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Young Harlots School Reunion

Young Harlots School Reunion
Young Harlots School Reunion

Young Harlots School Reunion provides three times the action of your usual Young Harlots title because in this particular DVD Harmony have package three of their most popular titles into one standard DVD case.

Dirty Secrets, In Detention and School Trip which you can read reviewed here give you the opportunity to take in the filthy antics of the depraved Masters of Gazzman’s Young Harlots academies as they tutor the all too willing students in every form of sex.

Depending on how your local video outlet prices these triple packs it may be forth buying one even if you already own or have seen one of the titles, and of course if you have never seen them before then you’re likely to get these at  knock down price and will have over 8 hours of hardcore action to enjoy.

Most Young Harlot films follow pretty familiar plots so if you are in to young ladies at finishing school being fucked hard by the staff and each other then this will be bliss.

You’ll see all the old regulars as tutors and a bevy of new and familiar talent getting down and dirty in school uniform.

According to Harmony “Harmony Films brings you 3 of the best Young Harlots movies in one tantalizing box set! The most slutty, downright filthy teens learn how to become good little whores at the Academy for girls. These grade A students acquire extra circular lessons on ass fucking, pussy munching and cock gobbling.”

All Girl Seduction From Viv Thomas

All Girl Seduction
All Girl Seduction

This DVD does what it says on the tin, gives you all girl hardcore action from the start. And unlike most other Viv Thomas productions it is quite hardcore for a girl-girl DVD. The production quality is good, lights, camera and sound all executed beautifully. But this was produced for Playboy TV so the subtlety of Viv Thomas’s girl on girl productions is sometimes missing.

Scene one is OK with lots of naughty wickedness at the side of a swimming pool in some Mediterranean location. The girls (Sandy and Natalie Forrest) are enthusiastic and vigorous, moving to using a large pink dildo half way into the scene. Nice use of sex toys girls.

Scene two is a teenage boy’s wet dream with two pairs of half-naked girls (Angelica, Deborah, Lucy Belle and Viva) sucking and fucking each other in an otherwise deserted bar. They make use of a lot of the les than comfortable furniture, eventually with three of them concentrating on one girl until she may, or may not have orgasmsed.

Scene three has two girls (Doris and Larissa Dee), perhaps in a corridor in the same bar/nightclub. Quite a lot of false breast polishing ensues and some licking and fingering in awkward positions. Surely it would have been better if they had gone back to one of the girl’s appartments?

In Scene 4 we see two very sensible and horny brunettes fucking on the couch in an apartment. Much better than hanging around in a night club. Even better a third horny brunette appears and we end up watching a pile of dirty ladies (Cindy Hope, Esmeralda and Madison Parker) exploring each other’s orifice. A small vibrator appears at one point but it’s only a token gesture. However visually very appealing to a brunette lover like me.

Scene 5 takes place in the back garden of a villa where two girls (Nicol Needman and Sandra) seem to be comfortable making love next to a busy main road. Ok so they are not in site of the highway but the noise is a little intrusive. One girl beckons the other from the house and they begin to make love on a chair, apparently much to the annoyance of the local bird population who chirrup merrily as the horny birds on the patio get it on. The girls eventually take their luuurrrv inside and 69 on a sofa before producing a huge jelly double dong. With a great deal of care the girls actually use the double ended didlo anally! Nice twist.

There are no extras on this DVD, just trailers for other movies in the Playboy TV range.

Overall this DVD is well produced and the scenes are of a reasonable quality. However if you are a fan of Viv Thomas’ main body of work then don’t be surprised at the slightly less polished nature of this DVD or it’s more forthright style of sex and direction. This is more mainstream than the gentler output from the Viv Thomas studio, simply because it’s produced fro Playboy TV


Featuring: Sandy, Natalia Forrest, Angelica Heart, Deborah Rush, Lucy Belle, Viva, Doris, Larissa Dee, Cindy Hope, Esmeralda, Madison Parker, Nicol Needman, Sandra

Directed by Andrew Youngman

Family Affairs Vol 2 Review

Family Affairs Volume 2
Family Affairs Volume 2

The second in Viv Thomas’ Family Affair series Suze reviewed this over on Himdulgence. As is often the case with Viv’s productions this is a gentle but hardcore production which makes it great for couples and viewers who don’t want a frantic, hard-fucking unrelenting sex fest that some DVDs seem to be.

Features: Madison Parker, Peaches, Jenna Lovely, Nikita, Abbie Cat, Tanya Tate, Pure Angel, Debbie White, James Brossman, Ricardo Bell, Matt Bird

You can buy this movie here.

Young Harlots – School trip

Young Harlots School Trip Gazzman
Young Harlots School Trip Gazzman

Gazzman’s “Young Harlots School Trip” has a lot in common with many film franchises from mainstream cinema and continues the Young Harlots series that pop up regularly from Harmony, one of the UK’s most prominent adult production houses. Like mainstream films it extends a series with consumer appeal and excellent brand recognition.

This  particular instalment of the series has a one line premise “Lexi has been a good girl and is sent away  to the states as a reward”. As you might imagine this is where Lexi gets bad. There follows 3 hours and 5 minutes of slightly over-aged school girls demonstrating every sexual position the director can get them to try.

The kinky attractions of grown-up girls pretending to be schoolgirls is undoubted and the outfits alone are a favourite with many men. What’s lacking here is the faux innocence that also ads to the fantasy, especially when played out between consenting adults – that is the knowledge that the woman who’s about to have her brains fucked out may be wearing the same uniform she wore in the sixth form – but that was a few years ago and she’s learned a lot since then …

So what we are left with is a DVD with no atmosphere and, flimsy collegiate pretence aside, no real plot either. The scenes progress and do their best to cover all the required elements of an adult movie. If you like predictable, mechanical porn film then this one will be perfect. There’s little narrative to get in the way of the fucking and no surprises when it comes to the sex.

The DVD extras are unimaginative comprising a cum shot recap and photo gallery.

This DVD will sell to lovers of the Young Harlots series and to buyers browsing the shelves of the adult stores because of the title.

You will not find anything in this DVD that you can’t find elsewhere. However the production values are pretty good, video quality and technical execution the same and in those respects at least it’s better than the raft of cheaply produced films with similar content.

You can buy this movie here.