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Aphrodiziac Review


Aphrodiziac is a Harmony release and a Tanya Hyde production.  I’m a big fan of Tanya’s work predominantly because they appeal to my fetish side, you will always find a selection of kinky outfits, specialist equipment and toys at use in these films.

The DVD has four scenes, each with a different theme and many acts within each.  If you have a kink you will probably find something in here to suit.  On offer is pussy shaving, suspension, slave training and everything in between. It’s a really good collection of everything fetish that I find arousing.

The first scene sets the tone for the whole DVD and features the absolutely gorgeous Jay Snake who gets down to his usual attentive ministrations of sucking, licking and fingering.  This guy really gets in to all the nooks and crannies and is simply perfect at rimming.

Aphrodiziacs will appeal to those liking inter-racial scenes because there is a lovely large black cock in a couple of the scenes.

All my favourite kinks are sated, you get to be part of MFM, double penetration, flagellation, bondage and all this with a sprinkling of ATM action.  And that is just in the first scene!

Claudia Rossi and Ree Petra get to lez it up in the second scene and are fucked within an inch of their lives by the wonderfully equipped Jay Snake.  I suppose it must be great getting paid to be fucked by your boyfriend, lucky Claudia.  😉

If you are in to Burlesque, tattoos and naughty military style uniforms then scene three will get your motor running.  It will also indulge the anal fiends out there as the girls get their asses stretched by some rather large cock.

The final scene is entitled Dragon’s Den and bears no resemblance to the televised version, you won’t find Duncan Bannatyne sitting in a comfy chair.  But what you will get is an enslaved babe getting gang banged.  Lots of leather, hoods and cock!

I think this DVD could be one of Tanya’s finest productions, great girls, great guys and lots of rubbery naughtiness.

I’m off to watch it again!

Aphrodiziacs has a runtime of 2 hours and 48 minutes and features Aletta Ocean, Ree Petra, Claudia Rossi, Missy Macabre, Cindy Dollar, Simone Style, Lucy Belle, Marc Rose, Andy Mann, Omar and the unforgettable Jay Snake.

You can buy this movie here.

Knickers Off Review

Knickers Off Strangelove
Knickers Off Strangelove

Knickers Off stars a number of familiar faces from the Harmony Films stable and features some familiar locations. Being a film by Strangelove you know it’s going to have a certain feel to it and that it’s not going to be run of the mill.

Cindy Dollar’s opening scene is striking to say the least because of her Polka dot dress. I think the guys watching her entrance down the back stairs of Harmony’s favourite central London location were sold on fucking her as soon as she lifted the hem of her dress to reveal her suspenders and absence of underwear. The subsequent five minutes of her wiggling her incredibly fuckable ass at them while they tossed themselves off was therefore bafflingly long-winded.

Cindy’s four and a half minute solo session is beautifully lit and filmed, you really want to pull her hand out of her pussy and replace it with something a little more substantial. Our two lecherous guys appear and after receiving ten minutes of fellatio between them give Cindy a vaginal and anal slamming that will make you gasp at its ferocity.

This could be the highlight of the entire video. If Alexandra Cat walked past you wearing no bra, a leather coat stockings, suspenders and high heeled boots most people would have trouble stopping themselves whistling at her. Well don’t because when three guys in a bar did that she whipped their asses hard with a riding crop and insisted they service her within an inch of their lives. If you weren’t a fan of Alexandra cat before this scene you will be after seeing it.

One huge disappointment about the strap-on sex scene with the legendary Strap-on Jane is that the director saw fit not to show Jane’s face! Why? Jane is a dirty bitch and legendary exponent of strap-on sex. The lack of a face associated with a strap-on reduced her role to that of a convenient sex toy and that destroyed the scene for me. Very poor show.

Naughty nurses are a common fetish and play theme in the bedroom. If you like the thought of two filthy minded SRNs attending to you in hospital then this scene will press the right buttons for you. Robyn Truelove and Jordanna Black take on a bandaged patient strapped down to a bondage bed. If you shut your eyes through their savage use of a penis pump on the prostrate and helpless “patient” the rest of the scene will have your blood pressure rising (I don’t believe I just wrote that, LOL). The patient makes a miraculous recovery and repays the girls oral attentions with vigorous use of his own instruments on them.

Alexandra Cat
Alexandra Cat

I can’t help wondering if Jay Snake got a slight tingling of trepidation when he agreed to do a scene with Ebony GoddeXXX and Kerry Louise. Strapped to a chair and cruelly slapped, then tortured with an electrostim wand on his cock. This is true domination, right up to the point that they can resist Jay Snake’s obvious charms no longer and submit to a slamming three-way fucking. At one point Ebony sits wanking lasciviously in a chair as Jay fucks Kerry to within an inch of her life. Kerry Louise’s vocal appreciation is so loud at times that the sound volume clips and distorts the on-scene audio track. Bad girl, what a screamer!

The menus look as good as the slick and eye catching sleeve, the polka dot pattern on Cindy Dollar’s dress and shoes being carried throughout the visual design . The extras are disappointing, just a cumshot recap and photo gallery, not what you would have expected from an otherwise competently produced DVD. A behind the scenes or a cast interview would have been good. The incidental music is a cut above most other adult films, contemporary, non-intrusive and often creates a slightly unreal feeling to the whole movie.

Knickers off could have been better, the criticisms levelled above explain why, primarily over-long sequences that at times become dull,  but don’t let that stop you from seeing this movie. There are some great scenes and performances which the issues with the production and direction don’t overshadow.

You can buy this movie here.

Cunning Stunts DVD Review

Cunning Stunts Strangelove
Cunning Stunts Strangelove

Cunning Stunts Review – Directed by Strangelove

Cunning Stunts is another DVD from the Harmony Films Studio. Directed by Strangelove it tries to add something a little different to the genre of erotic/pornographic movies.

The first scene involves a doctor’s couch, a penis pump, stirrups and a butt plug. There’s lots of mutual licking and sucking. Lots and lots and – well it does go on for quite a while. Cindy Dollar really does get a seeing-to.

Next it’s Tanya Tate’s turn to get a serious seeing to from Jay R and she seems to enjoy it too, including the graphic facial cum shot. A very enthusiastic performance.

Michelle Moist and Kate Harrington then indulge in a bit of solo masturbation for you to enjoy. They get together with tongues and toys then move to the shower …

Aliz comes next in a slightly contrived but pretty well done voyeuristic scene. The sliding about all over the wet shower screen should work better than it does, but the section filmed from under the glass dance floor works, is different and effective. Another over-long blowjob (if enthusiastic) followed by a hard shag.

Cate Harrington And Michelle Moist
Cate Harrington And Michelle Moist

Finally Sarah Twain gets a helping hand and cock from Jay R when her vibrator breaks while she’s playing in the hot tub. Not all pool attendants are that helpful, or that well endowed. They are then joined by pool attendant #2 to ensure that every one of Sarah’s orifices are thoroughly attended to.

While this is certainly a different take on porn it sometimes comes across as being a little eclectic as if there were lots of ideas that could have been explored better in two slightly shortened movies with less of a mix in each. That isn’t to say this is a bad movie just lacking in a coherent theme. Of course the fact that I’m even considering that it should have a theme shows that this isn’t your bargain basement porn.

The lighting is good, sometimes excellent, sound clear though occasionally out of step with the action. The camera work is of the usual Harmony high standard and the picture quality is HD, no grainy VHS-eqsue rubbish here. You get to see everything, clearly and in HD just plug it into your 52″ TV and feel part of the action LOL.

Cunning Stunts is a good DVD. Apart from where noted above each of the scenes is better in isolation that as part of the whole. But then when did you last watch every scene in a porn movie from beginning to end?

You can buy this movie here.

Title: Cunning Stunts
Studio: Harmony
Director: StrangeLove
Run Time: 3 Hrs 38 Mins
Performances: 7/10
Camera Work: 7/10
Makeup & Costumes: 8/10
Editing: 6/10
Lighting: 8/10
Sound: 8/10
Locations: 8/10
Incidental music & effects: 8/10
Menus & Extras: 5/10