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The Candy Box Review

The Candy Box
The Candy Box

The Candy Box is a work of erotic writing by Kojo Black. It comprises two books that recount in explicit and luxurious details a number of intense sexual encounters at two locations familiar to the author from their earlier life.

The first is the titular Candy Box, a house of decadent pleasures so named because of its décor. A series of conventional and unconventional couplings are described with an eloquence and fluidity that the reader is drawn in to a world that I found to be permanently sun-kissed in my imagination and full of possibilities. The atmosphere is enhanced by the first pictures I’ve seen in a novel (aside from graphic novels) since I was a kid. Illustrated throughout with a judicious use of explicit yet artistic, relevant and captivating pictures by Lara Addams this book sets itself apart from the mass of others out there.

How accurately The Candy Box describes the events which happened there is not made clear and is to be frank completely irrelevant. The story telling ensures that you care about only one thing, the next page and how each encounter will unfold.

The second part “The Harward Girls” is a  work of fiction, inspired by a vaguely similar establishment, not they hasten to point out called The Harward Girls Academy! The author describes a place where music seems to take a second place to sexual exploration, amongst the girls and by the inclusion of others.

Such a scenario could have been a simple and predictable exploration of male fantasies and yet with skill and ease uncommon in erotic authors Kojo Black creates a world appealing and exciting to both sexes and a range of sexualities.

Whatever your taste in couplings, male-female, female-female, threesomes, foursomes you will find them between the covers of The Candy Box.

If the unique features of this book were not enough already to set it apart, each novella is followed by a directors commentary on the scenes – and I use the word scenes here advisedly because each has been made into an adult movie. This novel feature gives a little insight into the making of such erotica and adds another layer to the book.

Neither of these two novellas is what you would call hurried and yet the reader is drawn along a pace that gives this a true status as a page turner. It is a testament to the skilful writing that the descriptive elements of the narrative do not impede the flow of the story and the arousal of the reader but reinforce it and make the experience of enjoying the book’s series of scenes even more intense. You have to set time aside to read this book, but not too much, and the draw of what you find in it will make you want to spend that time in the rich and decadent erotic world that is The Candy Box.

The Candy box is available from Sweet Meats Press. The adult movies “The Candy Box” and “The Harward Girls” are both available in certificate 18 and R18 versions.