

Starring: Megan Coxxx, Avril, Jess west. Nicole Sweet, Lou Charmelle, Kit, Karlie Simon, Kai., Danny D. tony De Sergio and James Deen

You can buy this movie here.

Toy Stories, Boys Not Included

Toys Stories Boys Not Included
Toys Stories Boys Not Included

I believe this is a first for both me and the producers Harmony Films.  I’ve mentioned many times here in my reviews how much I enjoy watching a bit of girl on girl action and how often it is interrupted to make way for a male to come on the scene.

This time Toy Stories promises to provide us with a full 2.5 hours of girl on girl playtime, using hands toys and anything else which comes to hand.   😉

And I for one can’t wait to see what these girls get up to.  So follow me in to my bedroom, sit on the side of the bed and enjoy the viewing.

The first scene opens in the bathroom where Megan Coxxx  is enjoying a bubble bath in a free standing bath.  Little does she know that she has a voyeur peeking round the door in the form of the Rebecca More.

Following a good towelling off and a little feminine onanism both girls end up on the bed teasing each other with an endless supply of toys.  And guess what, I knew the names of them all.  Lol

The girls lick, such and fuck each other with a variety of toys with some DP action in there and a surprise or two including a chin dildo which makes for pleasurable viewing.

All the fun culminates in a joint jilling session and orgasms all round.  This was a good scene which would have benefited even more from more close ups, for example you didn’t get to see the butt plug enter and disappear up Rebecca’s eager ass.

For me the second scene was the weakest on this DVD.  It suffered badly from bad lighting and camera angles, coupled with too much movement resulting in me feeling slight motion sickness whilst watching.

But the poor production was more than made up for by its star Karina Currie who simply kept on giving throughout the scene with some excellent cunnilinus, analingus and  good moves.  Shame her partner Rio didn’t put in as much effort.

Karina can come round mine any time she wants.  😉

Scene 3 is a very playful one and begins as Jasmine enters the kitchen and selects an Njoy wand from the work surface where it sat next to a pink rabbit vibrator.  She takes it to the sofa and proceeds to enjoy herself before rather forgetfully leaving the kitchen and her toys.

In enters the scantily clad maid who proceeds to entertain herself with the rabbit before being discovered by Jasmine who rips it from her grasp and proceeds to punish her by taking her over her knee and giving her a good hard spanking.

Wow, that girl would make a great Domme.

Jasmine has quite an armoury of whips she tests on her unsuspecting maid who seems to relish the punishment before having a large strap-on pushed up her hot cunt.  I’ll leave the rest to the viewer, it was a very enjoyable scene.

If you are in to the Suicide Girls this scene is for you and features Hannah Shaw and Lexi Ward dressed as goth chicks.  The girls don’t mess around and are soon down to business with a range of strap=on’s at their disposal.

We get to see the usual strap-on harness and some more kinky leg strap-on’s and chin strap-on’s in use in this scene as both girls fuck each other remorselessly and quite verbosely too.  The language, I say!  lol

The final scene is disjointed, it stars Holly Kiss and Valentina Cruz who independently take a shower and bath.  After spending time provocatively foaming up and playing with dildo and a rabbit they suddenly appear in what looks like a student flat’s living room.

And for some reason the girls are not only fully dressed but with full makeup.  Needless to say this scene was uninspiring and quite tawdry despite the girls efforts to make it sizzle.

This DVD I assume was a compilation of different people’s work and as a result was diversely different in it’s content which could have been a good thing but not so in my case as there were some inferior scenes given today’s equipment and venues which let it down a little.

That said there were some vignettes which made the DVD viewable and it would certainly be one you could watch with your partner or as a first timer if it’s your thing.

Starring:  Megan Coxxx, Rebecca More, Karina Currie, Rio Lee, Jasmine, Tiffany Kingston, Hannah Shaw. Lexi Ward, Holly Kiss and Valentina Cruz

You can buy this movie here.