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Preaching To The Perverted Review

Preaching to The Perverted
Preaching to The Perverted

Oooh, another Tanya Hyde production just dropped through my door for review.  As ever the cover promises lots of kink and my juices were running quite freely when I read that it features my favourite male porn star, Jay Snake.

As I have come to expect kink with Tanya Hyde productions as they usually involve fetish wear, lots of heels, latex, rubber and BDMS equipment.  All of which work for me along with the quality of production you come to expect from a Tanya Hyde DVD.

In The Cage Liza Del Sierra looks every part the Domme as she enters the dungeon to pay attention to her two caged subs.  Loving her leather, strappy corset and heels.

Hmmm. ..anyway. She soon brings her two subs to their knees as they are treated to her oral ministrations before being led off to service her on a leather swing.

Each takes their turn using her mouth, pussy and ass to pleasure her.  There is lots of ATM and CTM action in the MFM scene as all three of them engage on top of tables. Suspended reverse cowgirl and good old doggy style action.

Liza delights in milking her sub’s dry over her face and ass cheeks in this very dark and moody fetish scene.

Queening Time opens with Jay Snake laying in wait under a queening chair as Michelle Moist and Suzie Best enter the room.  Suzie sits astride the chair and gets a good licking and probing by the very astute Mr Snake whilst Michelle gives him a bit of good head.

Not satisfied yet the girls have Jay wearing a black hood and chin dildo to service Katie aided by Michelle’s hand easing that black dick in and out of her friends wet and hungry hole.

The girls get in on next in Chesterfield leather chair head to toe or should I say pussy to mouth before Jay lines them up back to back, ass in the air, fucking each one in turn.

Look out for the golden showers in this scene, very naughty.

Both Jasmine Webb & Stacey Lacey feature in the 60’s retro scene Rock Chicks, alongside Danny D.   They both share his cock and giving him a double blow job before both girls disappears off to play with toys.

Jasmine gets a good fucking with a bright pink striped butt plug.  Perhaps it would have been better using a dildo but never mind.  Lol

Then things move on and we see Jasmine getting a good seeing to by Danny in the love swing before he pommels her in to surrender on the pommel horse whilst  Stacey is pounding her pussy with a curved glass dildo and loving every minute of it.

All of the fun ends with a double bukkake finish and Danny’s wonderful projectile ejaculating.  😉

Strap On Bitch featuring Karina Currie and Paige Ashley for me didn’t work as a scene.   There was far to much gesticulating and gurning with very little oral contact between the girls although the clothing and filming was excellent it just didn’t have that familiarity to work.

Additionally the strap on part was a mere vignette in quite a lengthy scene with an exhaustively boring cock sucking session which just seemed way too long.

The girls played with dongs and beads and in the end got a jolly good fucking from Seb Cam who was wearing a fetish PVC playsuit.

The Tank Room starts off with promise as we see Cathy Heaven  studying her suspended sub, crop in hand and wearing a Lycra leopard print catsuit.

But the tables are soon turned and she’s being fucked on her swing by Seb Cam and his friend.  And let me tell you this lady love her anal.

In fact she loves it so much she gives herself a good anal pounding bouncing around on her suitors cock whilst holding on to the suspension bar.

She is anally fucked doggy style and pile driver before Seb covers her face in cum.

This wasn’t one of Tanya’s best productions, some of the scenes didn’t have clarity and were lacking in close up’s which isn’t something I ever envisaged saying about a TH production but this was certainly the weakest I have seen.

That said if you like variety and fetish it may just float your boat, unfortunately for me mine went down like the Titanic.

Starring: Michelle Moist, Liza Del Sierra, Cathy Heaven, Suzie Best, Paige Ashley, Karina Currie, Stacey Lacey, Jasmine Webb, Demitri XXX, Jamie Barry, Seb Cam, Jay Snake, Danny D

You can buy this movie here.

Toy Stories, Boys Not Included

Toys Stories Boys Not Included
Toys Stories Boys Not Included

I believe this is a first for both me and the producers Harmony Films.  I’ve mentioned many times here in my reviews how much I enjoy watching a bit of girl on girl action and how often it is interrupted to make way for a male to come on the scene.

This time Toy Stories promises to provide us with a full 2.5 hours of girl on girl playtime, using hands toys and anything else which comes to hand.   😉

And I for one can’t wait to see what these girls get up to.  So follow me in to my bedroom, sit on the side of the bed and enjoy the viewing.

The first scene opens in the bathroom where Megan Coxxx  is enjoying a bubble bath in a free standing bath.  Little does she know that she has a voyeur peeking round the door in the form of the Rebecca More.

Following a good towelling off and a little feminine onanism both girls end up on the bed teasing each other with an endless supply of toys.  And guess what, I knew the names of them all.  Lol

The girls lick, such and fuck each other with a variety of toys with some DP action in there and a surprise or two including a chin dildo which makes for pleasurable viewing.

All the fun culminates in a joint jilling session and orgasms all round.  This was a good scene which would have benefited even more from more close ups, for example you didn’t get to see the butt plug enter and disappear up Rebecca’s eager ass.

For me the second scene was the weakest on this DVD.  It suffered badly from bad lighting and camera angles, coupled with too much movement resulting in me feeling slight motion sickness whilst watching.

But the poor production was more than made up for by its star Karina Currie who simply kept on giving throughout the scene with some excellent cunnilinus, analingus and  good moves.  Shame her partner Rio didn’t put in as much effort.

Karina can come round mine any time she wants.  😉

Scene 3 is a very playful one and begins as Jasmine enters the kitchen and selects an Njoy wand from the work surface where it sat next to a pink rabbit vibrator.  She takes it to the sofa and proceeds to enjoy herself before rather forgetfully leaving the kitchen and her toys.

In enters the scantily clad maid who proceeds to entertain herself with the rabbit before being discovered by Jasmine who rips it from her grasp and proceeds to punish her by taking her over her knee and giving her a good hard spanking.

Wow, that girl would make a great Domme.

Jasmine has quite an armoury of whips she tests on her unsuspecting maid who seems to relish the punishment before having a large strap-on pushed up her hot cunt.  I’ll leave the rest to the viewer, it was a very enjoyable scene.

If you are in to the Suicide Girls this scene is for you and features Hannah Shaw and Lexi Ward dressed as goth chicks.  The girls don’t mess around and are soon down to business with a range of strap=on’s at their disposal.

We get to see the usual strap-on harness and some more kinky leg strap-on’s and chin strap-on’s in use in this scene as both girls fuck each other remorselessly and quite verbosely too.  The language, I say!  lol

The final scene is disjointed, it stars Holly Kiss and Valentina Cruz who independently take a shower and bath.  After spending time provocatively foaming up and playing with dildo and a rabbit they suddenly appear in what looks like a student flat’s living room.

And for some reason the girls are not only fully dressed but with full makeup.  Needless to say this scene was uninspiring and quite tawdry despite the girls efforts to make it sizzle.

This DVD I assume was a compilation of different people’s work and as a result was diversely different in it’s content which could have been a good thing but not so in my case as there were some inferior scenes given today’s equipment and venues which let it down a little.

That said there were some vignettes which made the DVD viewable and it would certainly be one you could watch with your partner or as a first timer if it’s your thing.

Starring:  Megan Coxxx, Rebecca More, Karina Currie, Rio Lee, Jasmine, Tiffany Kingston, Hannah Shaw. Lexi Ward, Holly Kiss and Valentina Cruz

You can buy this movie here.