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Young Harlots School Reunion

Young Harlots School Reunion
Young Harlots School Reunion

Young Harlots School Reunion provides three times the action of your usual Young Harlots title because in this particular DVD Harmony have package three of their most popular titles into one standard DVD case.

Dirty Secrets, In Detention and School Trip which you can read reviewed here give you the opportunity to take in the filthy antics of the depraved Masters of Gazzman’s Young Harlots academies as they tutor the all too willing students in every form of sex.

Depending on how your local video outlet prices these triple packs it may be forth buying one even if you already own or have seen one of the titles, and of course if you have never seen them before then you’re likely to get these at  knock down price and will have over 8 hours of hardcore action to enjoy.

Most Young Harlot films follow pretty familiar plots so if you are in to young ladies at finishing school being fucked hard by the staff and each other then this will be bliss.

You’ll see all the old regulars as tutors and a bevy of new and familiar talent getting down and dirty in school uniform.

According to Harmony “Harmony Films brings you 3 of the best Young Harlots movies in one tantalizing box set! The most slutty, downright filthy teens learn how to become good little whores at the Academy for girls. These grade A students acquire extra circular lessons on ass fucking, pussy munching and cock gobbling.”

Gazzman’s Whorehouse Review

Gazzman's Whorehouse
Gazzman's Whorehouse

Gazzman’s Whorehouse is exactly what it says on the cover, the story of the goings on in a very special type of whorehouse. The whorehouse is a very nice place, a 20th century  country house with a pool.

The first scene opens with a husband calling the whorehouse to arrange for his wife’s unfulfilled sexual desires to be satisfied. As the whorehouse madam puts it “to release her inner whore”. Quque the pouting, walking shakily on dangerously high heels and rubbing of naughty bits by Kristy Lust. Then four cocks in suits appear.

No matter how hard she tries the plucky Kristy Lust cannot get all of them in her mouth at once and so begins the round robin of sucking and wanking that four guys on one girl inevitable entails. And still she hasn’t taken of her naughty, translucent PVC raincoat. The guys line up to spit roast Kristy and begin to run out of holes to penetrate. Perched on the coffee table, coat now removed Kristy is fucked in the ass, DP’d and offered a series of phalluses to worship with her mouth. Four money shots leave Kristy’s mouth swimming in cum.

The cut scene between scenes 1 and 2 has the whorehouse madam explaining that the function of the establishment was to fulfil the rapacious and “often complex” sexual needs of women. Heartened by this and happy to accept that four cocks is some women’s idea of heaven I carried on to scene two.

In scene two Carla Cox dances for the viewer beside the pool in a tiny pink coat and underwear that is so brief as to be inconsequential. Cut inside where George Uhl teases her with a riding crop. In a surprisingly sensual start to the scene. What follows is a well lit, well filmed and rather satisfying scene of vaginal , anal and oral sex. Maybe George could have been a little more orally attentive but that’s a small criticism as the fucking is fast without being frantic and enjoyable to watch. The cum shot on Carla’s pussy winds the scene up nicely.

Scene 3 and a lawyer, Breanne Benson wants to be dominated. Good introduction to the action by Breanne, a little titty fucking and some no nonsense hard screwing. A cornucopia of positions where Breanne is pulled and twisted into all sorts of shapes including a pile driving that the wannabe sub would have relished. There’s little ass spanking, a little tit slapping and a few light slaps to the face, all part of the dominance. The money shot is across Breanne’s pussy and up her tummy, not on the face? This is a refreshingly different DVD.

Adrianna Rossi’s black and White dress does little to disguise her libido or ass in the next scene. Our narrator explains that “The Whorehouse [gives some women] the chance to express their needs, to release their sexual energy”.  While explaining that Adrianna is here to explore women, the narrator quickly adjusts this to “bi-sexual” which after a few seconds of a promisingly voyeuristic opening in the kitchen jumps to a quick sequence of cock sucking then girl-girl kissing and a little ass fondling, slapping and kissing from the guy.

Sat on the breakfast stools the girls get an equal portion of cock from behind before things get more precarious and uncomfortable as they are fucked around the kitchen. Alexa Andreas and Adrianna Rossi entertain and are entertained for the rest of this competent f-m-f scene before swapping cum for the camera. Then rubbing spit and cum over Alexa’s tits.

The final scene sees a second appearance by Breanne Benson – a regular apparently. A five minute solo ends when she is joined by two guys. Satisfying her previously stated need to be dominated she’s fucked hard and we are all rewarded with a facial finish which Breanne gratefully receives.

The girls are consistently attractive throughout, though occasionally over-directed to the “whore” style of porn acting. There’s a line between sexually empowered dirty girl and impersonal whore that gets crossed occasionally.

DVD extras comprise the usual cum shot recap, photo gallery and trailers. No surprises there but the stills are good quality for connoisseurs of the static image.

Gazzman can produce good porn, he proved that with Young Harlots Bad Behaviour which you can read about here. Apart from the first scene, which didn’t work for me and the last which was just OK, he has on the whole succeeded again.

Features: Breanne Benson, Kristy Lust, Carla Cox, Adrianna Rossi, Alexa Andreas, Peter Oh Tool, Ben Kelly, John Strong, JJ and George Uhl

You can buy this movie here.